Somebody Modded Their Cybertruck Into a Beastly Snowpocalypse Tank

Looking like it came out of Mad Max but set in the tundra.

Sparks Motors' Cybertruck mod to include snow tracks
Sparks Motors / X

Here’s how to get ready for the next ice age.

Sparks Motors, a YouTube channel known for building outrageous modified vehicles, took its talents to the Tesla Cybertruck. Its over-the-top mod replaces the electric pickup’s wheels and tires with snow tracks that jut out from the wheel well, allowing the Cybertruck to tear through snowy terrain with ease. Sparks Motors first teased its modded Cybertruck with photos earlier this month, but now we finally get to see this beast in action.

This mod doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for most Cybertruck owners, but it still proves to be a huge improvement over the snow performance we’ve been seeing with Tesla’s latest EV so far. Sure, there are probably more practical ways to improve how the Cybertruck handles icy conditions, but there’s no way any of them will look as good as Sparks Motors’ mod.

A Monster Snowmobile

Sparks Motors hasn’t revealed all the details of its Cybertruck mod yet, but we can see the wide snow track replacements and a light bar added onto the roof and the front bumper. All of that should pair well with Cybertruck’s Off-Road Mode, which is designed to optimize traction, suspension, ride height, and more when you take it on rough terrain.

Pair the improved mobility in the snow with its bulletproof stainless steel shell and you’ve essentially got a tank meant to plow through powder. As badass as Sparks Motors’ mod is, it likely voids Tesla’s warranty, though. However, any damage done while in Off-Road Mode isn’t covered by the warranty anyway.

That is one wide boi.

Sparks Motors / X

Video Coming Soon

Sparks Motors has only teased a short video of its modded Cybertruck in action, but it’s clear that it’s a finished project. The YouTube channel has plans to release a full video of the build soon but hasn’t specified an exact date. Considering the custom-built nature of this mod, don’t expect anything similar from Sparks Motors to be mass-produced or put up for sale. For now, we’ll just have to settle with plain ol’ stock Cybertruck tires.

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