The Cybertruck’s Sharp Frunk Won’t Crush Your Fingers Anymore

Still probably not worth trying this at home.

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Tesla’s latest update for its Cybertruck proves it’s paying attention to some early critiques of its polarizing EV. In the 2024.14.3 update, Tesla included features to make off-roading easier, but also one that should make its sharp frunk a lot less prone to accidents. Now, the Cybertruck’s frunk can better detect if something is in the way of it closing safely, as seen in a demo from Top Gear.

Instead of clamping down, the frunk immediately detects something is in the way and returns to an open position, leaving a banana in one piece. It may be a minor change, but it’s one that you’ll be grateful for if you ever absentmindedly put your fingers in the wrong spot.

A Safer Frunk and More Accessories

We previously saw videos of Cybertruck owners testing the frunk’s sensitivity with carrots, bananas, and hotdogs. While most of the produce was crushed, another owner tried it with their fingers, and came out mostly unharmed. There haven’t been any widely reported cases of injuries due to the frunk’s closing mechanism, but it didn’t seem like a pleasant experience. With the update, the frunk’s sensor should be sensitive enough to better detect when something’s in the way. Top Gear’s banana test wasn’t extensive proof by any means, but it does look like a major improvement.

Besides this safety update, it looks like Tesla is also working on some additional accessories that match the aesthetic of the Cybertruck. As seen in the Top Gear video, we may be getting a Cybercooler that can slot right into the frunk, while leaving enough room for other accessories. Say, like a CyberInflator, which is just a powered tire inflator in a fancy Cybertruck-esque case. You can easily find a generic portable tire inflator, but it’s meant to help on off-roading when you let air out for more grip and want to quickly reinflate your tires once you’re done. The video even teased a rooftop lightbar, as well as Cybertruck-branded storage boxes for the truck bed that fit underneath the CyberTent.

The Cybertruck’s bed was designed to fit the CyberTent on top of other accessories.


Updates Rolling Out Now

The latest Cybertruck update with the improved frunk design should be rolling out to owners now. If you’re going to test this new feature out with your own produce, make sure you’re at least on Update 2024.14.3. Alongside the frunk’s safety feature, the Cybertruck gets off-roading updates, including Off-Road Mode that introduces locking differentials and a Trail Assist mode that’s like cruise control for trails. The Cybertruck even gets CyberTent Mode, which automatically levels and keeps the lights, air conditioning, and outlets on while you’re in the attached tent.

As for these newly-introduced Cybertruck accessories like the CyberCooler and CyberInflator, Top Gear says they’re still prototypes so we’re not sure of a release date. Knowing how Tesla priced its other accessories that are already available, you can bet they won’t be cheap.

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