50 Smart Things Under $30 on Amazon You'll End Up Using at Least Twice a Day

Clever things you’ll want to keep within reach at all times.

Written by Claire Epting
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50 Smart Things Under $30 on Amazon You'll End Up Using at Least Twice a Day
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There are things you buy that you use once every so often — a power drill, ice cream maker, or set of champagne glasses, for example — and then there are the standby items that are on regular rotation. I’ve rounded up a bunch of clever things on Amazon that all fall into that latter category — you’re pretty much bound to reach for them multiple times a day. From tech gadgets to ingenious kitchen inventions to storage solutions, you’re about to discover some of the smartest things that’ll streamline your day-in-and-day-out routine.


These Fabric Organizing Bins That Tidy Up Shelves & Drawers

Rather than let your belongings clutter up your shelves, organize them with these fabric bins. You can also use them to tidy up your clothing drawers — use one for socks, another for underwear, and so on. You get 12 bins in a variety of small, medium, and large sizes, allowing you to arrange them in a way that best works for your space.

  • Available colors: 7


A Countertop Caddy With Space For Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, & More

Not only is this caddy a great place to store toothbrushes and toothpaste, but it also features ventilation holes to help your toothbrushes dry quickly when wet. Dividers on the inside work to keep your items neatly organized — and the detachable base makes it incredibly easy to clean.


This Door-Mounted Hamper That Takes Up Minimal Space

If you’re tight on closet space, try setting up this laundry hamper that hangs over your door. The sturdy hooks keep it securely in place — just toss your dirty clothes or towels into the wide, circular opening. A zipper at the bottom makes unloading the clothing a hassle-free experience.

  • Available colors: 6


A Magnetic Storage Rack You Can Mount To Your Fridge

This sleek metal storage rack is designed with a powerful built-in magnet, allowing you to easily install it on the side of your fridge in seconds. It has two shelves for storing jars, bottles, grinders, and more — plus, you’ll find a built-in paper towel holder below. You have your pick of both black and white options — either will lend a clean, sophisticated look to any kitchen.

  • Available colors: White, Black


The Budget Planner That Makes Dealing With Finances A Little Less Intimidating

Creating a budget can be overwhelming, but this thoughtfully designed planner makes it a whole lot easier. Complete with charts, spreadsheets, and brainstorming areas, the planner helps you stay on top of your finances without getting stressed. The included sticker labels help you keep track of pay days, bill due dates, and more.

  • Available colors: 24


These Rotating Hangers Are Perfect For Belts, Bags, & More

Instead of storing belts and bags on your closet shelves, why not place them on these hangers to open up some space? A gentle spin is all they need in order to bring items hanging on the back hooks around to the front — and with a weight limit of up to five pounds, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare when loaded up with heavier items.


A Chenille Bath Mat That’s So Thick & Soft

When you step out of the shower, you’ll want to land on this high-pile bath mat. Made of plush, ultra-soft chenille with a grippy backing, the mat absorbs water quickly and won’t slip underneath your feet. Choose from loads of colors, ranging from camel to olive to teal.

  • Available sizes: 9
  • Available colors: 23


The Under-Desk Drawer That Adds Extra Storage To Your Workspace

If you need a bit of extra desk storage, you don’t have to shell out for a whole new furniture piece. This under-desk drawer can be set up in just minutes, and it’s quite easy on the wallet. The durable sliding shelf sticks to your desk’s underside with strong adhesive strips, so it won’t permanently alter your desk in any way.

  • Available sizes: 2


This Ergonomic Pillow That Supports Your Lumbar Region

Relieving your lower back pain may be as simple as using this ergonomic memory foam cushion. Its curved design supports your spine, encouraging proper alignment while you type at a desk, drive, or watch TV. The mesh material enhances airflow, and the adjustable strap makes it easy to secure to nearly any chair.


A Headphone Hook That Mounts To Your Desk Without Any Tools

There’s no need for a drill when installing this headphone hook, as a strong clamp keeps it firmly attached to your desk. Soft rubber pads on both ends of the clamp help keep your desk safe from scratches — and there’s even a built-in cable loop so that your headphone wire doesn’t drag on the ground.


These Wall-Mounted Holders For Your Razors & Toothbrushes

Made out of flexible silicone, these wall-mounted hooks offer a convenient place to store your razors and toothbrushes in the bathroom — and they can even be used to wrangle charging cables. They stick to most smooth surfaces with the strong adhesive pads, and since there are no screws required, they’re a great renter-friendly storage solution. Opt for shades such as black, white, mustard yellow, and mint green.

  • Available multipacks: 10


Some Highly Absorbent Dishcloths That Soak Up Household Messes

Once you discover how well these absorbent dishcloths work, you might want to ditch your paper towels for good. When they’re dry, they’re coarse enough for scrubbing — but when they make contact with liquid, they easily soak up a wide array of household messes. And, since they’re reusable, you won’t need to constantly buy more.

