CES 2024

Segway’s New E-Bikes Are Basically High-Tech Motorcycles

The Xyber and Xafari blur the line between e-moto and e-bike.

Segway Xyber e-bike
CES 2024

If you’ve ever ridden an e-bike, you might get the sense that they feel like the future — they’re fast, sustainable, and most importantly, not another car clogging up roadways.

Feeling like the future isn’t enough; they have to act like the future, too. And on that front, Segway is seemingly prepared to deliver.

At CES 2024, the e-mobility faithful introduced two sleek e-bikes called the Xafari and the Xyber. Somewhat cringe cyberpunk branding aside, both e-bikes bring some pretty cool tech to the two-wheeled table.

The Xafari and Xyber E-Bikes

The biggest sell here is what Segway is calling Active Scene Perception, which adjusts bike parameters based on “perception of the road conditions and the user...” Segway doesn’t get into too much detail on how this works exactly, but I assume it’d have to take advantage of some kind of suite of sensors.

Segway also says the bikes have an integration with mobile health apps (this is still a bike after all, and you could theoretically exercise on it) that can track metrics like mileage and speed in real time. Both e-bikes also have speakers, sensor-equipped headlights, music playback, and navigation that’s displayed on a color screen.

Segway’s Xyber e-bike.


It’s not all software, though. Part of what makes Segway’s bikes noteworthy is how close they come to qualifying as motorcycles. The Xyber, for example, which is the more performance-oriented model, uses a “motorcycle-class double cradle frame system” according to Segway.

It’s also designed to transport two riders at once, which is atypical for an e-bike. And design-wise, I’d say it comes pretty close to Sondors’ Metacycle — an affordable electric motorcycle with Cybertruck-like vibes. When it comes to speed, this is firmly still an e-bike in the end, though. Segway doesn’t list top speed but says that the Xyber can go from 0 to 20 mph in about 2.5 seconds. With both batteries equipped, Segway says the Xyber can get a formidable 95 miles of range.

Segway’s Xafari e-bike.


As you may have guessed from the name, the Xafari model is more geared toward riders who want to go offroad. This beastly e-bike has full suspension, a 750W motor, and all-terrain tires. Plus, Segway says the “intelligent power adjustment system dynamically responds to real-time user status and environmental conditions, ensuring seamless support for riders.” This sounds like part of the aforementioned Active Scene Perception, but the details are a little sparse.

Xyber and Xafari Release Date

If you’re liking what Segway is putting down, you’ll have to wait a little bit before you throw your money down; both bikes will be released in “late 2024.” And speaking of money, there’s no official word on how much either will cost. My advice would be to start saving now.

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