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How To Find Every Entrance to Super Mario. Bros Wonder’s Special World

A whole new world.

Mario grabbing a Wonder Seed, Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The newest adventure for Nintendo's iconic plumber, Super Mario. Bros Wonder is finally out, and it lives up to its name. Wonder is a dazzling return to the 2D platformer thanks to its gorgeous world design and new features like the core Wonder Effects that make each level exciting. Those diving into the new game may discover it is over quicker than they expected, but Wonder is full of secrets to uncover that can extend the playtime.

Perhaps the biggest secret is the existence of the Special World. To gain access to the Special World, players need to discover entrances hidden throughout the game’s normal worlds. Here are all the secret entrances to Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Special World.

World 1: Pipe-Rock Plateau

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is full of secret entrances to the Special World.


The very starting world in Wonder gives players their first opportunity to happen upon the Special World. In the course Bulrush Express, players can discover a hidden exit by using an Elephant Fruit and passing through a breakable wall. This will open up a new path on the overworld map. By completing these new courses players will eventually reach the Special World entrance at the top of the mountain these courses all reside on.

World 2: Fluff-Puff Peaks

The second world’s entrance to the Special World takes less work. There is no hidden exit players need to find in a course, rather they have to complete a series of levels on the far right of Fluff-Puff Peaks’ world map until they reach the Special World entrance.

World 3: Shining Falls

To gain access to the Special World entrance in Shining Falls, players need to complete the world and collect its Royal Seed. Once that’s done, enter the world’s final stage again. A new cutscene will play that unlocks a path to the left of the final stage, this is the Special World entrance for Shining Falls.

World 4: Sunbaked Desert

On the right side of the main structure in Sunbaked Desert, there is an NPC who wants to build a bridge. Give them some Flower Coins and this will open a new path of levels, starting with Secrets of Shova Mansion. Beat this series of levels, and you’ll reach this world’s Special World entrance.

The Special World contains its own set of challenging courses.


World 5: Fungi Mines

Much like Shining Falls, players must first complete the world and collect its Royal Seed to find the Special World entrance in Fungi Mines. Once this is accomplished, return to the Operation Poplin Rescue course and a new cutscene will play and reveal this world’s entrance to the Special World.

World 6: Deep Magma Bog

Finding the Special World entrance in Deep Magma Bog isn’t too difficult and follows the formula of past Special World entrances found in Fluff-Puff Peaks and Sunbaked Desert. At the bottom left of the area is a series of stages that the player needs to complete to eventually reach the Special World entrance.

Petal Isles

Petal Isles, the part of the map that you must traverse to go between each world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder also contains its own entrance to the Special World. To access it, you need to complete the Spelunking! Wiggle Race course, which is located next to the entrance to Deep Magma Bog. Upon completing this course, a cutscene will play and the Special World entrance will unlock.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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