James Pero

James is Inverse’s Senior Gear Editor and spends his time crafting stories with words and lots of pretty pictures. Sometimes, he also reviews viral internet things you probably shouldn’t buy — and some that you should! When he’s not at work, staring intensely into a glowing rectangle (computer monitor), he can be found at home, staring into a separate, more enjoyable, glowing rectangle (the TV). Send him a line if you want to argue intensely about chicken wings.


Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra is Gunning for the Smartphone Camera Crown

After all these years and smartphone generations, cameras are still the battleground for smartphone supremacy.


Samsung Can’t Resist the Call of the Metaverse

In its annual Unpacked event, Samsung teased an upcoming XR partnership with Google that will yield new mixed-reality hardware.

a smart move?

Why Apple's rumored smart display could be doomed from the start

While Apple has dragged its feet on entering the smart home space, Google and Amazon have tightened their vice grip.

More mini

Apple somehow made its new Mac mini faster and cheaper

If you're thinking about snagging a Mac mini, now is the time to strike.

CES 2023

Wireless TVs won CES 2023

LG's new Signature OLED TV, which receives signals wirelessly, is the perfect mix of futuristic and practical.

CES 2023

Dolby's spatial audio makes Mercedes' Maybach sound as luxurious as it looks

If you're driving a car that costs as much as a house, stereo sound just won't do.

CES 2023

Sony and Honda’s upcoming EV is called “Afeela” and could arrive in 2026

Sony is continuing its trend of EV hype at CES 2023 by announcing the name of its upcoming auto brand with Sony Honda Mobility.

CES 2023

Samsung's new TV could be one of the brightest OLEDs yet

The S95C is bigger, brighter, and... did we mention that it's really big?

CES 2023

This transforming moped is CES vaporware at its best

Do we need this foldable moped? Not really. But that doesn't make it any less fun.

CES 2023

GE's new neon-esque smart lights can bend into different shapes

GE is expanding its smart light offerings with Cync Dynamic Effects — app-enabled bulbs with a focus on entertainment.

The Inverse Awards 2022

Inverse editor James Pero's 11 favorite tech products of 2022

These are the devices and software that James could not live without this year.


This tiny Xbox accessory is the biggest upgrade you can give your Series S

Seagate literally changed the game with its lineup of high-speed storage expansion cards.


One of this year's hottest EV companies will tackle electric bikes

Polestar has plans to build its own e-bike with the help of Allebike.


Tesla Semi just hit a huge milestone that proves it's ready to hit the road

According to Tesla, the Semi successfully hauled a full cargo load 500 miles.

fast cash

The Xbox 360 gamepad is back with USB-C for PC and new consoles

Relive the glory days of playing Halo 2 in your parent's basement.

Gift Guides 2022

36 must-have tech gifts that are actually worth the money

No poring over spec sheets; no additional Googling; no wrong choices.


This convertible EV might be the prettiest car you can’t buy

The Genesis X is a stunning concept with no official release date.


Toyota's 2023 Prius Prime is its best hybrid — but also potentially its last

The 2023 Prius Prime is a fine vehicle, but in a world where EV charging infrastructure is adequate, hybrid cars could lose their appeal.