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by Christina X. Wood
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The collective wisdom of Amazon shoppers is a natural resource, like bees from a hive. When they start to swarm around something and the buzz is all five-star reviews, I like to swoop in and see if it’s something sweet I want in my life. It usually is, if not for me then for someone in my life that I like to buy gifts for. For that reason, you really need to see these wildly popular things trending on Amazon, because they’re exactly the sort of thing that gets the hive swarming.

You wouldn’t think that lots of people — let alone over 25,000 of them — would get excited about a box of clothes hangers. But I read the reviews, and you know what? I think I need those, too! I already have a drawer full of backup power banks, though, so I didn’t think the excitement over one more would move me to click “Add to Cart” — but it did. (There’s, like, a stadium full of people raving about this thing.) And I have no regrets. Still, it takes a pet parent to appreciate why so many people are carrying on in superlatives about a stain and odor remover, but I get it — and so does my adorable cat.

So, I’m warning you. You’ll be caught up in the swarm and want the things that everyone is talking about. Read on and you’ll see.

1. These tablets that clean your coffee maker

One tablet of Afresh cleans hard water and mineral buildup in your coffee machine so that your coffee never tastes bitter. Just do it every few weeks. It’s easy and there are three tablets included that won’t leave the taste of vinegar in your coffee the way other methods usually do.

2. A set of risers to create storage under your bed

There is a lot of wasted space under the bed that’s hard to convert to useful storage because most things — suitcases, storage boxes, tote boxes — won’t slide under the frame. This eight-piece set of strong risers in a variety of heights, lift the bed (or even the couch) up a little higher so you can take full advantage of all that space.

3. This splatter screen for cleaner frying

If you have given up on fried chicken, pan fried scallops, or even pan-cooked bacon because the splatter and mess it creates is so much trouble to clean up, you need this splatter screen. Set it over the pan while your burger is cooking to keep all the grease splatter in the pan. Then put it in the dishwasher. It doesn’t alter the cooking, only keeps your kitchen clean, and skin-safe.

4. A citrus squeezer that also measures

When a recipe calls for a cup of lemon juice, this juicer that also measures is the simple way to get there. Press a halved lemon, lime, or orange over the reamer and grind so the juice flows into the lower container, which has a nonslip surface to grab counters. The domed top is a measuring cup for accurate recipes.

5. A press for uniform burgers & clean hands

Reviewers love this burger press because it easily creates a stack of uniformly shaped burgers from your own ground meat mix (and doesn’t require you use your hands to make shapes out of raw meat — because yuck). It also makes fast and easy stuffed burgers, if you like your cheese or mushrooms on the inside.

6. This rack that brings space & order to cupboards

This stackable can rack lets you take advantage of the vertical space in your cupboards and makes it easier to find things (because it lets you see all the labels), and the cans automatically slide forward when you remove one. Reviewers are buying them in multiples and give them well over 12,000 five star ratings.

7. This box of matching velvet hangers for an organized closet

Get your entire closet organized, create space, and get rid of all the slippery wire hangers that harm clothes and drop them on the floor by standardizing on these thin-profile, notched, velvet-flocked hangers that gently keep your clothes on the hanger in less space. Reviewers are obsessed, raving about them, and give them almost 26,000 five-star reviews.

8. These picture-hanging strips that don’t hurt the walls

These adhesive picture hangers transform the process of hanging framed art by removing the need to drill into the wall. Stick one side to the wall and the other to the art — then, press the two pieces together. It makes it easy to get art straight and comes off the wall without damage when you move or change your mind.

9. These pour-spout clips for bagged goods

These are genius. Clip one of these four pour spouts onto your bags of nuts, cereal, rice, or any dry goods that come in a bag, and they’ll transform the opening into a solid pouring top so you don’t have to transfer foods to another container (or risk spilling grain all over the place when pouring from a floppy bag). The lid seals the bag for freshness, too.

