Higround’s see-through keyboard has major Game Boy Color vibes

Higround collaborated with Prix Workshop to make a mechanical keyboard with fully transparent keycaps and multi-color LEDs.

After Nintendo’s 1998 release of a Game Boy Color (and an N64) in Atomic Purple, transparent gaming hardware bas been pretty much cemented as cool; both PlayStation and Xbox even followed suit with transparent gear of their own throughout the next decade. Now, Higround and Prix Workshop are bringing that same see-through aesthetic to a mechanical keyboard meant to celebrate the golden age of late ‘90s gaming.

This mechanical keyboard is the perfect throwback to transparent gaming gear.Higround

Higround is known for its mechanical keyboards that stray from the typical gamer look by tapping into streetwear. The company has worked with 100 Thieves, Beats by Dre, and even Attack on Titan, on some PC gaming peripherals with unique designs. Higround’s latest collab with the streetwear label, Prix Workshop, continues its creative streak, drawing on a design that’s near and dear to ‘90s kids.

See-through design — The keyboard from Higround and Prix Workshop comes in a 65 percent keyboard layout with fully translucent switches and keycaps. We’re not sure if the colorful LEDs in the keyboard can be programmed, but it’s capable of displaying purples, pinks, and yellows, with some touches of blue, green, and red.

Everything is transparent with this collab from Higround and Prix Workshop.Higround

“I’ve always been intrigued by computer hardware and the interconnectedness of it all,” Esther Ng, founder of Prix, said in a release. “For as long as I’ve been building PCs I’ve wondered what it’d be like to see everything working in its raw beauty while also being protected and as practical as possible.”

Transparent gaming peripherals will never not be cool.Higround

Drop incoming — The transparent keyboard will be available on Higround’s website on June 24, but there’s no pricing details yet. Higround’s previous mechanical keyboard collabs range from $135 to $145.