  • Available multipacks: 8


This 2-Tier Organizer That Fits Under Your Sink

What’s great about this sliding organizer is that it provides two different layers of storage space — so you can pack in all of your cleaning supplies or toiletries. Even better, it fits neatly underneath your sink, giving you easy access to all of your items. Another great use for this organizer? Place it in the fridge and load it up with your produce or condiments.

  • Available colors: 5


The Heat-Resistant Mat For Drying Dishes, Holding Hot Cookware & More

This heat-resistant silicone mat is so versatile — you can use it as a drying pad for wet dishes, a resting spot for hot pots and pans, or even as a tray to keep your power tools from damaging delicate surfaces. If you do use it to dry dishes, you’ll find that the ridges across the surface enable water to evaporate more easily. Plus, a raised border keeps any excess water from spilling onto your counter.

  • Available colors: 5


This Instant-Read Thermometer That Ensures Your Steaks Are Cooked Exactly How You Like Them

Never doubt the done-ness of a chicken breast again —experience precision cooking with this ultra-fast instant read thermometer. Get accurate temperature readings in just two to three seconds across a range of -58°F to 572°F, saving you from long waits by the stove or grill. Designed to endure, it's IP67 waterproof and resilient against drops. The large, backlit LCD screen ensures easy reading in any light condition.


These Plug-In Night Lights That Automatically Turn On At Dusk

Plug these night lights in, then forget about them — when the sun goes down, they’ll automatically illuminate your hallway, bedroom, or bathroom. Each one casts a warm amber glow, giving you just the right amount of visibility without being too distracting. There are six in total, so you can place them all around your home.


This Pivoting Outlet Extender That Increases Socket Space

Thanks to the unique, swiveling design, these outlet extenders can be pivoted to any angle. Even though they’re slim and compact, they feature three AC outlets each for extra plug-in space. Even better, they don’t obstruct your bottom outlets, so you can get maximum usage out of your wall sockets. This pair of outlets comes in classic black, but there are also packs filled with fun colors.

  • Available multipacks: 3


These Non-Stick Oven Liners That Make Cleanup Easy

Keep your oven spotless with these non-stick oven liners. This two-piece set is designed to fit most standard-sized ovens and can be customized for a perfect fit. They withstand temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) while catching drips and spills, making oven cleaning a breeze. Easy to install, these liners are suitable for all oven types and are reusable and dishwasher safe.


A Pet Hair Remover You Can Use Over & Over Again

This pet hair roller is the ultimate solution for effortlessly removing dog and cat hair. It outperforms traditional lint rollers with its deep-cleaning ability, making it a breeze to de-fur furniture, clothing, car interiors, carpets, and more. Simple to use, just roll it over any surface and then empty the receptacle with a single button press.


This Kitchen Scrubbing Brush Set That’s Super Versatile

With this scrubbing brush set, you’ll get tools that tackle every kitchen job, from pots and pans to tall glasses that are hard to reach into. Beyond that, this set also comes with something so incredibly useful — a storage caddy. The sturdy tray keeps the brushes and sponge propped up off the counter, so they can dry more quickly. You’ll also find that each piece has been designed with comfort in mind — a nonslip grip keeps each brush securely in your hand.


A Multi Plug Surge Protector That Makes The Most Of Your Outlets

A power-packed upgrade from standard sockets, this multi-functional outlet features six widely-spaced AC outlets, two fast-charging USB ports, and a built-in LED night light. It efficiently powers multiple devices while protecting them with a 1680 Joules surge protector. The smart night light with adjustable brightness and a dusk-to-dawn sensor adds convenience and safety.


This Slim Wallet That Fits On The Back Of Your Smartphone

If you find traditional phone case wallets to be too bulky, you might just love this slim option that adheres right to the back of your smartphone. The phone wallet is surprisingly roomy, with three card slots and one transparent ID slot. Even better, its low-profile design won’t block your phone’s camera at all.

  • Available colors: 7


A Leakproof Bottle That Lets You Add Fruity Flavors To Water

Not a fan of drinking plain water? Then this infuser bottle is definitely worth a look. Simply add your favorite fruits to the infuser core, and their flavors will gradually seep out into the water, giving it a deliciously fruity taste. Plus, the leakproof flip-cap lid helps keep your bag safe from spills.


These Insulated Mugs That Are Dishwasher Safe

Savor your favorite beverages with these stainless steel coffee cups. Designed for both style and functionality, they allow you to enjoy your drinks hot or cold for longer, thanks to the double-wall insulation that keeps the exterior cool and your hands safe. These shatterproof, heavy-duty mugs come with spill-resistant lids, making them ideal for on-the-go enjoyment.


