MWC 2024

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring Looks Like the Oura Competitor We’ve Been Waiting For

Samsung's smart ring will launch later this year.

Samsung's Galaxy Ring

Samsung finally unveiled its Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024 after teasing it earlier this week and during its Unpacked event back in January. While it still hasn’t released all the details of its smart ring, the device is slated to do exactly what you’d think a health-tracking smart ring would: monitor your sleep, stress, and other important health data without having to wear a bulky smartwatch.

On top of that, the Galaxy Ring will be Samsung’s first foray into the smart ring market and offer up a serious challenger to Oura, which sells its own (very similar) health-focused smart ring. Hon Pak, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Health Team, says in a blog post that the Galaxy Ring will “simplify everyday wellness” and stand out thanks to Samsung’s connected device ecosystem. Either way, the smart ring market is definitely heating up, since even Apple is reportedly looking into making its own competitor.

Samsung packed a bunch of sensors into its upcoming Galaxy Ring.


Made With Sleep Tracking in Mind

Pak says the Galaxy Ring will be packed with a ton of features to help its users get a grasp on their sleeping habits. Samsung recently received De Novo clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its sleep apnea feature, which will help detect signs of a sleep disorder in moderate and severe cases. Samsung didn’t specify exactly what sensors will be inside the Galaxy Ring, but we’re expecting the typical trackers that look at your heart rate, movement, and breathing.

To give its users a digestible way to read all of the health data gathered, Samsung is working on its My Vitality Score feature that looks at health data and determines whether your mental or physical readiness. Along with My Vitality Score, Samsung plans to offer a Booster Card feature, which tracks your goals and gives you suggestions on how to achieve them, later this year. It’s very likely that these two features will be compatible with the upcoming Galaxy Ring.

Also, thanks to its recent partnership with Natural Cycles, we’re expecting Samsung to bring its fertility tracking compatibility to the Galaxy Ring since it’s already available through the Galaxy Watch.

You’ll find the perfect Galaxy Ring for you with nine sizes and three colors.


Coming Later This Year

We still don’t have an exact release date for the Galaxy Ring, but Pak says that Samsung is planning to introduce it later this year. While we don’t have pricing details yet, Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Ring will come in black, gold, and silver and nine different sizes.

While you’re awaiting word on the full extent of the Galaxy Ring’s capabilities, Inverse’s Ian Carlos Campbell has a few items on his wishlist that just make sense. After all, how slick would it be to control your smart home devices with just the Galaxy Ring?

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