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James is Inverse’s Senior Gear Editor and spends his time crafting stories with words and lots of pretty pictures. Sometimes, he also reviews viral internet things you probably shouldn’t buy — and some that you should! When he’s not at work, staring intensely into a glowing rectangle (computer monitor), he can be found at home, staring into a separate, more enjoyable, glowing rectangle (the TV). Send him a line if you want to argue intensely about chicken wings.


Razer's New Gaming Earbuds Give Your Xbox or PlayStation Ultra-Fast Audio

A 2.4GHz dongle gives the Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed a competitive edge over regular Bluetooth wireless earbuds.


The Volvo EX30’s Secret Weapons Are Premium Audio and a Ton of In-Car Storage

Drawers aren’t the most high-tech EV amenity, but that doesn't make it any less useful.


How the Light Bar Became EVs’ Most Unlikely Status Symbol

If electric vehicles are the future, they need to look like it, too.


OpenAI’s First Official iOS App Makes ChatGPT Simpler Than Ever

OpenAI finally released its own official app on Apple's App Store, putting ChatGPT at your fingertips like never before.


Apple's Free GarageBand is Your MacBook's Most Overlooked Gem

In the nearly 20 years since its release, Apple’s free music recording app has blossomed into something amazing.


Google’s AI Isn’t Reinventing the Way We Search, It’s Fixing It

Years of neglect have left Google Search a cluttered mess and now Google wants to use generative AI to clean it up.


We Assembled the Teched-Out Playroom of Your Dreams

Welcome to a futuristic, insanely-fun entertainment space full of shape-shifting TVs, VR treadmills, and beer-fetching robots.

ByJames Pero and Raymond Wong

Microsoft Brings Chat History and AI-Powered Dinner Reservations to Bing

An update to Microsoft's next-gen Bing is bringing added functionality to its ChatGPT-powered Edge browser.


Razor's New E-Bike Offers Super73 Style at a Price You Can Afford

The Rambler 20 fills a major gap for affordable and stylish e-bikes.


This Cheap Dongle Made My Old Speakers New Again With Bluetooth Audio

There’s an affordable and easy way to turn your headphone jack-equipped, non-Bluetooth speakers into the convenient sound solution you deserve.


6 of the Wildest EVs From Auto Shanghai

Entries from BYD, Xpeng, Polestar, and Mercedes made Auto Shanghai a fruitful show for EV enthusiasts.


Polestar's New Electric SUV Replaces Rear Window With a Real-Time Camera

The Polestar 4 is a rear window-less electric SUV that balances high-tech with high performance.


Mercedes-Benz's First Electric Maybach Has a Built-In Fridge and Calf Massagers

Does luxury motoring even exist without Maybach?


Unagi Model One Voyager Review: Would You Subscribe To Ride an E-Scooter?

Unagi’s latest electric scooter, the Model One Voyager, combines convenience and a trusty companion app to make a compelling case for subscription-based electric two-wheelers.


Meet the Jailbreakers Hypnotizing ChatGPT

With the right words, you can trick ChatGPT into breaking every rule in OpenAI's book.


Apple’s WWDC Teaser Brings VR Headset Speculation to a Boiling Point

With this much anticipation, it doesn't take much.


Nothing Ear 2 Review: One Step Ahead of AirPods

Nothing’s Ear 2 wireless earbuds shed the company’s new kid on the block reputation and offer a more mature, premium-feeling audio experience.


ChatGPT’s Next Act: Generating Infinite Video Game Dialogue

We have the technology. No more NPC doldrums.

How to

Gmail's Undo Send is Too Short. Here's How To Fix It

Default time limitations make "undo" borderline unusable, but you don't have to suffer from the stress of the five-second rule.


Bing Has to Un-Google the Way We Search or Die Trying

Microsoft's ChatGPT-powered Bing is a revelation, but only if you know how it works.