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Persona Week 2023

14 years later, I still can't forget the most underrated Persona love story

“As long as you understand, I don’t need anything else.”


How a goofy Nintendo prototype changed video games forever

Paving the way for a massive success.

Accessibility Matters

Nintendo can't ignore the most important trend in gaming anymore

The family-friendly brand needs to get on board with accessible gaming.


Ubisoft proves the most important trend in video games didn’t happen overnight

“No one is questioning or needs to know why we’re making games accessible these days.”


Six classic stories that could become video games in 2023

The Hardy Boys are finally entering the Public Domain.

The Inverse Awards

'Elden Ring' is undeniably Game of the Year — and that’s a problem

The Inverse Awards

The best boss battle of 2022 proves this Nintendo shooter is an all-time classic

An Inkredible end to the trilogy.


Naughty Dog's next game will be like Star Wars in one surprising way

Episodic video games? Groundbreaking!

The Inverse Awards 2022

The best video game romance of 2022 breathes new life into a timeless theme

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 wins best romance of the year... in my heart.

The Inverse Awards 2022

The best video game smooch of 2022 makes me feel less alone

The depiction of love in Signalis is heartbreakingly beautiful.


Ramattra is Overwatch's most important new character in years

Devs say Overwatch 2 is “beginning to answer” some of the franchise’s biggest questions.

Game Adaptation

There is only one person who can play Kratos in Amazon’s God of War series

I’ll be the judge of this.

Game Theory

The Last of Us Part III needs to move on from Ellie

Let it go.

Game Theory

Zelda Triforce theory reveals a shocking Tears of the Kingdom twist

Unknowable power!

Apocalypse Now

Elden Ring director reveals the surprising reason FromSoftware loves grim settings

Don’t expect From games to get happier.

Game Previews

One Piece Odyssey could finally be the epic game the series deserves

Sailing into the unknown.