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Honda’s New Zero EV Concepts Are Trying To Be the Anti-Cybertruck

The Zero line of Honda EVs is something to behold.

The Saloon concept in Honda's Zero EV line
CES 2024

If there’s one thing CES is all about, it’s a wild concept. Honda clearly got that message, and to prove it, we now have Honda Zero.

Honda Zero isn’t just one EV, it’s a whole line, the flashiest of which is a sedan called the Saloon. In a lot of ways, the Saloon pulls from a lot of electric shaver-type car concepts we’ve seen in the past, but with a distinct cyberpunk twist.

I mean, check out this rear light. Pretty bold — that is, if this thing actually looks anything like its proposed design when it gets released in 2026.

Honda Zero

It’s not just looks. The Honda Zero line is also being billed as something of a foil to “thick, heavy, but smart EVs,” according to Honda. It’s not hard to imagine which EVs might be on the receiving end of that shade (we’re looking at you, Tesla).

But if visually the Saloon is a departure from the Cybertruck, internally it actually borrows from Tesla’s choices. That includes steer-by-wire which is notably one of the highlight features included in Tesla’s iconic and divisive Cybertruck.

The Saloon is a cyberpunk-esque sedan that is meant to be unlike other “heavy’ EVs.


On the interior, the Saloon will also lean into some fancy tech, including “posture control” that will “assist the driver in a variety of driving situations to realize the ‘‘joy of driving in the EV era.” That sounds nice! I think? Again, we’ll have to see how that philosophy actually manifests.

Honda says there will also be an equally nebulous but exciting-sounding “human-machine interface” on the inside that is meant to bring driver and car closer together. Surprisingly, Honda says the Saloon concept is slated for production eventually.

The Honda Zero’s Space-Hub concept.

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And the Saloon isn’t the only car in the Zero lineup. There’s also the Space-Hub, which is a van-like EV that has an interior reminiscent of a spaceship. What’s most interesting about the Space-Hub, in my opinion, is that it seemingly shies away from other EVs’ emphasis on passenger infotainment and instead shifts the focus to a glass roof meant to connect passengers with the outside world. As someone who’s terminally addicted to screens, I don’t hate that choice.

Unlike the Saloon, Honda didn’t say whether the Space-Hub will be produced, but if past van-like or pod concepts at CES are any indication, I’d say that chances are slim to none.

Honda’s EV Future

Honda has surprisingly dragged its feet somewhat in the EV market, so it’s nice to see what its vision of the future looks like, even if it is just a couple of concepts right now.

Among its principles are “thin, light, and wise,” according to a statement, which will encompass some real-life design choices like a “low floor for aerodynamic performance” and an emphasis on user-friendly software inside the car.

Those are all noble goals (lord knows we don’t need any more clunky in-car UI), but Honda obviously has a lot of work to do before realizing all of that rhetoric. At any rate, I’m here for more sleek cyberpunk looks. Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 and Telsa’s Cybertruck can’t have all the fun, after all.

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