Ready Or Not 2 Only Has One Option For Its Story

It seems like the script is finally Ready.

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In 2019, Ready or Not revolutionized the niche subgenre of “horror movie that seems silly but is actually really good.” The terrifying thriller starring Samara Weaving follows a young bride as she realizes her initiation into her new husband’s family is a bit more sinister than just a normal dinner party. But as exciting as the story was, it was just as definite — there wasn’t much story left to tell.

But with a sequel on the horizon, how can Grace’s story continue? A quote from one of the directors seems to suggest it will only build from here — hinting at a demonic confrontation.

Ready or Not’s ending didn’t leave a lot to interpretation.

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Director Tyler Gillett, one-third of the filmmaking team Radio Silence who are currently promoting their new movie, Abigail, told Entertainment Weekly that while the sequel is getting figured out, one thing is absolutely clear: “There is a script that is an absolute f---ing banger of a sequel.”

It’s a bold claim to make about a sequel to a movie with an already strong script, but it seems to hint that this installment won’t just build on the first movie but escalate it, and that could actually solve the biggest problem with the story.

Ready or Not ended with Grace defeating her in-laws in a deadly game of hide-and-seek that they use to commit human sacrifice after an ancestor made a deal with a demon. Because she survived to sunrise, the few remaining members of the family literally exploded, eliminating any chance at a rematch.

Ready or Not 2 could finally explain where this “Le Bail” came from.

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But perhaps Grace’s beef isn’t with the Le Domas family, but with Mr. Le Bail, the demonic figure they made a Faustian deal with in the first place. Le Bail — which just happens to be an anagram of Belial, another name for the Devil — isn’t explained fully in the first movie. A sequel could really dive deep into the lore behind the deal and possibly show Grace defeated Le Bail himself.

Samara Weaving is set to reprise her role as Grace so a prequel is off the table. But a fight against the threat that made the Le Domas family so powerful in the first place may actually manage to both continue her story and reveal just how these deals are struck. Who knows, it may even end with every other wealthy family with a sordid past exploding in the end.

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