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How to Kill Regenerators in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

One of the game’s toughest enemies, made easy.

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Nearly everything is deadly in the Resident Evil 4 remake. You’ll take on horrifying villagers and enormous monsters while scrounging for precious resources. But few of the baddies you’ll encounter are as formidable as the Regenerators, which are found in the medical facility portion of the game. Seemingly, unloading on these creatures doesn’t do much, as they simply reanimate after being de-limbed. Here’s how to defeat Regenerators in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Regenerators appear in the medical facility toward the end of Resident Evil 4. As their name suggests, they will simply regrow their limbs if you shoot them off. You can take them out with bullets if you shoot them in the right spots on their body, but it takes a lot of ammo. So, we recommend running away — at first.

For best results, use the Infrared Scope to defeat the Regenerators.


Eventually, you’ll need to get your hands on the Biosensor Scope, which you will stumble upon naturally while making your way through the facility. It’s found on the bottom floor in the same room that requires the wrench. You then need to equip the scope to a compatible weapon such as the SR M190, Stingray, or even the LE 5 SMG.

When you aim down sights at a Regenerator with the Biosensor Scope, you’ll see three highlighted areas all over its body. These three spots are its weak points and you must shoot all three of them while utilizing the Biosensor Scope to take down the Regenerator. We recommend utilizing a rifle for this, as you can destroy each weak point in just one shot (three total). Do your best to hit your shots as ammo is scarce during this segment.

While it’s not required to take down all the Regenerators in this area to proceed, we recommend killing as many as you can, as they’ll stand in your way while you try to navigate the facility. At the end of this section after getting the tier 2 keycard, you’ll come to an area on the bottom floor full of pods containing Regenerators.

In the back of this room is another keycard upgrade station, but you need to find a wrench first. That wrench is actually on one of the Regenerators inside the pods, so you’ll need to let them out and defeat them until the wrench spawns from one of them. Alternatively, you can shoot their weak points from within the pods, allowing you to defeat them easier. After that, you can use the wrench to proceed.

In the original game, you were actually able to shoot the enemy’s legs to down them, and then knife them numerous times to eventually defeat them. However, it takes upwards of 50 knife attacks to finally take them down — nearly a minute of slashing — which simply isn’t practical. We attempted this in our playthrough of the Resident Evil 4 remake and couldn’t get it to work. Don’t bother!

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