Yellowjackets' Most Terrifying Twist Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

Remember Pit Girl?


All throughout Yellowjackets, there’s one mystery that’s been haunting the action of every episode through every twist and turn: who was the girl in the pit in the first episode?

It was a terrifying glimpse at the team’s future, a future we haven’t even seen yet in Season 2. The first moments of the pilot showed an unnamed team member running through the snowy forest (presumedly during the winter after the one shown in Season 2), taunted by animal sounds made by her teammates. Suddenly, she falls into a pit trap hidden by the snowy cover. Later, another team member, masked, leans over to check on her.

We have no idea who this girl is or what caused her to be hunted, but a key moment in Season 2 Episode 5 may reveal how this girl ended up being hunted. Here’s what you need to know.

Spoilers ahead for Yellowjackets “Two Truths and a Lie.”

An unknown teammate looks down at “Pit Girl,” as she’s come to be known, in the Yellowjackets pilot.


Yellowjackets Episode 4 featured Lottie practicing good mindfulness and running through a deck of affirmations from her congregants when suddenly she hallucinates a card featuring the Queen of Hearts with her eyes scratched out, which affects her greatly.

It seems likely that this is a reference to the Antler Queen, another aspect of life in the wilderness that we haven’t really seen. But upon reflection, it’s a lot more meaningful than you may think.

The team found a pack of cards in Season 1, and Nat told Travis while he was playing with them that there were no queens in the deck. So why would a queen of all cards haunt Lottie? Episode 5 may hold the answer.

Crystal draws a two card from Mari, meaning she has to deal with the number twos.


In Episode 5, we see characters draw cards to determine what chores they need to do. Crystal, Misty’s new best friend, draws a two, which means she’s on bathroom duty. Misty offers to help her out, which leads to disaster.

But the choice of drawing cards to determine roles may have huge consequences in the show’s future. Redditor StrawberryGrapeJam suggests the Queen of Hearts will probably show up later in the season in some spooky manner and will be used for the most consequential card draw of them all — determining which survivor will be hunted and sacrificed to keep the rest alive.

The Queen could even explain why the girl in the pilot was stumbling around. Especially now that there’s a map of the wilderness, her confusion doesn’t make much sense. It’s possible that much like the queen, the Pit Girl was blinded to keep her from getting too far — and allowing her to walk right into a trap.

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