The 7 great mini-fridges, starting at $50

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If you tend to reach for seltzer, soda, and other carbonated drinks to quench your thirst, it turns out there may be a scientific reason behind your craving for bubbles. A 2016 study found that cold, carbonated drinks did the best job of satisfying thirst — though the exact reason why is still a mystery. Still, that’s enough reason to keep a well-stocked supply of bubbly beverages on hand, and the best mini fridges will give you plenty of room for storing your favorite drinks (and snacks) while taking up minimal space in your office, dorm room, or car. (Yes, your car.)

While most mini fridges are small, some are much smaller than others. Depending on how much you want to store, you can choose a super portable mini fridge that holds up to six drink cans or a larger one with room for 120 cans, plus more sizes in between. You’ll also want to consider how much temperature control you want — for the most control, choose a fridge with a digital thermostat that you can set to your desired temperature.

Beyond keeping things chilly, some mini fridges have a built-in freezer compartment for extra cooling power, but if you want to keep things Antarctic level icy, opt for one with a separate freezer section. Really tight on space? Look for a fridge with a reversible door, so you can be sure there's enough room to fully open it in order to check on your supply of La Croix and string cheese.

Whether you’re sitting at a desk or hitting the road, these are the best mini fridges on Amazon that’ll keep your refreshing drinks and snacks within easy reach.

1. The best overall

This sleek mini fridge has a roomy interior with multiple storage shelves and a freezer compartment, so it’s a great choice for keeping a variety of things cold. It has a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet and measures 15.6 by 17.7 by 33.5 inches, and there are three adjustable temperature modes: minimum, medium, and maximum — which is cold enough to freeze ice. The door is reversible and has built-in storage space, including a can dispenser and a compartment large enough to hold a bottle of wine and a liter of soda. The glass shelves are removable and the bottom one is height-adjustable for the option to store taller items. Another cool feature? You can use a dry erase marker to write notes or shopping lists on the stainless steel-finish door.

According to a reviewer: “This is a great little refrigerator! Lots of room for soda, water, beer, wine.... I set it at MED per the instructions, and it was about 35F in a day! I've turned it down and it's still quite cold (40F).”

2. A compact fridge that scores style points

This fridge has a reversible double-paned glass door and a soft purple LED light, giving it a high-end look that also makes it easy to see exactly what’s inside. Measuring 17.5 by 19.6 by 18.6 inches and with a 1.6 cubic foot capacity, the compact mini fridge can hold up to 60 12-ounce drink cans. Plus, the stainless steel shelves are adjustable and removable to make room for taller items. For temperature control, use the knob to adjust from a range of 40 to 61 degrees

According to a reviewer: “The fridge looks great. The LED glow is very attractive and the fridge is solidly built and came very well packaged. I have the temperature set high and everything is kept cold but not freezing. It’s nice at the end of my work day from home to pull a cold glass and a can of beer out the fridge and relax with a brew."

3. The most portable

The smallest option on the list, this portable mini fridge comes with AC, DC, and USB power cords, making it the perfect cooling companion for hitting the road. Measuring 7.2 by 10.2 by 10.75inches (small enough to fit on a car seat), the 4- liter fridge has space for six beverage cans and features a removable shelf for larger items. Plus, it weighs just 4 pounds and is outfitted with a carrying handle. It cools to about 40 to 45 degrees below ambient temperature, and there's a warming mode of 122 to 144 degrees if you want to keep lunch hot. However, you can't choose the exact temperature, which is a minus. Choose from seven colors, including light blue, red, and white.

According to a reviewer: “In the last few months, I've used the Cooluli for a friend's insulin, water and cold coffee beverages during a couple spontaneous summer time road trips. Lightweight, car travel friendly, compact and very quiet. Keeps things chilled, even if I turn off the car engine for a couple hours to sleep.”

4. A fridge with a warming mode & digital thermostat

For more control over temperature, opt for this mini fridge with a digital thermostat that lets you set your desired temperature on the easy-to-read display. The fridge cools up to 40 degrees below ambient temperature, so if the room temp goes above 80, you shouldn't rely on it to keep perishable foods like yogurt or milk at safe temperatures (below 40 degrees). This pick also has a warming mode that reaches up to 149 degrees. With a 20-liter capacity and removable shelves, the fridge measures 11.2 by 13.7 by 16.2 inches and has a right hinge door with built-in storage. Choose from four colors: aqua blue, black, pink, or white.

According to a reviewer: “The temperature control is spot on, it displays the temperature of the refrigerator at its current state so you’d know if it wasn’t cooling properly after setting it, which is a smart design feature. I set mine to 37 degrees and within a few hours, it was at that temp.”

5. The one that holds the most drinks

While it has a slightly smaller capacity than the first pick on the list, this 3.2-cubic foot mini fridge is the best option for storing lots of drinks, thanks to three shelves that are sized specifically to maximize space for storing up to 120 beverage cans. The shelves are adjustable and removable, and the LED light makes it easy to see what you have in the fridge at a glance.It measures 17.3 by 18.9 by 33.3 inches and has a left hinge glass door. This fridge cools from 34 to 55 degrees F, and you can control the temperature using an easy-to-read digital display.

According to a reviewer: “I've had this fridge for about a month now and I love everything about it. Runs quiet and looks nice (I like that the top is nice so I can put snacks on it when having a party, etc). Holds a lot of drinks and keeps them at a perfect temp.”

6. A retro style fridge with a separate freezer

Available in diner-worthy colors like red, mint green, and black, this retro mini refrigerator has lots of 1950s charm. Plus, it has a separate freezer for your Klondike bars, as well as a crisper in the fridge to keep your carrot sticks fresh. Measuring 19. by 21.8 by 33.4 inches, it has a roomy capacity of 3.2 feet, with two slide-out glass shelves and a thermostat knob ranging from 32 to 50 degrees.The non-reversible doors feature vintage-style chrome handles on the exterior, with built-in storage inside, including a can dispenser.

According to a reviewer: “Cute, works great, very quiet. I have it in a studio and don't notice the noise at all, even in the dead of night. More spacious than a traditional dorm fridge, a really nice size, and a nice design. Having a separate door for the freezer means you don't drain the cold from there every time you open the fridge.”

7. A sleek mini fridge with a separate freezer

If you want a separate freezer but a more modern aesthetic, this two-door mini fridge is a great option. Measuring 19.7 by 18.9 by 33 inches, the refrigerator has a 2.4 cubic foot capacity, adjustable glass shelves, a vegetable crisper, and interior lighting. There’s a temperature control knob with seven numbered settings, but the exact temperature range isn’t listed — reviewers note that setting number five is enough to keep the fridge and freezer cold. The reversible door features built-in storage and recessed handles for easy opening.

According to a reviewer: “You can easily fit several gallons of milk, along with a drawer for fruits and vegetables or meats. The freezer compartment is independent, and large enough to handle frozen pizzas, ice cream, and other items with a bit of room to spare. Temperate control regulation seems to be quite good, and there is a dial to allow you to get everything just as you want it as far as temperature goes.”

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