Alejandro Medellin

Alejandro Medellin is a freelance writer covering the intersection between consumer technology and gaming. When he’s not reviewing the latest gadget or covering the news, you can find him chasing his latest hobby, or in the kitchen, where what happens between him and his chef’s knife cannot be explained with words.

TCL Tab Pro 5G review: This affordable 5G tablet is still overpriced

The TCL Tab Pro 5G will neither surprise you nor let you down, and you’ll have to pay a premium to use it on Verizon’s 5G network.


Huge leak show off OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro is launching sooner than you think, with a recent leak suggesting the phone could drop in early January.


Samsung's latest Bespoke appliances bring aesthetics beyond the kitchen

Samsung has announced three new Bespoke products ahead of CES, including a French door refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, and a washer and dryer.

CES 2020

Sega’s world’s “fastest” gaming PC is actually a ridiculously quick RC car

Sega is taking the idea of a "fast gaming PC" to a whole new level, turning a powerful computer into an even more powerful RC car with a top speed of 100KPH.


Acer Nitro 5 review: Terrific for 1080p gaming, but poor for work

With an Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti GPU, the Acer Nitro 5 is great for PC gaming on the go. Sadly, its poor ergonomics aren’t great for work.


How Meta plans to dominate the metaverse: Buy everything in sight

Mark Zuckerberg will stop at nothing to make the metaverse a reality. His main strategy: buy as many VR hardware and software companies as possible.


Citroën's tiny electric buggy concept is actually an off-road beast

Citroën’s My Ami Buggy concept takes a beloved mini EV and turns it into the off-road car of your dreams.


Huge leak shows off Garmin's Fenix 7 smartwatch

A new leak has revealed several of Garmin's upcoming watches, including the Fenix 7, Epix Gen 2, and more.


This tiny Nintendo Switch is the greatest Christmas ornament ever

The hobbyist-made ornament plays back clips of your favorite Nintendo games and has a special Christmas day surprise. It’s too cool.


Dell's futuristic new concepts tackle remote work and sustainability

Dell's debuting four concepts ahead of CES, which could change how we work in the future.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a budget tablet for anti-iPad people

Compared to the Tab A7, Samsung’s Tab A8 is a modest update. It comes in pink, though!


The iPhone 14 Pro could get massive 48-megapixel camera upgrade

With more resolution, Apple could take the iPhone camera to new heights not just for still photos but with 8K video recording.


Nokia T20 review: The display wows for a $250 tablet

HMD’s Nokia T20 tablet is far from perfect, but it at least has a terrific screen for watching movies, reading graphic novels, and streaming cloud games.


Sony's PS5 faceplates are finally here and surprisingly affordable

After a year of waiting, Sony is releasing its own line of faceplates for the PS5 in five different colors starting early next year.


Casio’s new rugged G-Shocks have hidden fitness tracking features

The GBD200, GBA900, and GBD1000 look like classic G-Shocks, but they look a little closer and you’ll find a step tracker and accelerometer to track runs.


Patent reveals DJI might release a medium format camera

DJI is coming to disrupt the camera market the same way Sony did a decade ago.


Here's what you need to start podcasting right now

From microphones to mixers to recording software, here are some essentials to get your podcast up and running.


Huge leak shows off Google Pixel Watch

After years of anticipation, the Pixel Watch may actually launch early next year. It about time.


Video shows why phones with foldable and rollable displays are a terrible idea

TCL Fold 'n Roll concept phone with a foldable and rollable display sounds like a great idea until you see it in action.


2022 iPad Pro might come with wireless charging. Why?

A new report claims next year's iPad Pro could come with wireless charging, but is that necessary?