Nick Keppler

Nick Keppler is a freelance journalist and editor who has worked for The Washington Post, Vice, Slate, The Daily Beast, Reuters, The Gizmodo Media Group, Mental Floss, The Financial Times, and The Village Voice.


Alzheimer's disease has no cure — but unproven treatments claim otherwise

“If you don’t want to believe it until there is a clinical trial, fine.”

ByNick Keppler

First-of-its-kind study reveals transgender children are extremely unlikely to retransition

And if they do transition to another identity later, chances are it’s not cis.

ByNick Keppler
At Odds

Fertility clinics turn women away over their weight — new research undermines that practice

Research shows losing weight does not increase the odds of getting pregnant.

ByNick Keppler

Study: Being close to nature reduces the risk of stroke

Air pollution, unsurprisingly, increases it.

ByNick Keppler
Forest for the Trees

Studies linking nature to better mental health focus on wealthy nations — here's why that's a huge problem

Outdoor psychology has a cultural bias problem

ByNick Keppler
Worker uprising

These exercise hacks help improve heart health in people with desk jobs

From taking the stairs and standing during calls, it all adds up.

ByNick Keppler
Of Mice and Men

For mice, fasting at the right time extended lifespans — but can it work for humans?

Studies on animals, usually lab mice, have limited applications to humans.

ByNick Keppler
The Road Less Traveled

Just over an hour of weekly exercise reduces the risk of depression, scientists say

Get ready for a lot of brisk walking.

ByNick Keppler
Time Out

Intermittent fasting is no better than just eating less

It can still work as a mental strategy, researchers say.

ByNick Keppler
Risk Factors

Psychiatric conditions make breakthrough Covid-19 cases more likely

Researchers are finally understanding the connection between psychiatric conditions and the immune system.

ByNick Keppler
The Big Picture

Exercise may matter more than BMI for lowering cancer risk

Bodyweight is not synonymous with health.

ByNick Keppler
Sugar Rush

Exercise lowers dementia risk — scientists want to know how

A new study linked higher cerebral glucose metabolism to physical activity.

ByNick Keppler

Black Americans get worse sleep — a study says the problem is getting worse

It might be another long aftereffect of the recession.

ByNick Keppler
Thirst Trap

Forgetting to drink enough water could have a serious impact on your heart

In a study, one sign of low bodily fluids increased the risk of heart failure by almost half.

ByNick Keppler

Study: No, a glass of wine a day is not good for your heart

The protective power of a glass of wine a day may be other good habits in disguise.

ByNick Keppler
Tenacious D

Vitamin D may help your immune system work better — but only this type

Turns out D2 and D3 are not interchangeable.

ByNick Keppler
Light Switch

For your internal clock, scientists say keep track of this kind of light

Scientists have some advice about the melanopic action spectrum.

ByNick Keppler

Dementia rates of Indigenous Australians show the lifelong impact of racism

The shockingly high rates have implications beyond one country.

ByNick Keppler
Solid Footing

10,000 steps? New research reveals how much walking you actually need

The popular metric historically had little evidence to back it up.

ByNick Keppler

Artificial sweeteners cause cancer in mice. Here's worrying data from humans.

Past studies showed a link for lab mice. This one uses data from 102,865 people.

ByNick Keppler