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The Dead Space Remake Is $20 Off on PS5 and Series X

Humanity ends here.

It’s never too soon for a sweet deal. Dead Space, a 2023 remake of the 2008 critically acclaimed horror game, sticks to the formula that made it a skin-crawling masterpiece and experiments with terrifying changes that Motive Studio could’ve only dreamed about when it first came out. Dead Space scored a rare 10/10 in our review, but even without us in the picture, it sits at a healthy score of 89 on Metacritic. It’s a great game even at full price, but even better if you can snag a deal.

The Dead Space remake is currently $20 off on Amazon for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also available on PC, but the discount is only applicable to next-gen consoles. This GOTY contender typically retails at $69.99. It’s $49.99 with the discount, which is about 30 percent off.

As noted on Amazon, it’s the lowest price that the game has been in the last 30 days. It just came out in January, so it might even be the lowest price that the game has been all year.

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Dead Space stars Issac Clarke, an engineer stationed on a repair vessel called the USG Kellion, and his efforts to survive a zombie-infested spaceship and save his crewmates. He and his crew investigate a distress signal from Nicole Brennan, Isaac’s girlfriend, coming from the USG Ishimura. Little do they know that a simple repair mission will turn into a fight for their lives.

Dead Space isn’t just good because it’s scary. Pacing was a highlight in the original and still is in the remake. It takes care to ground the player in the setting’s reality before pulling back the layers of horror — much like the layers of skin you might peel off a bloodthirsty Necromorph. Our reviewer warns that “some animations are almost unwatchable because of how barbaric they are” and praises it for how much closer it comes to capturing the creators’ original vision.

Just an example of a gruesome scene you can expect in the Dead Space remake.

Motive Studio

If it’s your first time playing a horror or survival game, this might be one of the best modern options to try. The Intensity Director, a dynamic system within the game, scales difficulty based on how well the player is performing to make it more accessible.

This isn’t a horror game that relies on cheap thrills: it’s as much about a man trying his best to survive as it is experiencing the Dead Space world in its most grotesque form. Anyone who enjoys a good scare should consider the 12 to 16-hour campaign. On the other hand, horror-squeamish gamers might want to steer clear.

Dead Space (2023) is available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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