10. A brilliant phone mount for your bike

If your favorite mode of transport is your bike, you want navigation on it, right? This simple and secure phone mount wraps around the handlebar and stretches securely around the corners of your phone — right in its case — so you can put it in the spot that’s most comfortable when you ride. It swivels 360 degrees to dial in the angle, is easy to remove and take with you for theft prevention, and has over 33,000 five-star ratings.

11. A rechargeable body massager that’s always ready to help

Anytime muscle aches and tension are making you feel less than, reach for this rechargeable handheld massager and work through them with one of the five specialized attachments designed to make you feel refreshed, relaxed, and able to move. Reviewers love the size and power — and the fact that it sits in its charging station to take on whatever new stress or ache emerges.

12. These tongs designed to rest on the edge of the pan

The silicone-covered tips of these clever tongs are designed to grab and hold food without scraping nonstick cookware, and the bent handle grabs the edge of the pan so the tongs don’t slide into the food. Plus, the retractable button on the end locks them closed. The end result is a pair of tongs that exceeds expectations. Also, when you set them on the counter, the food-covered spoon parts stays aloft.

13. A wide-angled rear-view mirror so you can see more

If you feel a bit blind to what’s happening behind you when you drive, this extra wide rear-view mirror really opens up your view so you can see in all directions without moving the mirror. It’s much wider — at over 10 inches — than the standard mirror, and is convex to provide a complete view of what’s behind you (including the back seat). It simply clips over your current mirror.

14. A hamper that fits in small spaces & has wheels

This tall, slender laundry hamper slides easily into the bathroom, a small closet, or between the washer and dryer — yet it easily holds a week’s worth of dirty laundry. And on laundry day, it wheels to the washer. A clear viewing panel in the front lets you know when it’s full, and it comes in three colors so you can color-code your laundry separation.

15. These lens cleaners that also de-fog your glasses

Wipe you glasses clean, apply a de-fogging coating, and go back to your life — which you can now see — with this convenient pack of disposable lens wipes infused with an anti-fog solution. Just wipe your glasses or sunglasses once a day, and they won’t fog up in steamy weather or when you wear a mask.

16. A comfy pillow so you can relax in the bath

With plenty of space for you to relax your shoulders, neck, and head — along with seven strong suction cups to keep it in place — this bath pillow is a serious life upgrade for the dedicated bather. There are four color choices, and reviewers give it well over 8,000 five-star reviews.

17. A kitchen gadget that slices the perfect bagels

Cutting bagels, muffins, and rolls is hazardous with a sharp serrated knife but if you drop your bagel into this guillotine, it’s safe and you get to use a guillotine. The super sharp blade cuts the bagel perfectly in half but is inside a plastic guard so you can’t get hurt. It comes in five colors.

18. A stain remover with a cult following

This stain and odor remover is wildly popular (with over 42,000 five star reviews), and it seems — from the passion of those reviews — that this is mostly because it can remove odors that nothing else can. A natural enzymatic bacteria is activated when it encounters organic proteins and it eats the cause of the odor. This also removes the stains caused by hard-to-eliminate urine, vomit, and more.

19. This ergonomic office chair that’s loved by thousands

Finding an ergonomic office chair that’s also affordable is a serious challenge, but this mesh-backed chair with a comfortable cushioned seat is the sweet spot. It’s adjustable, the back is breathable, and assembly is easy. It has almost 14,000 five-star reviews.

20. A waterproof speaker you can clip to nearly anything

This little speaker — seriously, it fits in the palm of your hand — can clip to everything from your bike to your beach bag to your kayak to the shower head with its built-in carabiner. It’s waterproof, sounds great, comes in sixteen colors, and has over 28,000 five-star reviews.

