Steph Green

Steph is a freelance writer and film critic from London, UK. Her work has previously appeared in Vogue, Indiewire, Sight & Sound, Bright Wall/Dark Room, Roger Ebert, Little White Lies, and elsewhere. She is at her happiest when defending maligned 90s thrillers or attending a film festival.


David Fincher's Messy New Crime Thriller Fails to Subvert His Best Movies

The Killer’s biggest problem? It doesn’t commit to the bit.

BySteph Green

'Poor Things' is an Absurdist Masterpiece

With his tantalizingly twisted Frankenstein riff, Yorgos Lanthimos has made his best and weirdest movie to date.

BySteph Green
The Inverse Review

White Noise review: Noah Baumbach’s apocalyptic new movie may be the most American film ever made

The adaptation about an “airborne toxic event” has plenty to say about death, family, and our addiction to spectacle.

BySteph Green
Paranoid Android

50 years ago, Watergate changed the American political thriller forever

“Hollywood stars used to play cowboys and generals. Now they're wiretappers and assassins, or targets.”

BySteph Green