This Trunk Organizer That Secures To Your Car With Adjustable Straps

Designed with multiple compartments and exterior pouches, this trunk organizer is perfect for holding groceries, an emergency roadside kit, sports equipment, tools, and more. A set of adjustable straps secure to your car’s interior, so the storage bin stays in place — even when you take a sharp turn. The cargo net lies over the top of the organizer to ensure nothing spills out.


A Magnetic Car Phone Mount That Clips To Your Air Vent

This magnetic car mount allows you to easily view your smartphone while you drive — whether you need navigation assistance or want to switch between songs. It clips directly to your car’s air vent, so you don’t have to worry about adhesive pads falling off when you hit a bump. Just install the included magnetic patch to the back of your phone before using.


This Automatic Soap Dispenser With A Sleek, Sophisticated Look

Sleek and sophisticated, this soap dispenser just looks high-end — even though it has a surprisingly wallet-friendly price tag. Just wave your hand beneath the spout to receive the perfect dollop of soap, thanks to the infrared sensor. There are three adjustable dispensing levels, so you can control how much liquid comes out each time.


A Wall-Mounted Broom Holder That Can Also Organize Your Gardening Tools

Perfect for organizing cleaning supplies in your bathroom, kitchen, or garage, this wall-mounted broom holder features 11 storage spots – five for brooms and mops, plus six additional hooks for various tools. Its weatherproof design makes it ideal for outdoor garden tools as well. Each slot can hold up to 35 pounds, ensuring your items stay in place without sliding. Installation is easy and all necessary hardware and clear instructions is included.


This Coffee Canister With A CO2 Valve For Freshness

Caffeine enthusiasts will get a ton of use out of this airtight canister — it guarantees maximum freshness for your coffee beans with the help of a CO2 valve that regulates oxygen exposure. The stainless steel container even has a built-in date tracker, so you can remember exactly when you added your grounds. An included scoop gives you an exact measurement, every single time.

  • Available styles: 7


These Under-Bed Storage Bags Can Help Open Up Space

Running out of storage space in your closet? Not a problem when you have these under-bed storage bags. They’re great for seasonal clothes, blankets, and more, as each one is made from breathable, non-woven polypropylene that helps keep them odor-free. The reinforced handles also make it easy to pull them out when you need something — and since the mesh tops are see-through, there’s no need to unpack each one to find out what’s inside.


This Clip-On Book Light With Multiple Settings

This clip-on LED light allows you to keep reading after everyone else has gone to sleep. It features a flexible gooseneck for achieving your desired angle, multiple brightness settings, and three color temperature modes, so you get the exact viewing experience you want. Thanks to its compact size, you’ll also find it makes a wonderful travel companion.

  • Available colors: 4


A Smart Plug That Makes Any Appliance Easier To Operate

Believe it or not, adding voice activation to any appliance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The Kasa smart plug connects with your smart assistant devices, giving you the power to control them with a simple verbal command. Or, if you’d rather make adjustments on your smartphone, you can do that through the user-friendly Kasa mobile app. Use this plug to set timers and schedules, or operate lights and appliances when you’re away from home.


This Jar Opener That’s Installed Beneath Your Cabinet

No more struggling to open up that stubborn jar or twist-top bottle. This opening tool is designed with a sharp, serrated blade that removes your lid with a single twist. You can install it directly beneath your kitchen cabinet or shelf, so it’s always conveniently within arm’s reach.


These Flexible Cutting Mats That Make Food Transfer Easy

Ultra-lightweight and thin, these cutting boards are a great addition to any kitchen. The flexible plastic material lets you funnel ingredients directly into a pot or bowl, while a small hole in the corner even enables you to hang each board on a hook. This set includes three different colors, so you can use one for produce, one for meats, and one for nuts and cheeses.


This Dishwasher-Safe Drying Rack You Can Roll Up For Easy Storage

Maximize your kitchen space with this heat-resistant over the sink drying rack. Available in five sizes, it’s crafted from high-quality stainless steel and can support up to 33 pounds. Multifunctional, it serves as a dish drainer, vegetable colander, trivet mat, and more, catering to all your kitchen needs. Its rollable design saves valuable counter space, making it ideal for small apartments or tidy kitchens.


These Quilted Oven Mitts That Come In A Dozen Cheerful Colors

Make kitchen safety look stylish with these heat-resistant oven mitts. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 450°F, these gloves have a waterproof and steam-resistant silicone exterior to guarantee no liquid absorption. Enjoy a secure grip with the non-slip, textured palm and added convenience with the easy-to-clean, machine-washable design.

  • Available colors: 12


A Leakproof Trash Can That Helps Your Car Stay Clean

Don’t let garbage accumulate on the floor of your car — instead, toss it inside of this trash can. An adjustable strap lets you secure it around headrests, stick shifts, and more, while its leakproof base works to keep your upholstery safe from spills. The best part? Each order includes 20 liners to get you started.