21. A pair of walnut wood sunglasses that look so good

These polarized sunglasses with walnut wood arms have double-spring hinges, so they fit comfortably no matter what. And reviewers — almost 5,000 of them who’ve given these five stars — say they look good, giving the wearer a chill vibe while protecting their eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

22. A slim outlet cover that’s also a power strip

You can rewire without doing any actual wiring just by plugging this outlet cover into a plug that’s in the wrong place and running the power strip to the right place. The cord is 3 feet long (other lengths are available), and there are three outlets in the strip. It’s so simple that over 17,000 people are raving about it.

23. This screen door that’s convenient like a curtain

Installing and living with a screen door is a major production, but this magnetic screen curtain is easy to install (and you don’t have to worry about the dog scratching it or the kids not being able to get through it). Just walk through, and you’re good. It closes magnetically behind you, and the fine mesh keeps flying insects out of your house.

24. A small laminator people are obsessed with

Over 24,000 people have given this small, thermal laminator five stars because it’s quick — it takes a few minutes to heat up — and keeps going through piles of restaurant menus, school work, crafts, and more that need to be laminated. It comes with two letter-sized starter pouches, too.

25. This set of comfy kitchen mats that you’ll love standing on

These anti-fatigue mats will make your kitchen look terrific while taking the strain off your feet, legs, and back while you work. They are perfect for a standing desk, salon station, or workshop, too. Plus, these shouldn’t slide around — but they do wash easily and don’t mind at all if you spill on them (because they’re water resistant and wipe right up).

26. A big, comfy camping chair with a built-in cooler

This camping chair has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. A cooler hangs from one arm to keep a couple of brews cold, a cup holder keeps your current beverage at hand, a side pocket stashes your phone or reading, and the comfortable wide seat accommodates a wide range of posterior dimensions.

27. A mesh food cover so you can picnic without flies

Set these fine-mesh covers over your food when you dine on the deck or go camping, and you won’t get grossed out by flies crawling into the fruit salad. They open easily and fold small for storage, and the fine mesh shouldn’t let anything in. There are six of them to cover every dish and they double as protection for small plants in the garden that are threatened by birds.

28. A can opener that does all the work for you

If your hands are already overworked, don’t make them open cans when this simple, inexpensive battery-operated can opener is here for you. You barely even have to touch the can; it spins it around, removing the lid at the side and creating a smooth edge while removing the lid. Can 31,000 five-star reviews be wrong?

29. A tape that’s tough and waterproof for sealing anything

If you have a leaky pool, a window that’s not sealing, a roof corner that needs a boost, or anything that needs a quick fix that will survive in the elements, keep water out, and look good doing it, this patching and sealing tape is tough and quickly creates a permanent bond.

30. These luscious bamboo sheets that feel so soft

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have discovered there is no need to drop a small fortune to get sheets that are luscious, breathable, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. They report that these affordable all-bamboo sheets are cooling, soft, comfortable, create serious comfort — and they come in eight colors that are so pretty, people are going back for seconds.

31. This steamer that cleans & sanitizes nearly anything

Clean and sanitize anything from the shower to tile grout with this steam cleaner that has seven attachments — three brushes, a grout tool, a scraper, and an angled concentrator — to help you reach everything and get debris off while you steam sterilize. Plus, it involves no chemicals.

32. These shower caddies that organize all your products

This shelf system will forever solve the clutter and storage issues in your shower. An adhesive strip sticks to the shower wall and the shelves attach to it, giving you two ample shelves and three hooks for razors and other tools. Over 9,000 people have given it five stars, and some of them would like to give it six stars.

33. A solar water pump that powers a birdbath anywhere

Want to put a fish tank, birdbath, or fountain somewhere where there is no power? Easy. This solar-powered water pump soaks up the suns rays and converts them to moving water, so you can set your water feature wherever you want. It comes with six nozzles, so you can create the stream you want — and it works for three or four hours after the sun goes down.

