Nick Lucchesi

Nick was the first Editor-in-Chief for Inverse.

Before joining Inverse as news director in September 2015, he worked for the Village Voice in New York, the Westword in Denver, and the Riverfront Times in St. Louis.

In addition to writing the Inverse Daily newsletter, he wrote about art, culture, technology, nature, and the future of cities. 

He is a new dad and still rides a fixed-gear bicycle. He lives in Brooklyn but is proudly from Illinois.

He’s always ready to share his editorial experience, skills, and strategies with groups, other reporters, students, and fellow media nerds.

Here are some of his favorite stories under his by-line at Inverse:

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Originally Published: 
Cybertruck codex

Tesla Cybertruck: Price, specs, release plans for the delayed 2023 EV

See you in 2023?

Originally Published: 
Inverse Daily

Only SpaceX can meet one critical NASA demand, agency announces

Plus: The new Polestar 3 looks amazing.

Inverse Daily

Two years into the pandemic, here are 9 immutable truths about it

Two years into this horrible pandemic, our lead story presents the nine facts that have held up what we think about when we think about Covid-19.

Inverse Daily

Why fish singing is a reason to worry in Indonesia

Plus: Are video games bad for mental health?

Inverse Daily

The torment of misophonia: Why a rare condition makes people so angry

Plus: A new photo shows the enormity of the Webb telescope

Inverse Daily

The 20 most “WTF” science stories of 2021

Plus: Inverse Scene Stealers returns for 2021!

Inverse Daily

The “blinking cursor” has a forgotten history

Plus: There’s something remarkable above the clouds on Mars

Inverse Daily

A cosmic ray discovery confirms a Viking legend

Plus: An unexpected force may be responsible for life on Earth.

Inverse Daily

As Omicron emerges in the US, here’s what we can learn from last time

Plus: Ancient teeth tell an evolutionary tale

You and I are gonna live forever

Exercise has one overlooked evolutionary benefit for humans

Plus: A “super jelly” defies the laws of physics.

Inverse Daily

A space chimpanzee’s dark legacy

“The names of these experimental animals are very superficial and usually only given to the animals right before the moment of launch. It’s important to know that before Ham was called Ham, he was called number 65. And before Enos was called Enos, he was called number 81.”

Inverse Daily

“Listening” to your gut has one hidden health benefit

Plus: New claims that Tesla is “nightmarish” for women.

Inverse Daily

Strange study hints at how to make the brain younger

Plus: How bad rockets are for Earth?

Inverse Daily

One ignored factor is cited as making Mars feel like home

Plus: It’s Gut Week!


The Boring Company

Entrepreneur Elon Musk floated the idea of a “hyperloop” in 2013, and in early 2016, he first brought up a tunnel idea, before coining his endeavor the Boring Company almost a year after that. Since then, the project has continued in various directions. Here is Inverse’s coverage, going back to nearly the beginning of the project that’s at once inspiring and a little maddening.

Inverse Daily

Americans are repeating one mistake from 1918

Plus: Scientists discover a new mineral deep inside Earth

Inverse Daily

Pass the salt: Reliable deep-space travel may come from iodine

Plus: A Sarah Sloat tribute!

Inverse Daily

When you sleep

Plus: Can an old prediction about EVs finally come true?

Inverse Daily

When it comes to toast, should you go for the gold?

Plus: A ketamine discovery offers more suggestions for its powers to fight depression.