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How to Complete the Adventurous Moles Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

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Boulder Town in Honkai: Star Rail

Just because you have cosmic mysteries to unravel in Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t mean you can’t stop to look for treasure. This RPG, developed and published by the same company behind Genshin Impact, has a number of fun and frivolous quests to take on that’ll net you some neat rewards. You’ll find one such quest deep on the frozen world of Jarilo-VI. Named Adventurous Moles — after the same adventure novel that has inspired a gang of wrong-righting kids — you’ll embark on a scavenger hunt.

Hook, the leader of the Adventurous Moles, is one of the playable characters you meet during the campaign. Her second-in-command, Julian, is the one who tasks you with completing the Adventurous Moles quest. Here’s how to unlock the Adventurous Moles side quest and the locations of all the treasures associated with it.

How to Unlock the Adventurous Moles Side Quest

Julian usually stands in the same place in Boulder Town, right next to Alina.


The Adventurous Moles is the third quest in Hook’s Companion Mission questline. It won’t be available until you complete these two pre-requisites:

  • Complete Hook’s Treasure Quest
  • Complete The Return Quest

The Hook’s Treasure side quest should be available after you complete the first quest in the questline, Old Foreman’s Treasure, and reach Trailblazer Level 18. After that, play through the Belobog plotline until The Return quest (when you unlock the Preservation Path for the Trailblazer). Talk to Julian in Boulder Town to initiate the Adventurous Moles quest after that.

Give him his things from the Hook’s Treasure quest. He should activate the Adventurous Moles as an Adventure Mission when giving you your reward.

Adventurous Moles Treasure Locations

The Adventurous Moles quest tasks the Trailblazer with finding the missing pages of a book. It’s a special edition of a series called the Adventurous Moles, but it doesn’t have any pages. All it has is the preface and postface with a cryptic list of clues that hint at where to find the rest of the pages.

We’ve marked the locations for convenience in the following maps. Be sure to revisit Julian between the treasures and complete any other tasks the quest throws at you between the pages.

Treasure Location #1 - Great Mine

Pick up the note in this location and rearrange a nearby lamp.

  • Clue: The Unexpected Parchment - Near the entrance of an open-air cafe in Backwater Pass, the Moles saw a flyer promoting an action...

Treasure Location #2 - Backwater Pass

Pick up the note in this location and turn over the nearby box.

  • Clue: The Missing Miner’s Lamp - In Boulder Town’s Great Mine, the Moles have found notes left behind by Drake...

Treasure Location #3 - Rivet Town

Pick up the note in this location and move the top box from the left shelf to the right shelf.

  • Clue: The Crates Are the Keys - In a cave with storage shelves in Rivet Town, the Moles have found a hidden door...

Treasure Location #4 - Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

Pick up the note from this location and put the nearby weapon back in place.

  • Clue: Treasure Hunt on the Battlefield - The Moles have followed Drake’s clues to the invisible treasure hidden in the trenches deep within the Silverman Guard Restricted Zone, leading to the Snow Plains.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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