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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Infinite Flying Hack Breaks the Game — And It's Shockingly Simple

Never run out of Zonai batteries again.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is packed with things to unlock and upgrade, from new weapons to armor, and more. Along your journey, you’ll also need to gather additional Zonai battery upgrades to allow you to make use of your vehicles and other creations. But what if you could utilize your creations without having to worry about generating electricity from Zonai batteries? An ingenious player has discovered just that — a glitch to make an infinite electricity device, which allows you to drive, sail, and fly forever. But how does this glitch work and what are the steps to replicate it? Here’s how to perform the infinite electricity glitch in Tears of the Kingdom.

The glitch discovered by Redditor LunisequiouS can be seen in action below. Shockingly, the player utilizes the infinite electricity device to fly around the map without a Zonai battery.

How to Unlock Infinite Electricity

Visit Riverside Stable

Make sure Zorona and Kairo are at the stable.


The first step is to visit the Riverside Stable, found on the southeast side of Hyrule Field. To perform the glitch, you’ll need to make sure a Goron and additional NPC are standing next to the stable. If they aren’t there, it means you’ve gone too far in the story (or that you haven’t unlocked the side quest yet). Specifically, you’ll need to reach the quest that has you helping a Goron find his way to Death Mountain — which is available after you finish your first dungeon. After that, talk to the NPC in Lookout Landing to get Zorona and Kairo to spawn at the stable. Make sure you’ve unlocked the quest but not completed it.

If you’ve already completed this quest, you won’t be able to perform this version of the glitch (though, there may be other methods).

Create an Infinite Electricity Device

You’ll need a Wing, Shock Emitter, and shield to perform this glitch.


Assuming Zorona and Kairo are at the stable, you’ll now be able to create the Infinite Electricity Device. First, drop a Zonai Wing and Zonai Shock Emitter on the ground.

Then, shoot the Shock Emitter with an arrow to activate it, and then attach it to the bottom portion of the Wing on the front, just below the nose. After that, drop a shield on the ground and use Ultrahand to move and attach it to the top of the Wing. Now, move the device over to the NPCs so you’re close enough to stand on top of the Wing and talk with them.

Exhaust their dialogue with a conversation, and they’ll walk away. Once you gain control of Link again, you’ll now see the Emitter on the ground stuck in the active state. You can now remove the shield from the Wing and Fuse it to the Emitter.

This item will infinitely emit electricity, allowing you to utilize it to power your machines.

Use “Zuggling” to Duplicate Engine

Bring the Infinite Electricity Shield to a previous save to duplicate it.


There’s just one problem: The NPCs have left, meaning you can only perform this glitch once. That is unless you use another glitch called “Zuggling.” (We actually cover a version of Zuggling in our Unbreakable Master Sword guide.) This allows you to carry items to and from different saves, serving as a workaround.

To Zuggle effectively, first drop 10 to 15 weapons right next to the outside of the stable (make sure the weapons don’t touch the wall). Then, equip and drop the Infinite Electricity Shield (from the menu, not the hotbar), and then equip any other shield. Then, unpause the game and hold the L button at the same time to bring up the wheel of abilities. Hover over the Map rune, let go of the L button, and then quickly press left on the D-pad to open up the Shield hotbar.

From the hotbar, drop the equipped shield, and then let go of the D-pad to allow the map to come up. After that, pause the game and load a different save file (the Infinite Electricity Shield will be carried to this save).

Assuming you did all of the steps correctly, you’ll spawn in with the Infinite Electricity Shield on Link’s back). It will continue to emit electricity, even without wielding the shield. As you can see, the NPCs will be in their spots again, allowing you to perform the glitch once more. You can Fuse the Infinite Electricity Shield to another object to move it around, so keep that in mind if you’d like to place it in a specific spot.

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