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You need to play the weirdest retro sports game on Nintendo Switch ASAP

Take me out to the ballgame.

You know him well

Donkey Kong 40th anniversary: 8 best games ranked

What's Next?

Epic Games v. Apple verdict: Appeal is "terribly dumb," analysts say

"Epic needs either a new legal team or senior leadership that listens more closely to their existing legal team. "

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CLX Horus is the perfect gateway to PC gaming

Building your rig feels like a game.

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Deathloop is 2021’s most intoxicatingly frustrating game

Inverse score: 8/10

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Chivalry II is rowdy, ridiculous, and impossible to put down

Inverse Score: 9/10


Look: 'GTA 5' on PS5 in 8 explosive images

PlayStation Showcase

Look: Gran Turismo 7 in 9 gorgeous images

As expected, this game looks absolutely beautiful.


Boy! It’s 'God of War Ragnarok' in 8 glorious images

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Tales of Arise is the most swoonworthy RPG of 2021

Inverse Score: 8/10


NBA Live goes free-to-play? One major force is stopping EA

EA and Jeff Grubb comment on whether or not the next NBA Live game will be free-to-play.


Life is Strange: True Colors uses the DualSense for hugs and it's amazing

Its subtle use of the DualSense’s haptic feedback conveys genuine emotion.


Chorus release date, trailer, gameplay, platforms, and story

Halo Infinite isn’t the only sci-fi game releasing this December.

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NBA 2K22 best builds: 5 outstanding MyPlayer options for every position

Make those hoop dreams a virtual reality.

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Nintendo leak hints at a wild Switch Online reveal

Is it time to get retro?

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Pokémon Unite Zeraora: How to get for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

One of the best characters on the roster is back.

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Pokémon Unite: How to transfer save data from Nintendo Switch to mobile in 3 easy steps

Don’t lose progress when you start to play Pokémon Unite on iPhone or Android.

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Lost Judgment chapter list: How long does it take to beat the new game?

How many chapters (and hours) of judgment are there?

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Nintendo Direct September 2021 start time, how to watch and what to expect


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Fortnite 4th Birthday 2021: Start date, time, leaks, and rewards

Epic’s baby is officially turning four.

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Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game: release date, rumors, leaks, and gameplay for the exciting new title

The developer behind Detroit: Become Human is reportedly making a Star Wars video game.

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Deltarune Chapter 2 Genocide Route: How to unlock Noelle's Weird Route

Cold as ice.

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Lost Judgment Hunt for the Truth: How to find all 3 UFOs in the Side Case

The truth is out there.


10 best starter Pokémon of all time

I choose you!