Molly Glick

Molly Glick is the Associate Innovation Editor at Inverse. They tell mind-boggling stories that offer a peek into our future.

Previously, Molly was an assistant editor at Discover Magazine, where they wrote and edited pieces about everything from mysterious early human fossils to robot therapists. You can also find their work in Sierra Magazine, Elemental, and Insider, among other publications. Molly has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and environmental policy from Northwestern University.


Chatbots Could Transform Medical Care — But Not in the Way You Think

“It has the potential to allow for more humane care — for the right kind of doctors.”


In a First, Scientists Used a Lightsaber-like Technique to Play Catch With Atoms

Subatomic baseball could speed up tomorrow’s quantum computers.


Can We Rebuild the Spinal Cord? These Scientists Are Redefining What's Possible

Cutting-edge therapies could restore movement in people with decades-old spinal cord injuries.

Space Science

SpaceX Starlink Launch: New Satellites With Quadruple Capacity Could Boost Internet Speeds

Elon Musk’s space venture is once again adding to its giant constellation of satellites.

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Space Science

NASA and SpaceX Crew-6 Mission: Experiments Could Reveal Extraterrestrial Travel’s Health Impacts

The team will test “organs” on chips — and even play with fire.


ChatGPT Could Make Tech Feel More Human — But Don’t Treat It Like One, AI Experts Say

Digital tasks could get way easier, as long as we’re careful about it.

The Future of Love

Why Artificial Intelligence Could Make Dating Better — And Duller

“I think in the long run, it’ll become a mutually accepted social lie that we tell ourselves.”

Starry Night

SpaceX Starship Has Successfully Fired Enough Engines for Liftoff

SpaceX plans to send the Starship to some point.

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A Biotech Company Wants to Resurrect an Iconic Species — Will It Work?

“The dodo is the icon of human-caused extinction.”


A robot choreographer reveals why M3GAN — and all robots — should dance

“I think roboticists should become dancers.”

I get knocked down

Virgin Orbit satellite launch: The historic mission fizzles out

Another attempt is in the works.


Government-issued digital currencies could bring about a dystopian future, security experts warn

A cashless future may mean more surveillance and less freedom with our funds.

ByMolly Glick and Rahul Rao

Here are the 5 biggest innovations to expect in 2023

Cheap EVs, new mRNA jabs, wind farm wins, and more.


Space junk, robot chefs, Star Wars clones: The 6 best innovation stories of 2022

Our favorite futuristic reads from this year.


Rocket Lab’s first U.S. launch: Mission details and how to watch

“Virginia is for Launch Lovers” will make Rocket Lab history.

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When will fusion energy be available? Here's what 3 scientists predict

“The fusion research community is ready to roll up our sleeves and make it happen.”


Electric jumbo jets could arrive in a few decades with the help of hydrogen

Giant e-planes could take off relatively soon — if engineers figure a few things out first.

Going nuclear

Nuclear fusion breakthrough: A physicist answers three vital questions

We asked a physicist about the future of nuclear fusion.

Pew pew

Physicists achieve a "holy grail" of nuclear fusion — with a long road ahead

Don’t expect fusion to power your home anytime soon.


This high-tech cow monitor could transform human health care

Time to get moo-ving.