BYD’s Sea Lion EV Has A Luxury Interior That Makes Tesla’s Model Y Look Bland

Hard to argue with leather seats with massage functions.

BYD's upcoming Sea Lion 07 mid-size SUV

BYD wants to deliver all the luxury interiors expected of an expensive EV but at a price tag that could be as small as $28,000. The Chinese EV maker revealed the Sea Lion 07 on Weibo, showing off a luxury interior that looks especially promising when you compare it to the Model Y’s minimalistic cabin.

We previously saw the all-electric Sea Lion 07 when BYD debuted it during the Guangzhou International Auto Show, but we never got a good look at the inside. Now, with a detailed video, we can see that BYD paid special attention to the inside of the Sea Lion 07, which was designed by Wolfgang Egger, who spent several years heading up design for Audi and Lamborghini.

The Sea Lion 07 is the latest overseas threat to Tesla. The company has already started production on the more affordable no-frills Yuan Up model meant to undercut the Model Y, but this upcoming EV takes the opposite approach with its luxurious design and Tesla-beating price tag.

The Sea Lion 07’s interiors look a lot classier than the Model Y.

BYD / Weibo

Clad in Orange Leather

BYD hasn’t officially revealed all the specs for the Sea Lion 07, but you can see the company’s signature 15.6-inch tablet that serves as the main infotainment center. The majority of the interior is decked out in a subtle orange leather, where the seats are perforated, offer heating or ventilation, and even have massage functions. A Dynaudio speaker system rounds out the Sea Lion 07’s interiors that scream luxury, even at an affordable price.

Thanks to info submitted to Chinese regulatory agencies, we know that BYD will release the Sea Lion 07 in two single-motor options that can get up to 228 or 308 horsepower and a dual-motor trim that can pump out 523 horsepower. We don’t have any range numbers yet, but it’s largely expected that the Sea Lion 07 will use BYD’s Blade Battery design, which is due to get a second-gen upgrade as early as this year.

The perforated leather seats of the BYD Sea Lion 07 are heated, ventilated, and have massage functions.

BYD / Weibo

Another Model Y Alternative

Prices aren’t confirmed for BYD’s Sea Lion 07 yet, but rumors note that the upcoming EV could be between 200,000 to 260,000 yuan, or around $27,600 to $35,900. Comparatively, the Model Y starts at 249,900 yuan, or about $34,500, in China. You can thank the ongoing price wars surrounding EVs in China for that price since the Model Y still starts at around $43,000 in the U.S.

It seems like BYD is preparing the Sea Lion 07 for a full reveal at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show that kicks off in a few days. Along with the SUV meant to rival the Model Y, BYD might have a few other EVs up its sleeve, too. Of course, Tesla could prove it still has a fighting chance with a major refresh of its Model Y, but we’re getting a bit tired of waiting.

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