7 Hidden Features in Rivian’s R2 That Have Us Excited For its Next EV

Let's give these supporting features the recognition they deserve.

Rivian R2

Rivian came out swinging when it introduced its upcoming EV, the R2, earlier this month. The startup may not be shipping its next EV until 2026, but it’s already made some impressive promises on range, price, and design.

Everybody got to see some of the R2’s major highlights, like a powered rear window, two glove compartments, and fully foldable seats, but there’s so much more to the EV that didn’t get the spotlight during the reveal event.

Here are seven of the coolest lesser-known features we found with the R2.

7. Portable USB-C Charger

For the R2, Rivian is keeping the R1’s flashlight accessory that’s conveniently tucked into the driver-side door. On top of that, the R2 will have a portable USB-C charger docked into the passenger-side door. Not only can it top off your devices, the charger doubles as a hand warmer at the press of a button. Even better, it’ll start recharging once you return it to its dock.

6. Heat Pump

Rivian’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, recently confirmed on X that the R2’s platform will feature a heat pump. It’s a simple upgrade that should mean more efficient cabin heating when compared to the R1 models that use the more energy-demanding resistive heating method. With the heat pump, the R2 won’t drain its battery as much to keep its passengers warm, which might prove to be a crucial selling point for customers in colder climates.

5. Red Light Camp Mode

Much like camping headlights with a red light mode, R2’s Camp Mode will set the display to all-red so you don’t have a glaring bright display affecting your sleep or blinding you when you check the time in the middle of the night. It’s not the most high-tech feature, but it’s an easy quality-of-life win for anyone planning to do a lot of car camping in the R2.

4. Flip-Out Shelf

Even though the powered rear window attracted all the applause during the R2 reveal, the flip-out shelf located just underneath it makes it really shine. Once the back window is completely rolled down, you get some extra functionality thanks to a small platform that you can pop out. Depending on whether you’re inside or outside the R2, it can act as a small nightstand when you’re car camping or a mini table when you’re having your morning coffee.

3. Slide-Out Table

If that shelf isn’t enough space for you, Rivian lets you slide out its cargo floor for a much larger alternative. The sturdy cargo cover doubles as a table and should give you more of a tailgating vibe since it can support a decent amount of weight. Rivian suggests that you can use this as a regular table, or even a baby changing station.

2. Rear Accessory Ports

It looks like Rivian’s camp kitchen may be making a spiritual comeback, reincarnated as the Travel Kitchen. Like the R2’s portable kitchen accessory, the Bike Rack also attaches to the back of the EV through two rear ports that snap either attachment into place and don’t require any tools. Don’t worry, Rivian still wants to offer an option to install a tow hitch if you’re not interested in these accessory ports.

The R2’s accessory ports allow for quick install or removal.


1. Rooftop Electric Connections

Rivian wants to make sure its future owners have options when it comes to customizing their R2. At the top of the EV, there will be electrical connections to hook up any accessories like its Treehouse add-on. This design is a much more streamlined way to provide your rooftop tent with power for AC, recharging devices, or even the built-in projector. If you’re not into car camping, these electric hookups should work just as well for things like rooftop lightbars.

The Treehouse accessory will get power via the R2’s rooftop electrical connections.

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