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Laura is an entertainment writer covering TV, film, and comics with a special emphasis on nostalgic media. The weirder the better. Laura lives in the Washington, DC Metro area with her ax named Delilah.


How 'Groundhog Day' Rewrote the Rules of Sci-Fi

Neither the rom-com nor the fantasy movie would be the same again


5 years ago, DC released the best Batman movie you haven't seen

Forget the Joker and the Riddler. The detective has a bigger monster to fight.

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Decades later, it’s still impossible to overstate Jurassic Park’s awe and terror

Hollywood would never be the same again.


30 years ago, Jim Henson released his terrifying fantasy epic

The Dark Crystal was Jim Henson's passion project that no one expected to take such a disturbing turn.

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How a contentious DC reboot produced the best superhero parody of the decade

Sometimes it takes a children’s show to point out how silly adults can be.

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David Fincher excels at crafting creepfests, and this just might be his masterpiece

The film that kickstarted the women-led psychological thriller craze remains the genre’s strongest product.


Treasure Planet was a box office failure, but 20 years later, it found its audience

When you crunch the numbers, there’s no way to consider it anything but a failure.

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Steve Spielberg's secret horror classic is about to leave HBO MAX

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Face/Off is classic Nicolas Cage at his absolute best

And it’s streaming now on Amazon Prime.

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Before he was Batman, Christian Bale fought a different kind of criminal

Equilibrium is a surprisingly emotional movie about an emotion-free dystopia. And it’s streaming now.

Keanu Reeves’ messiest sci-fi movie is worth another watch

Before Keanu Reeves could become Neo, he had to be Johnny.

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You need to watch the most underrated sci-fi thriller on HBO Max ASAP

Scream meets The Thing in this bizarre ‘90s horror classic.


20 years ago, Jackie Chan's worst sci-fi movie almost ruined his career

From here on out, at least in North America, it was all tedious flops.


5 years ago, Nicolas Cage made his most disturbing movie ever

Cage gets top billing for this film, but this isn't really his story.


10 years ago, Nicolas Cage made his laziest action thriller ever

You’re better off watching the 2009 movie that this one is clearly trying to imitate.


25 years ago, the guys behind South Park made the cringiest sci-fi movie ever

Unlike South Park, this movie failed to make a lasting impression.


10 years ago, one incredible zombie movie redefined an entire style of film

Advertised as a wacky adventure for children, this clever horror story features surprising emotional depth.


25 years ago, Shaquille O'Neal made the worst superhero movie of all time

Athletes have always made bad movies, but this flop was practically set up to fail.


35 years ago, DC’s worst movie ever almost destroyed its greatest superhero

Reviled as one of the worst movies ever made, it took almost two decades to undo the damage.


30 years ago, the worst Marvel movie ever almost changed the course of superhero cinema

‘Captain America’ was one of the first (and worst) Marvel movies of the ’90s.