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Do SAD Lamps Actually Work? Here’s Why Psychologists Love Them

Meta-analyses show that light therapy has a positive effect, not only on SAD but also on major depression.

ByThe Conversation, Colin Davidson and Claire Hutchinson

Electricity Demand Is Surging — “Virtual” Power Plants Might Be the Forgotten Answer

Power companies are seeking new ways to balance supply and demand.

ByThe Conversation and Daniel Cohan

Fossil Evidence Uncovers How Prehistoric Women Had Key Advantages For Endurance Sports

A growing body of evidence suggests that women may have been better suited than men for endurance-dependent activities like hunting.

ByThe Conversation, Sarah Lacy and Cara Ocobock

These Breath-Taking Cloud Formations Could Revolutionize Weather Tracking, New Research Uncovers

Luminous ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds explain why climate models miss so much Arctic and Antarctic warming.


This Mysterious Plant “Hormone” Could Revolutionize Crop Growth

Exposing plants to an unusual chemical early on may bolster their growth and help feed the world.

ByThe Conversation and Brad Binder

This Ancient European Diet May Have Been Key To Longevity — Should We Bring it Back?

People in Europe ate seaweed for thousands of years before it largely disappeared from their diets.

ByThe Conversation, Karen Hardy and Stephen Buckley

Our Brains Completely Distort How Time Actually Happens — Here’s How To Take Advantage Of It

Time is one of those things that most of us take for granted. We spend our lives portioning it into work-time, family-time and me-time.

ByThe Conversation and Ruth Ogden

Is the Multiverse Real? Why One Force Still Baffles Most Physicists

One of the examples of fine-tuning that has most baffled physicists is the strength of dark energy, the force that powers the accelerating expansion of the universe.

ByThe Conversation and Philip Goff

This Easy, Lazy Science Hack Ditches Raking And Leaves Lawns Healthier

Instead of bagging fall leaves, take the lazy way out and get a more environmentally friendly yard.

ByThe Conversation and Susan Barton

A New Study Estimated The Number of Times An Average Person Lies Per Day

An emerging body of research is revealing new information on how often people lie.


Materials Scientists Just Created A “Living Material” That Eats Chemical Pollutants

It may be able to transform chemical dye pollutants from the textile industry into harmless substances.

ByThe Conversation, Jonathan K. Pokorski and Debika Datta

“Vampire Viruses” Viciously Attack Other Viruses — They May Be The Ultimate Antiviral Treatment

Yes, viruses themselves can actually get sick.

ByThe Conversation and Ivan Erill

How A Radical New Vaccine Could Eradicate This Deadly Disease By 2040

About 40 million children born every year in malaria areas in Africa would benefit from a vaccine.


Chicken Soup's Healing Powers Have Little To Do With Its Ingredients

The dish as a therapy can be traced back to ancient civilizations.


This Radical Discovery About The Human Psyche Could Fundamentally Change Psychology

What another person sees or believes appears to affect what participants report they can see, believe, or remember about a situation.


People In Their 20s and 30s Should Be Doing This Unique Type Of Exercise

Functional fitness exercise programs improve all forms of physical movement.


This One Mindset Shift Could Radically Change How We Experience Chronic Pain

People often use the phrase “mind over matter” to describe situations where aches and pains in the body are overridden using the mind


El Niño Year Is Here — What This Phenomenon Really Means For Winter Weather

El Niño is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon, and the atmosphere also plays a crucial role.

ByThe Conversation and Aaron Levine

New Drone Technology Could Help Scientists Finally Understand How Tornadoes Form

Scientists are still grappling with how and why violent twisters form. Will new technology and computing power help?

ByThe Conversation and Carolyn Wilke

This Novel Recyclable Polymer Might Finally Rid Us Of Our Plastic Addiction

A new class of recyclable polymer materials could one day help reduce single-use plastic waste.

ByThe Conversation, Katherine Harry and Emma Rettner