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While I'm often up for a challenge, I also like to keep my day-to-day as hassle-free as possible, so I'm always looking for simple products that make life easier. Luckily, there are tons of helpful products on Amazon with glowing reviews from other like-minded, lazy people, and I've gathered some of the most popular options right here.

Whether you're looking for cleaning and organization hacks to keep you home in top shape, or just want to maximize your comfort while lounging, there's sure to be something on this list for you. For instance, you can make washing the dishes feel more effortless by using scrub gloves with built-in bristles or a sponge caddy that doubles as a soap dispenser when you press down on it. Or, you can make cooking less demanding with a hard-boiled egg peeler, an electric can opener, and a chopper that cuts vegetables and fruit with ease. And for those moments when you want to just just kick back and relax, I’ve included a phone holder that hangs around your neck for hands-free viewing

There are plenty more life-changing products ahead — including helpful gadgets, home repair items, and low-effort grooming tools — so scroll on to see what smart shoppers swear by on Amazon.

1. These dishwashing gloves with built-in bristles

There's no need to use a sponge or scrub brush when you've got these dishwashing scrub gloves. They're made from food-grade silicone and feature thick bristles that remove dirt and gunk with ease. Plus, the long sleeves protect your arms from water and cleaning products. Choose from green, gray, and purple.

2. A can colander that makes it easy to drain excess liquid

Draining liquid from freshly opened cans is easy with this can colander. After opening the can and removing the lid, pop this colander on and drain the excess liquid from vegetables, tuna, and other canned goods. Best of all, the colander is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

3. These no-tie shoelaces that turn sneakers into slip-ons

Turn your lace-up shoes into slip-ons with these no-tie shoelaces. The one-size-fits-all elastic laces offer adjustable tension for a comfortable fit and even compression across the top of the foot. You'll get two pairs of laces per pack, and you can choose from eight colors, including all-black or multi-color packs.

4. A citrus-scented cleanup kit for your dog’s accidents

When your dog has an accident on the carpet, it can turn into a huge hassle for you. Not with this odor-eliminating kit in hand, though! You can easily locate the precise location of the urine with the included UV light flashlight. Then hit that mess with the delicious smelling urine order eliminator. It gets rid of stains you can’t even see and terminates the smell so this accident doesn’t turn into a regular habit.

5. A cordless handheld vacuum for quick & easy cleanups

Cleanups are quick with this cordless handheld vacuum. The lightweight hand vac offers powerful suction to lift dirt, crumbs, and other minor messes, and the debris chamber is easy to monitor and wash clean as needed. Also great: It comes with a wall-mountable charging station, so it'll power up every time you put it away.

6. This exfoliating skin brush to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs

Before you shave or wax, gently exfoliate the area with this silicone body brush to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The fine silicone bristles provide a super gentle exfoliation that prepares your hair and skin for treatment. The kit also comes with a pair of needle-nose tweezers and a silicone face scrubber to use for everyday cleaning. “Since using this brush, my ingrown hairs are not only brought to the surface, but they're easy to pluck out,” says one reviewer.

7. This cordless water flosser that cleans & massages gums

With over 22,000 reviews, this cordless water flosser is a popular way to upgrade your oral hygiene routine. The battery-operated flosser features two pressure settings to clean and massage the gums, and the 5-ounce, detachable water tank is easy to fill. Two flossing nozzles are included, so you can share with a partner or keep a replacement on hand for yourself.

8. A dish-drying rack that rolls up for easy storage

Save space in the kitchen with this roll-up dish-drying rack that fits over your sink. It’s made from durable stainless steel with nonslip rubbery grips to help it stay in place, and it can be used for drying dishes, cooling or defrosting food, and rinsing fresh fruits and veggies. When not in use, the dishwasher-safe rack rolls up for easy storage.

9. A 10-piece knife and kitchen utensil set

Update your kitchen with this beautiful stainless steel knife set, utensil holder, and cutting board. Not only does everything coordinate and look terrific but you get a chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, and kitchen shears as well as a knife sharpener and a place to keep it all. The cutting board is sleek and black and has another knife sharpener built-in.