34. A mosquito repeller that creates a big no-bug zone

Charge up the battery on this mosquito and bug repeller to activate the repellent, set it on the deck, and enjoy a 20-foot bug-free zone. It has no scent, makes no sound, and you don’t have to spray everyone down to keep from getting bitten.

35. A battery backup so small you can keep it in your pocket

This slender battery charger is the one you will have with you, because it’s the one that fits in your pocket. A tiny paw indicator shows you how much charge it has. Plus, it features one USB-C and two USB-A ports, comes with a short USB-C to USB-A cable, and has a built-in flashlight and a plug-in reading light attachment. Almost 45,000 people have given it five stars.

36. This all-purpose camera that keeps an eye on anything

This versatile little wired security camera is water-resistant and ready to withstand nearly any weather, so you can install it indoors or outdoors, and it’ll survive while you keep an eye on what’s happening right from your phone. When it detects sound or motion, it alerts you and it keeps a rolling recording of events.

37. A vacuum cleaner that lives in the car

When crackers, fast food, or dog fur get loose in your car, you’ll be ready to catch it before it turns the interior into a mess — because this powerful vacuum is always ready and has attachments that reach under seats and into crevices, as well as brushes that get fur off upholstery. Plus, it plugs into the car outlet so it doesn’t run down after a few minutes.

38. A snap-in table for lunch breaks in your car

If you find yourself eating or working in your car, this simple table will make that more comfortable and convenient. Keep it under or between the seats and snap it into the steering wheel when you aren’t moving. It removes and stores quickly, and it has solved this modern dilemma for over 5,000 people who have given it five stars.

39. A cool, comfy seat for your desk chair or car

This gel memory foam cushion fits into your desk chair, car seat, or any chair or floor that’s too hard for your bottom to handle — and transforms it into a seat that’s easy on your bones, cool in warm weather, and comfortable (even if your coccyx is sore). Over 37,000 people with lower back issues rave about the relief this seat offers.

40. A hand-casting kit for an amazing keepsake

Hold hands, sink them into the plaster, and wait a couple of minutes. Then, pull them out and fill the hollow that’s left with plaster, and you’ll have a memory of today that will last forever. You can use this casting kit for a wedding remembrance, to keep that tiny child’s foot in memory forever, or to create a permanent keepsake cast from anyone you love. It’s sized for families up to four and has over 13,000 five-star reviews.

41. These minty trash bags that pests don’t like

These strong, flexible, drawstring-close trash bags smell minty fresh, which people love because it minimizes the unwanted odor of trash — but rodents and bugs don’t like it, so it helps keep them from digging in. They are infused with all-natural food-grade mint oil and reviewers report they are super effective.

42. A tool that makes bug bites less itchy

This little tool sucks the irritant from bug bites out of your system in just 15 seconds, rendering the sting harmless. It’s a simple suction device — just press it on, depress the side arms, wait, and release — but it’s super effective. Many people also report it helps removes splinters.

43. An Echo Dot with a high-quality built-in speaker

With a decorative fabric finish, a new speaker that delivers richer, louder sound, and the ability to pair with another Echo Dot for stereo sound, this little Dot would make a terrific addition to your home. It can act as a voice-controlled alarm clock, desk assistant, or kitchen helper that’s able to run your smart home, answer questions, play games, read books, make phone calls, and a lot more.

44. This 3-pack of blue-light-blocking glasses

When you spend your day moving from one screen to another, your eyes usually pay the toll. This set of blue-light blocking glasses helps protect your eyes and brain from the blue light emitted from those screens so you can sleep better at the end of the day. They are a retro square shape — and they’re lightweight as well as affordable so you can have a pair next to every screen.

45. This powder packs that helps hydrate you quickly

Designed by a doctor to bring rapid hydration without all the unnecessary sugar you’ll find in sports drinks, these tubes of dehydration relief work fast to bring you back from heat exhaustion or a tough workout. Almost 13,000 people have given them five stars, and reviewers wrote they give them energy, taste great, and work super fast.

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