Craig Wilson

This 360 camera is the easiest way to create bullet time videos

The Insta360 One RS is a thoughtfully designed, versatile, and pocketable powerhouse 360-degree action camera.


Nanoleaf Lines review: Forget shapes, light strips are where it's at

The latest colorful lighting solution from Nanoleaf shows it's not afraid to mess with a winning formula.


The Fisker Ocean EV is a sustainable ride you can actually afford

Tesla might want to hurry up with its own "affordable" EV.

Making a splash

Fitbit Charge 5 review: Two steps forward, three steps back

The new color display and EDA scan are cool, but non-essential, while the standard strap sucks and the altimeter has been inexplicably axed.


Nanoleaf's new Lines range pushes it further into the decor space

But gamers and streamers will no doubt still be pleased, too.


E-bike maker VanMoof's new 'hyperbike' is designed for long commutes

The Dutch company's VanMoof V is a faster e-bike with more range designed to help bike commuters go further.


Amazon is releasing a Halo Fitbit, food plans, and guided fitness

The company's attempts to infiltrate more areas of our lives continue unabated.


Ford is building an EV 'mega campus' in Tennessee

Called "Blue Oval City," the facility will occupy six square miles and build not just EVs, but their batteries, too.


The next Unagi e-scooter has brains, good looks and... shocks

Unagi roped in industrial designer Yves Béhar to help with its design.


Keychron Q1 review: Your gateway to keyboard addiction

Whether you’re an enthusiast or just getting into mechanical keyboards, the Keychron Q1 is crazy customizable, built like a tank, and a joy to type on. It’s also affordable at $170.


The Serial 1 is the Cadillac of e-bikes... with a price to match

If you have to ask how much, Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 is probably not the electrified bicycle for you.


Razor's new LED-laden scooters for kids are discos on wheels

For extra attention-grabbing goodness, one even has a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

They see me rollin'

L.A. band Acid's new box set turns into a musical instrument

Plug it in, turn it on, and tap out a tune.

Tap that

Niu KQi3 scooter review: Powerful, fast, and smooth as butter

You'll be hard-pressed to find an electric scooter with as rich a feature set for the price.


Fitbit's Charge 5 brings smartwatch health features to a tracker

ECG and EDA measurements mean deeper insights into heart health and stress levels.


Fitbit Luxe review: Not as luxurious as the name suggests

A color display and fresh hues can't make up for shoddy accessories and missing metrics.


This $25 pull-up bar is all you need to get ripped for the post-pandemic

Skip the overpriced Equinox membership. Getting fit, feeling good, or just relieving your back pain is just a pull-up bar away.

This Thing Rules

Insta360 Go 2 review: A tiny and ingenious action cam

Inspired design, intuitive software, and a flexible selection of accessories justify the price tag... but don’t expect epic battery life.


Serial 1, Harley's e-bike brand, is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind chopper

It's the first bike in a series of auctions Serial 1 is calling its "1-Off Series." And it’s hot.


Google's new Nest Cams and Doorbell are smarter and more flexible than ever

Easier to install, smarter, and less liable to send you superfluous notifications.