This Leaked Gaming Handheld Has a Square Screen That’s Perfect for Game Boy Games

No more black bars on the side of your screen.

Leaked images of PowKiddy's RGBS20SX
@retrohandheldcollection / Instagram

Get ready for yet another retro gaming handheld to add to your growing collection.

Leaked on Instagram, PowKiddy is reportedly working on another vertical gaming handheld called the RGB20SX. Thanks to the name drop, we can tell that this device will be a follow-up to its RGB20S, but with a few key upgrades like a display that has a 1:1 aspect ratio.

This square screen may stick out in a world of widescreen devices, but the RGB20SX’s display would better replicate the experience of playing the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. That means you shouldn’t get those annoying black bars on the side of your display when emulating those classic Pokémon or Legend of Zelda titles.

PowKiddy has revamped the button layout for the RGB20SX.

@retrohandheldcollection / Instagram

A Better Button Layout

The Instagram leaker spoke to RetroDodo, saying that the upcoming PowKiddy handheld would be the vertical version of the company’s existing RGB30 horizontal handheld. While specs weren’t leaked, this comparison could see the RGB20SX come with the same four-inch square display, 1GB of RAM, and a 4,100 mAh battery. If the vertical handheld is going to be built with the same specs, it should be able to run PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast games, but struggle with anything around the GameCube or PlayStation 2.

The leak didn’t reveal any more info outside the images. However, we can see that PowKiddy decided to flip around the button layout. Now, the joysticks will be found below the D-pad, which makes more sense ergonomically and was a common complaint with the RGB20S.

There are a few upgrades in store for PowKiddy’s RGB20S.


More Affordable Handhelds

Considering most of PowKiddy’s handhelds are on the more affordable side, we’re expecting the upcoming RGB20SX to also be budget-friendly. For reference, its predecessor is as low as $89.99, while the more recent RGB30 starts at $109.99. Since PowKiddy hasn’t even confirmed the vertical handheld, we don’t have exact pricing details yet.

Similarly, we don’t know when PowKiddy is planning to release this vertical handheld. We do know that the leak shows the RGB20SX in four colors: white, navy, beige, and orange. Now, the real question is if the updated button layout will still fit with the accompanying tiger sticker.

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