Tom Caswell

Inside the colossal failure of VENN, the ‘MTV of video games’

Why the $45 million streaming network, launched amid the pandemic, crashed and burned.

Game over

Keychron M1 review: A ridiculously light mouse and nothing more

The first mouse from the esteemed keyboard manufacturer shows that success in one category does not simply transfer over to another.


Xbox’s alternate names were an absolute disaster

The system's original codename stuck, and with these options, it's no surprise as to why.


Don't rely on cloud gaming for 'Halo Infinite' this Thanksgiving

Microsoft’s new masterpiece deserves better than cloud gaming.


Backbone+ subscription puts app behind a paywall

If you've already signed up, you're grandfathered in.


Amazon's ‘Alexa Everywhere’ initiative is terrifying

The company won't rest until the world is covered in Alexa and Ring-powered devices, and it wants you to help make that happen.


OLED will not save the Switch

Little by little, Nintendo has lost ground to its competition. Will we still care about the Switch in 2022?


Xbox is the only console laying the foundation for gaming’s future

The Series X and S nail the fundamentals where the PS5 completely fails.


Xbox Cloud Gaming updgrades to Series X hardware and teams up with Backbone

Backbone purchasers will get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, while the controller has built in some incredible new integrations.


How to build a tiny Twitch streaming PC

Whether you play on console or PC, having a dedicated computer to run your streams makes everything much easier.


The Xbox Wireless Headset puts PlayStation Pulse 3D to shame

Sorry Sony, but in the battle of the next-gen headsets, Microsoft is the winner.

Xbox Brings the Beat

Predicting which Bethesda games will be Xbox exclusive

Microsoft’s plans for the future of its consoles might make exclusivity a moot point.

Bethesda x Xbox

'Loop Hero' lets you control the apocalypse, not its savior

This simple but innovative RPG dangles hope in front of the player that maybe this time, things will be different.


Game Freak finally realized the future of Pokémon is 'Breath of the Wild'

It says a lot that the developer of Pokémon is working on the weird spin-off and not the traditional remake.


How to customize your PS5 with hand-painted controllers

Sony made it easy to customize your PS5 controllers with minimal effort and funds.


PlayStation doesn't need its own Game Pass — yet

Sony has faith in its first party titles


The Backbone is the iPhone game controller Apple should have made

Like Apple's products, the Backbone is an excellent marriage of hardware and software and feels like the missing piece of the puzzle to gaming on an iPhone


Stadia is the best way to play Cyberpunk 2077 at launch

The streaming platform's edition of the game currently looks better than the console version — and is more convenient than the PC copy.

Uhh, what?

Fortnite's Galactus event was underwhelming

You got to ride the Battle Bus, which was cool, I guess.


'Quick Resume' on the new Xboxes is broken right now

A marquee feature of the new Xbox Series X and S is a mixed bag at launch. And by "mixed bag," we mean "not working."