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Become a Lumber Baron With This Sons of the Forest Infinite Log Glitch

Use this dupe glitch before it gets patched.

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Sons of the Forest

In survival horror game Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to stock up on supplies if you plan on making it out alive because there are plenty of cannibals looking to eat you in the woods. There are plenty of things working against you in this game, including the sometimes lack of resources. One of the quintessential resources is logs, which can be used to create floors, bridges, steps, and countless other useful items. Thanks to a new duplication glitch, you no longer have to scour the forest to find logs. But how exactly do you perform this glitch? Here’s how to duplicate infinite logs in Sons of the Forest.

How to Duplicate Logs

There are actually a few different log duplication glitches, but some of them have caveats, such as having to play online. Thankfully, there’s a great method that works offline, making it easy to duplicate as many logs as you’d like. Keep in mind, you should act fast and perform this glitch ASAP since developer Endnight Games will probably patch this out soon.

By using the Lean To blueprint, you can endlessly spawn logs right in front of you.


The best method requires you to place down a Lean To blueprint. Open up your book, find the Lean To, and place down the clear shell.

Then, place your character in the back corner of the structure and get right next to it. You’ll want to position your character parallel to the back wall and look to the right so the little hotbar disappears. If you’re looking too far to the left, you’ll see the hotbar, which gives you a list of resources and other UI features. But if you look to the right just enough, the hotbar will go away. From there, press the C button to dismantle, continuously spawning full logs right in front of you.

Be careful of the falling logs, as they’ll cause damage to your character.


One thing to keep in mind is that eventually, the logs will start piling up, and will fall on top of you, dealing minor damage to your character. You can’t completely avoid taking damage with this method, but if you move the logs aside, they won’t pile up as much, which will reduce the chances of them falling on top of you.

By using this glitch, you’ll infinitely be able to dupe logs without having to actually go collect them. You can spend more time building and less time risking your life in the deadly forest.

Sons of the Forest is available for PC in early access now.

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