Segway's New Self-Balancing Scooter Has RGB Lighting and a Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking to get noticed, this is the scooter for you.

The Ninebot S2

Segway has come a long way since the days of the mall cop-style two-wheel tanks of yore, and its latest entry into the self-balancing scooter category is proof.

The Ninebot S2, which is now available for pre-sale, looks like a solid blend of substance and, dare I say, style — or at least a distinct reduction to the dorkiness that previous self-balancing scooters bring to the table.

Self-Balancing in Style

If you’re focused on practicality, the first thing you’ll notice is that the Ninebot S2 is pretty solid spec-wise. It’s got 1600W of power, which translates to a top speed of 11.2 mph — about as fast as you’d want to go on a stand-up scooter like this.

It’s also got a range of 21.7 miles, which feels formidable for a scooter in this style. For context, the Ninebot S (its predecessor) only gets 13.7 miles on a charge. Most people wouldn’t ever want to max out their range in one sitting on any e-mobility device (Segway e-bikes included), and likewise, I doubt you’ll want to go further than that in one fell swoop on a self-balancing scooter. That is, unless you have Hulk-like knees and a youthful back.

Also of note are the tires, which are tubeless and pneumatic. As a result, they should provide a nice mix of cushy ride quality and puncture resistance.

Again, those are all practical things (very important), but where the real fun comes in is the customization. Segway’s Ninebot S2 comes replete with RGB lighting that can be “customized to your mood” (as long as that mood is a color) and has a built-in Bluetooth speaker if you’re the type of person who’s comfortable making everyone in the vicinity hear your music.

In short, the Ninebot S2 will attract attention if you want it to, and in this case, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. You’ll have your own opinions on how this scooter looks, but I personally find it to be low-profile (if you’re not blaring music and blinding passersby with your RGB lighting) which is a good thing.

Ninebot S2 Price and Release Date

Compared to other scooters of its ilk (self-balancing and not) the Ninebot S2 is fairly reasonably priced. Right now, the scooter is available for pre-sale at a starting price of $450. For comparison, the Unagi scooter I tested last year (a kick scooter, not a self-balancing one) was retailing for about $1,200 at the time I reviewed it. That’s, uh... a lot of money.

I can’t say for sure if the Ninebot S2 is worth its price yet, but it’s certainly making a case if you’re into Segway’s brand of self-balancing scooter.

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