eBay is the cheapest resale platform, study finds

The OG reselling site offers better prices than Depop and Vinted, according to VoucherCodes’ latest findings.

eBay authenticated sneakers

eBay is the most affordable resale platform, a recent study from VoucherCodes found. In analyzing the cost of this year’s most popular fashion items —including the Dior Saddlebag, Jacquemus Bambino bag, and Nike and Yeezy sneakers — VoucherCodes found a great disparity in pricing across resale platforms, with eBay being the least expensive.

Longtime resale buyers may not find this result surprising. Since launching in 1995, eBay has served as a reliable shopping platform for buying, bartering, and selling used goods. But in the past year alone, the resale market has exploded, especially as younger consumers seek cheaper and more sustainable shopping options. Newer apps like Depop and Poshmark have grown in popularity, while retail stores including Urban Outfitters and FWRD have launched their own thrifting programs.

Best bang for your buck — VoucheCodes’ study proves no resale platform is as efficient as the original. When analyzing product costs across three popular resale sites, including Depop, eBay, and Vinted, 12 out of 20 items compared were significantly cheaper on eBay. Only five items were found to be cheaper on Depop and three on Vinted. On the latter, a pair of high-top Nike Air Jordan sneakers sold for 315 percent more than on other sites.


eBay may not have the same frills as other resale platforms, but it’s kept up with the demands of consumers. The site has challenged secondhand streetwear marketplaces like GOAT and StockX with authentication features and smaller selling fees while tapping into metaverse hype by offering NFTs. And as an older platform, eBay boasts sellers with years of experience, as opposed to those on newer sites.

It’s worth noting VoucherCodes’ data, collected in August, is subject to change thanks to the volatility of the resale market. More companies are tapping into circular shopping by the day, and while good for the environment and consumers’ wallets, this could bind products (new and old) to their respective brands. Nike, Eddie Bauer, and Tommy Hilfiger are among some of the brands consolidating their products within their own resale hubs — cutting down the number of products available on traditional resale sites like eBay.

Shop away — For now, shoppers can direct their purchases to the classic resale site with little worry about getting the best deal. Real bargain hunters can look for additional coupon codes on VoucherCodes, a press release states, where promotions are offered for both new and secondhand items.

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