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These Physicists Can’t Explain Why a Small Neutron Star Came Bursting Back to Life

Magnetars are young neutron stars with magnetic fields billions of times stronger than our most powerful Earth-based magnets.

ByMarcus Lower, Gregory Desvignes, Patrick Weltevrede and The Conversation

Brain Scans Of Jazz Musicians Could Unlock The Mystery Of Creative Flow

What brain science can tell us about flow, or being “in the zone.”

ByJohn Kounios, Yvette Kounios and The Conversation

Sleeping With Your Pets Could Be Bad For This Unexpected Reason

Sleeping with your dog in the same room could be negatively affecting your sleep quality, according to new research.

ByBrian N. Chin and The Conversation

A Scientist Found Something Truly Bizarre Inside A Fossilized Dinosaur Eggshell

“I heard a gleeful exclamation from across the room.”

ByEvan Thomas Saitta and The Conversation

Ancient Australians May Have Used the Great Barrier Reef to Survive Even Earlier Than We Thought

The deepest cultural material was found nearly two meters below the surface, in levels we radiocarbon dated to around 6,500 years ago.

BySean Ulm, Ian J. McNiven, Kenneth McLean and The Conversation

3 Myths About Common Supplements To Know Before You Swallow

These three mistaken assumptions appear over and over in supplement marketing.

ByKatie Suleta and The Conversation

60 Years Ago, a Famous Physicist Made a Prediction that Changed Our Understanding Of the Universe

It would take 48 years to prove he was right.

ByHarald Fox and The Conversation

The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar And Weight Loss

The wellness influencers might be convinced of apple cider vinegar’s benefits, but where’s the evidence?

ByStephen Hughes and The Conversation

A Biologist Explains How Aging Changes Your Gut Bacteria

Let’s take a closer look at the gut microbiome and how it changes with age.

ByNarveen Jandu and The Conversation

The Real Reason Finland Is The Happiest Country In The World

People in the happiness and harmony groups thought less about power and wealth and more about broader forms of well-being.

ByThe Conversation and August Nilsson

This Common Way Of Measuring Fitness Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Does heart rate zone training really work? Sure, but it’s not the gold standard.

ByJason Sawyer and The Conversation

A Geneticist Reveals What It Really Means to Have Viking DNA

What type of relationship with a medieval person does a shared DNA fragment really imply?

ByShai Carmi, Harald Ringbauer and The Conversation

These Creative Camera Tricks Are The Secret To Better Eclipse Pics

Despite the advantages of optical cameras, a smartphone’s strengths still make it a great way to capture the eclipse.

ByDouglas Goodwin and The Conversation

This Common Adaptation Could Be The Key To Happiness

Creating consistent positive habits in the face of all of life’s other demands is not a trivial request.

ByBruce Hood, Sarah Jelbert and The Conversation

The Gold Standard For Measuring Brain Activity Has Been Around For 100 Years

It is 10 years before the scientific community accepts Berger’s work, birthing the field of electroencephalography, or EEG for short.

ByGiridhar Kalamangalam and The Conversation

Thousands of Years Ago, Ancient Mayans Developed an Impressive System For Predicting an Eclipse

But why invest so much in tracking the skies?

ByKimberly H. Breuer and The Conversation

If One of These Stars Explodes the Radioactive Atoms Could Decimate Life on Earth

Most of these cataclysms are remote, but when they occur closer to home, they can pose a threat to life on Earth.

ByChris Impey and The Conversation

Exploding Stars Made of Dark Matter Could Finally Confirm a 47-Year-Old Hypothesis

The energy released from one such explosion would rival that of a supernova.

ByThe Conversation and Andreea Font

The Scientific Reason Winemakers Are Freaking Out About A Warming Planet

New research explores how yeasts, bacteria, and fungi may be affected by changes in temperature and rainfall.

ByThe Conversation, Stephen On and Manpreet K Dhami

This Map Shows How Climate Change Has Already Impacted Your Garden

A new plant hardiness map shows us how much the regional climate has changed already.

ByMatt Kasson and The Conversation