These Silicone Spatulas That Can Handle The Heat

A kitchen essential for anyone who loves to cook, these silicone spatulas can endure up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit without melting or warping. Featuring smooth, bendable heads, they're gentle on all cookware, ensuring no scratches or marks. Lightweight yet strong, they're perfect for a range of tasks from flipping pancakes to mixing batter to getting the last drop of peanut butter out of the jar.

  • Available colors: 5


This Glass Mason Jar Pitcher With A Leakproof Seal

Iced tea, lemonade, milk — this glass pitcher is perfect for serving all sorts of drinks in style. Crafted from thick, high-quality soda lime glass, it promises durability for your everyday use. Enjoy a mess-free experience with its airtight, leakproof silicone seal, keeping your beverages fresh and secure.


A Box Grater With A Built-In Food Container

Once you’ve tried this box grater, you may never go back to your old one. It has a built-in compartment that catches all of your food shavings, from cheese to carrots to chocolate. Then, all you have to do is release the bottom layer — your shredded ingredients can go directly into a bowl or pan.


This Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf

Sophisticated yet functional, this stainless steel toilet paper holder instantly elevates your bathroom. It’s designed with a built-in shelf that can hold your smartphone, a bottle of toilet spray, or a box of wet wipes. Choose from lustrous brushed nickel or gold finishes, or opt for sleek matte black.

  • Available colors: 5


These Bamboo Utensils That Go Easy On Nonstick Cookware

Rather than mix and match your kitchen utensils, invest in this set of bamboo spoons and spatulas. They’re durable and gentle enough use on nonstick cookware — and they’ll add a nice, uniform look to your drawer or counter. You also get a set of tongs for transferring food from pan to plate.


These Cookware Racks Made From Sturdy Gauge Steel

Baking sheets, pans, cutting boards — these racks are a smart way to keep all sorts of cookware organized. They’re made from tough steel, so there’s no need to worry about the bases warping when loaded up with heavy items. Plus, the nonslip feet help keep them from shifting out of place and work to protect your surfaces from scratches.


This Mini Vacuum That Suctions Up Desktop Messes

From crumbs to paper scraps, this mini vacuum cleaner suctions up all the bits of litter on your desk. Even better, its sleek body looks great sitting on your desk when not in use. This particular model is battery-operated, but there’s a USB-rechargeable option as well. Use it to clean up your table after dinner, too.

  • Available colors: White, Orange


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker So You Can Jam Out In The Shower

Dive into your favorite tunes with this portable waterproof travel speaker. Submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes, it's great for any adventure – kayaking, hiking, or singing in the shower. Despite its compact size, it delivers powerful, bass-rich sound that cuts through ambient noise. Enjoy up to 12 hours of playtime with a quick three-hour charge. Portable and robust, this speaker fits anywhere and comes with a lanyard and detachable suction cup for easy attachment.

  • Available colors: 6


The Drain Protector That Can Help You Save Money

A visit from the plumber is rarely ever cheap, so why not keep your pipes clog-free with help from this drain protector? Its tower-shaped design allows water to flow through when clogged with hair, which means you won’t be stuck having to constantly clean it out. “This little gadget keeps up with the crazy postpartum hair loss that has been happening in our house the past couple of months and keeps the drain flowing free!” raved one reviewer.


This Self-Draining Soap Dish That Fends Off Soggy Messes

The slanted design of this teak wood soap dish allows excess water to flow away easily, so your bar of soap will dry off much more quickly than if it was in an ordinary dish. The result? A bar of soap that’s a lot less mushy. The carved wood isn’t just sturdy — it also adds a natural touch to your kitchen or bathroom, elevating its overall aesthetic.


These Brightly Colored Mats That Protect Your Refrigerator Shelves

These versatile shelf liners, safe for direct food contact, are ideal for sprucing up your refrigerator, shelves, drawers, countertops, and tables. Not only do they protect surfaces from water, dust, and oil, they also enhance overall quality. Featuring a unique dot pattern for superior anti-skid properties, they're easily customizable to fit any space and simple to clean – just wipe or wash, and they're ready to be reused.


The Touch Screen Cleaner That Removes Smudges Fast

Let’s be real: We should all probably be cleaning our smartphone screens more. This handheld mister covers your touch screen in a layer of cleaning solution, then allows you to wipe it away with the built-in sponge. Measuring just a few inches in length, it’s small enough to stash in your backpack or desk drawer. Now you can look forward to a crystal clear screen that’s free of fingerprints and smudges.


The Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard That’s Compatible With Tablets

Typing on a tablet screen is rarely ever efficient — instead, use this keyboard. It connects to tablets and smartphones using Bluetooth, so there’s no need for any cumbersome wires. The best part? Two AAA batteries (which come included) are all it needs in order to keep it powered for up to four months.

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