Rivian’s R2 SUV Starts at $45,000 and Gets More than 300 Miles

The startup’s second EV is finally here.

Rivian's R2

Rivian finally revealed its second EV and it didn’t disappoint.

During a livestream on X, Rivian’s CEO RJ Scaringe showed off the R2 and confirmed a lot of specs that were accidentally leaked earlier in the week.

Scaringe confirmed that the R2 would have a range of more than 300 miles and a 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds. Scaringe also showed off the interiors of the five-seater EV and confirmed that it will charge on the Rivian Adventure Network, along with Tesla’s Supercharger network.

The Rivian R2 will come in three trims, with the most affordable starting at $45,000.


A Choice Between Three Models

With all those key specs officially confirmed, we also now know that the R2 will run on Rivian’s new platform that houses a larger battery than the R1 models. Rivian is planning on offering three flavors of the R2: a single-motor rear-wheel drive option, a dual-motor all-wheel drive model, and a performance-oriented tri-motor variant that can go from 0 to 60 mph in “well under three seconds,” according to Scaringe. On top of that, you don’t have to compromise too much with range when choosing a trim since all three models will get at least 300 miles on a single charge.

Rivian has delivered on the specs, but it’s the small details that make the R2 stand out. As usual, there’s a flashlight stuffed into the driver-side door, but the EV maker even added two glove boxes to the dashboard. That may feel like overkill, but at least Rivian is paying attention to the common complaints with its first EV.

The Rivian R2 will make it to customers starting in the first half of 2026.


A Versatile Interior

Whether you need to fit your surfboard or make a cozy car camping situation, the R2 lets you do that since every seat in the R2 folds down. If you want to feel more connected to the outdoors when you’re sleeping on an inflatable mattress inside the R2, you can roll down the powered rear glass and pop out the rear side quarter windows for maximum breeziness.

On top of all that, Rivian may be pushing its self-driving capabilities with the R2’s 11 cameras, five radars, and a new computing platform. The Rivian CEO says that all of this combined means a “high level of self-driving” where you can “get on the highway, take your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road,” but we’re not sure what that translates to on the various levels of driving automation.

A Reasonable Production Timeline

Scaringe confirmed that the R2 will start at $45,000 and will be available to reserve today with a $100 deposit. Rivian hasn’t broken down the pricing for each trim, but it’s reasonable to assume that the single-motor version will be the entry-level model.

Scaringe said during the event that Rivian will start deliveries of the R2 in the first half of 2026, adding that the company can achieve this accelerated release window within the normal operating capacity of its production capabilities. We applaud Scaringe’s subtweet here, especially considering the grueling schedule that Tesla’s factory workers may be in for. Still, it’s a long wait until 2026 so we’re hoping the R2 maintains its luster until then.

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