Rivian’s Leaked EV Sounds Like a Real Model Y Competitor

The surprise may be ruined but the hype is real.

Teaser image of Rivian's R2
Rivian / X

Rivian’s upcoming R2 EV was only two days away from its official reveal but some major details have already leaked. Interestingly enough, the blame falls squarely on Rivian’s own website.

Some savvy Rivian fans discovered that the R2 teaser website had key specs hidden in the source code, as first reported by Electrek. Rivian has been teasing the R2 model for the last couple of weeks and we even saw some spy shots of the next-gen EV. Still, we didn’t expect a full spec sheet to be tucked away into Rivian’s website backend where anyone can uncover it.

Even if Rivian may have inadvertently spoiled the surprise, the leaked info shows us that the R2 could be a serious competitor to Tesla’s Model Y. We’ll know for sure in a couple of days since we only have to wait until Thursday for the actual debut.

The source code that previously leaked the R2’s details is no longer available.

Chris Hilbert / X

Didn’t Skimp on Specs

Digging through the code, you’ll see a range of 330 miles mentioned along with a 0 to 60 mph in three seconds for the R2. Those specs beat out the Model Y’s EPA-estimated 310-mile range with its Long Range AWD model and the 3.5 second 0 to 60 mph sprint that the Performance trim gets.

According to the leak, the R2 can seat five and will have an NACS port, but can still charge via NACS or CCS. Considering Rivian’s early adoption of the NACS port, this isn’t a surprise. The website’s code also says that the R2’s frunk should be able to fit gear or groceries, but will also fit Rivian’s bike mount system when you’re not actively using it. On the outside, it seems like Rivian will be going with “powered rear glass,” which should mean you’ll be able to roll down the back window.

Of course, Rivian has since been notified and updated its website to remove the revealing info. The damage has been done, but it may have also generated more buzz for the upcoming R2.

The R2 should resemble a smaller version of Rivian’s R1S model.


The Price is Right

The leaked details also revealed that Rivian will price the R2 starting at $47,000. While it’s not confirmed yet, that price tag would match what Rivian’s CFO, Claire McDonough, said in June which is that the R2 would be targeting between $40,000 and $60,000. If the leaked specs are accurate, Rivian is trending toward the lower end of that range, no doubt to inch closer to the Model Y’s $43,990 starting price. Following the reveal later this week, the leak says the R2 will be coming in 2026.

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