Fiat’s Boxy New EV Concept Fits a Skateboard in the Driver Door

Let’s see your city car do that.

Fiat City Car EV Concept

Fiat wants you to always be ready to shred.

Fiat revealed five EV concepts at the Geneva Motor Show, one of which will be designed for getting around a city. Fiat didn’t hold back when it came to eye-catching design for its concepts, but this is the first time we’ve seen an EV with a compartment that’s meant just for your skateboard. Sure, you can just throw your board in your trunk, but where’s the fun in that?

In total, Fiat has five EV concepts planned that are meant for different purposes. The automaker emphasized that these concepts will be built on Stellantis’ global platform, meaning there’s some hope for these hitting U.S. streets. Any of these would be a welcome addition to Fiat’s current U.S. offerings, which only include the 500e.

Five Models to Choose From

These conceptual EVs don’t exactly look like your typical Fiat, but they are all based on the automaker’s compact hybrid city car. Besides the City Car concept, Fiat previewed the Pick-Up, Fastback, SUV, and Camper EV models. All five of these electric cars were designed for different purposes, but Fiat will be using a lot of common parts between them. This similar design language makes for easier manufacturing, which should translate into more affordability for customers, according to Fiat.

Besides its unique skateboard compartment, the City Car will feature a “self-winding cable,” which makes charging easier with a retracting design. Fiat designed its city-centric EV concept for urban commuting, but it still has enough room to fit the family for weekend getaways.

If you’re looking for more functionality, the Pick-Up was modeled after the Fiat Strada that’s been popular in Brazil. With a truck bed, you can fit whatever gear you need for your outdoor excursions. The Fastback design is meant for those who want more sportiness, while the SUV is meant to fit your whole family and any additional luggage. To round out the lineup’s capabilities, Fiat’s Camper model reimagines the original Panda concept from the 1980s with an extra-large design that has a rooftop sleeping tent.

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First Model Reveal in July

Fiat says the first production model among these five EV concepts will be revealed on July 11 in Turin, Italy, but didn’t specify which. After kicking it off in July, Fiat wants to release another model as part of this electrified Panda lineup each year until 2027.

Since all five of these designs are still just concepts, don’t expect the productional models to exactly mirror what was shown at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s likely too early in the process for Fiat to be talking about prices, but we’re expecting these five concepts to cost more than the much smaller 500e model, which starts at $32,500.

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