This DIY joystick makes your Nintendo Switch impervious to Joy-Con drift

You’ll probably have to forgo your Nintendo Switch’s warranty too, though.

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GuliKit replacement kit for Nintendo Switch joysticks

If Nintendo won’t fix the problem, someone else will. GuliKit dropped its replacement kit for Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con joysticks that uses Hall effect sensors instead. That means no more stick drift on your Joy-Cons, provided that you’re not afraid to crack open your controllers and do some tinkering.

GuliKit’s replacement joysticks require a little bit of DIY know-how, but the instructions aren’t too complicated. The kit includes all the tools you need, including two magnetic screwdrivers, screws, and a tweezer. Just know that opening up your controllers and replacing the stock joysticks likely means voiding your warranty. Still, if you’re tired of replacing your Joy-Cons every few months because of stick drift, this replacement kit may be worth it in the long run.

These joysticks use magnets that never cause any wear and tear or stick drift.


No more stick drift — GuliKit’s replacement joysticks use Hall effect sensors instead of the original carbon film joystick that the Nintendo Switch uses. The traditional joysticks see wear and tear over time, leaving you with Joy-Cons that move in-game even if you’re not touching them. Hall effect sensors have a mechanism where their internal components don’t come into contact with each other, virtually removing any internal wear and stick drift.

There still may be some external wear on the joysticks, but GuliKit made its joystick caps replaceable and included two extra caps in the kit. GuliKit says its replacement joysticks are also more precise and have a higher sensitivity than the Switch’s Joy-Con joysticks and claims that its replacements use half the power of the traditional joysticks.

GuliKit’s replacement kit includes all the tools you need to swap your Joy-Con joysticks.


Third-party solutions — GuliKit is already offering its replacement kit on Amazon for about $30. If you prefer not to perform some light surgery on your hardware, you can instead opt for GuliKit’s KingKong 2 controller that’s a replacement with Hall joysticks for the Pro Controller. If you want to stick to Joy-Cons though, there’s a retro-skinned option from Nyxi that features the beloved GameCube skin and also uses Hall effect sensors.

Unfortunately, the only official solution from Nintendo is to send in your busted Joy-Cons for repair. It could only be a matter of time until your repaired Joy-Cons fall victim to stick drift again and the cycle continues anew, though.

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