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Valheim Is Your Little Slice of Valhalla on Xbox Game Pass

No, we’re not talking about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Valheim, a critically acclaimed Steam Early Access game that debuted in 2021, is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Xbox just announced the arrival of the Breath of the Wild and Skyrim-inspired survival game last week along with Guilty Gear Strive. However, what’s especially notable about this game’s arrival on Game Pass is that it isn’t available in stores yet. It’s a “preview” game. You can only get it through Steam Early Access or Xbox Game Pass right now. Here’s why any Xbox Game Pass subscriber should feel lucky to have access to the viking indie hit.

Valheim is the name of the fictional world where the player character must prove themselves worthy to enter the gates of Valhalla. Valheim, which takes its name from a similar concept in Norse mythology, tasks the player with conquering its world of the same name and slaying the monsters that Odin banished into the realm long ago. The end goal is reaching Valhalla, the Vikings’ version of eternal paradise. However, it’s the journey that should stand out to the player — not the destination.

Coffee Stain Publishing already has a reputation for sandbox games like Goat Simulator and its sequel, Goat Simulator 3. This time, instead of experimenting with wacky goat shenanigans, players explore the game’s seemingly endless progression. Players can spend hours on the starting island before even setting sail to another area. A typical Valheim experience includes building bases, growing crops, crafting gear, and fighting monsters.

This Valheim image gives me Elden Ring vibes.

Iron Gate Studios

Valheim might seem like your typical survival game at first, where you endlessly hack at trees and build structures, but there’s more strategy to it than that. You have to consider the structural integrity of your buildings in addition to their aesthetic. You can grow and cook whatever you want, but you should also think about the buffs from the ingredients you use. These are only a few of the features that give players a sense of accomplishment in activities that might seem mundane in another sandbox game.

As a plus, you can venture solo or with up to 10 friends. In fact, the Xbox version comes with crossplay, so you can play with any PC gamer friends that also have access to the game. However, keep in mind that performance will vary with three players versus the full ten players. PC Gamer suggests setting up a dedicated server for Valheim for more than three players, especially if your system isn’t that beefy to begin with.

Valheim isn’t a finished game. Iron Gate Studios is still working on the other lands within Valheim. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it like it is, though. Many players report playing hundreds of hours on PC since the game’s early access release in 2021. Now, Xbox players can also join in the fun.

Valheim is available via Steam Early Access or Xbox Game Pass.

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