Nissan’s Next EV Will Be Its Smallest And Most Affordable Yet

The electrified Micra is expected to make its debut later this year.

Teaser of Nissan's next EV based on the Micra

The Nissan Leaf may have anchored the automaker’s EV portfolio since 2010, but it’s been working on a new entry-level mini EV that could steal the spotlight. As first reported by Auto Express, Nissan is working on a handful of new EVs, but it’s planning to electrify the Micra as its next all-electric model.

We love a tiny EV with some personality and it’s clear that Nissan took some inspiration for its upcoming EV from its Concept 20-23 which was revealed in September. Even though it won’t look as experimental as Nissan’s concept, the electrified Micra will still get the three-door EV hatchback treatment. That means it’ll be a decent competitor against the likes of the upcoming Volkswagen ID.2 or the returning Chevy Bolt.

Looks like we’re getting a toned-down version of Nissan’s Concept 20-23 through an electrified Micra.


Built on a Shared EV Platform

The upcoming EV will be designed by Nissan but engineered and manufactured by Renault thanks to a three-way alliance between the two automakers and Mitsubishi. According to Auto Express, the electric Micra could share the same platform as the recently revealed Renault 5 E-Tech, meaning a similar range of around 250 miles thanks to a 52 kWh battery.

The report also notes that Nissan could make a model that uses a smaller 40 kWh battery, which would mean a lower range of around 186 miles along with a reduced price tag. While we don’t know the price of the upcoming Micra EV yet, it could match Renault’s upcoming mini EV that’s priced at €25,000, or around $26,500. For that price, it would be a solid city commuter option in an attractive package.

Nissan hasn’t named its upcoming EV yet, but it’s expected to be based on the Micra.


Coming to Europe First

Nissan has plans to unveil the electrified Micra successor later this year, as part of its strategy to release five new EVs in Europe. Along with the Micra, we can expect an updated Leaf, an electric Juke, and a couple of work vans to debut in European markets.

While Nissan hasn’t officially confirmed the new Micra yet, we’re hoping the EV will eventually land in the U.S. and fill out the rest of the automaker’s electric lineup. Currently, Nissan offers the Leaf and the larger Ariya in the U.S., but we desperately need smaller, more affordable options. That’s especially true since Tesla has reportedly backed off on its $25,000 EV and many options from overseas automakers are still unavailable stateside.

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