Bose’s Weird-Looking Wireless Earbuds Are Going Full Streetwear

The audio giant is partnering with fashion brand, Kith, to make a pair of premium earbuds.

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Bose and Kith branded wireless earbuds

Something about fashion and wireless earbuds just go hand-in-hand. Nothing and its Ear 1 and Ear 2 wireless earbuds, for example, fully lean into unique aesthetics with a signature transparent shell that makes them part streetwear, part audio gear. That strategy has been well-received in the U.S., and now, it may even have a bit of a copycat.

Welcome to the conversation: Bose’s collab with the streetwear brand, Kith. Hypebeasts rejoice!

Bose x Kith

The first thing you’ll notice about Bose Ultra Open Earbuds, as they’ve been dubbed, is that they definitely lean into aesthetics. They may not have a transparent shell, but they make their mark with a semi-over-ear design — basically, a clip or visor that goes over your ear instead of directly inside like most other wireless earbuds.

That form factor is a pointed choice according to Bose. “They don’t block your ears but rather attach to the side, making them appear more like a fashion accessory than a traditional audio wearable,” the company states in a press release.

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The idea here is also that they might actually mesh with your fit. The unique shape, according to Bose, is meant to be worn cohesively with hats, glasses, and jewelry. And naturally, to tie all of that together, they come with “Kith” branding plastered on the outside in big, fat, white lettering.

Whether you actually like the look of the buds or the branding is subjective obviously, but both are undeniably a choice. Wireless earbuds can be pretty homogenous after a while, but like the Ear 1 and Ear 2 (which are also sold in Kith stores, by the way) Bose’s Ultra Open Earbuds are about standing out.

Unfortunately, there are only a few details about the actual, you know, audio part of the earbuds. According to Kith’s website, the buds will have 7.5 hours of playtime, Bose Immersive Audio (aka its version of spatial audio), and “an additional suite of state-of-the-art technologies.” — whatever that means.

Let’s be honest, though. If you’re buying these, it’s for the hype more than the specs, probably.

When is the Drop?

The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds embody the idea of streetwear in more than just aesthetics. According to Bose, they’ll be sold in “extremely limited quantities” and exclusively on and IRL at “select” Kith stories.

If you’re itching to get your hand (and ears) on a pair you’ll have to wait until January 22 and then pray you’re lucky enough to actually fork out $300 before supplies run out. Or, if you’re really, really deadset on owning a pair of Kith-branded Bose earbuds you’ll probably be able to get a pair aftermarket with a hefty premium. Happy hunting.

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