Jennifer Walter

Jennifer Walter is a Card Story Editor for Inverse. Prior to this, she was an editor for Discover magazine, where she covered just about every science-related topic under the sun. Her favorite stories to write usually have something to do with tech, psychology, health, or obscure history. Outside of journalism, she makes a zine with her partner called Stuck in the Middle to showcase the work of Midwestern writers and artists. She's a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she studied journalism and German. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jenngwalter.


Watch: Boeing Starliner makes a cushy landing in New Mexico desert

The landing marks an important milestone for Starliner.

Leap of faith

Watch: Skydiving salamanders survive falls from redwood trees by gliding effortlessly

In a new study, researchers tested the wandering salamander's skydiving skills by dropping them into a wind tunnel.

Easy, breezy, beautiful
Climate crisis

Look: Hidden fossils reveal a microscopic creature that may be resilient to climate change

Newly-discovered fossil imprints from phytoplankton show that the organisms didn't die off during past global climate fluctuations.

Glow up
Creepy but cool
Climate Crisis

Watch: Shocking footage shows 2 North Carolina homes claimed by rising seas

Coastal erosion is causing shorelines to creep closer to where people live.

Heating up

Summer 2022: 3 states could experience temperatures 5.4 degrees higher than average

CDC report reveals scorching summer highs. Here are 4 key takeaways.

Seeing is believing

Look: Missing 19th century platypus and echidna specimens discovered in museum storage

150 years ago, these mammal specimens ignited a fierce evolutionary debate. A British museum just re-discovered them.

Coming home
Salty secrets
Space Rocks

Look: Explosive fireball leaves behind meteorites in Mississippi

Collectors and scientists alike are relishing the finds.

No shucking way
Climate Crisis

India's heatwaves: These maps put South Asia's scorching temperatures in perspective

A series of maps and images from space reveal how deadly temperatures are currently scorching India and Pakistan.

Man eater
Bright eyes
Like a bird

This ancient creature developed feathers long before the dinosaurs

A specimen found in Brazil pushes back the timeline for the origin of feathers.

animal crossing
Humble beginnings

The Mayan calendar is older than we thought, researchers say

A site in Guatemala housed the oldest known example of a written calendar date in Maya civilization.

Shipwreck stories

Look: Remains of a 207-year-old whaling ship found in the Gulf of Mexico

There’s barely anything left, but the pieces that remain tell a fascinating story.