10. A bidet toilet attachment that’s easy to install

You don't have to spend a lot of time and money on bathroom upgrades — just add this affordable bidet toilet attachment that several reviewers describe as "life-changing." The sleek attachment is easy to install (no plumber necessary) and features dual nozzles and a simple control knob. It taps the clean water that’s on its way to the toilet to thoroughly wash you.

11. The weird cooker that creates an egg tube

Make a perfectly cooked egg tube from with this strange but effective egg cooker that is getting lots of laughs and fans in the reviews. Just spray in some cooking oil, crack in an egg, and wait while it turns that egg into a cooked egg tube that rises up from the cooker when done. You can get more creative with your egg tubes than that — egg tube sandwich anyone? — but that’s the gist.

12. A neckline shaving template for DIY trims

This neckline shaving template makes it easy to give yourself a clean and even trim at home. The one-size-fits-all template is made from nonslip silicone with adjustable elastic straps, so all you have to do is place it at your desired neckline and start trimming.

13. A boiled egg peeler for hassle-free shell removal

With this boiled egg peeler, removing the shell from hard-boiled eggs is no longer a hassle. To use, just place a capful of water and a hard-boiled egg inside and shake until the shell softens and peels. There are eight colors available, including black, green, and blue.

14. A toilet bowl cleaner wand that makes scrubbing quick & easy

This toilet bowl cleaner wand uses disposable scrubbing sponges with built-in cleaning fluid, which starts working as soon as the sponge hits the water. The long, durable handle with a swivel head makes it easy to scrub every part of the toilet bowl, and the shape of the brush allows you to clean around every curve. A storage stand and 16 sponge refills are included.

15. A portable tire inflator so your can recover from flats

Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of the kindness of strangers or the availability of mechanics. Keep this 12-volt digital air compressor in your car and be ready for flats. Just start your engine, plug its power cord into the lighter and hook it up to your tire’s valve and it will add air to the tire and tell you the pressure — shutting off automatically when the tire is full. It also works for air mattresses, bike tires, and more.

16. A meat thermometer that checks temperature instantly

With this instant-read meat thermometer, it only takes a few seconds to make sure your food is cooked to the perfect temperature. The foldable stainless steel probe takes a reading in just a couple of seconds and you can set an alarm so it will beep when your food is done. The backlit LCD display allows you to check the reading at a glance. The thermometer automatically turns off after 10 minutes, and it has magnetic backing for easy storage on the fridge.

17. An electric can opener that works at the touch of a button

Why struggle with a manual can opener when this automatic one does the work at the touch of a button? The battery-operated can opener has a stainless steel blade and magnet, so it opens and lifts the lid with ease. It also cuts with smooth, rounded edges, so it's easier to handle the lid safely.

18. A rolling tray that makes it easy to move small appliances

With this rolling appliance tray, it's easy to store appliances against the wall and pull them towards you when it's time to use them. Made from durable steel, the highly rated tray has a nonslip surface, and it's great for blenders, coffee makers, mixers, toasters, and other small appliances.

19. An anti-fog spray for eyeglasses, mirrors & more

Prevent glasses, windows, mirrors, and more from fogging up with this easy-to-use anti-fog spray. The hypoallergenic spray is safe to use on most lenses (it's not recommended for anti-reflective lenses), and you only need a few spritzes to keep your glasses and other items fog-free. Choose from 2-ounce and 8-ounce sizes.

20. A lemon & lime slicer that cuts 8 perfect wedges

Cut citrus wedges with ease, thanks to this lemon and lime slicer. The compact kitchen tool creates eight wedges that make the perfect garnish for food, drinks, and cocktails. The slicer boasts a 4.6-star rating from reviewers, too, with one writing it's "so easy to use and easy to clean."

21. A folding lap desk with built-in USB ports & more

With this folding lap desk, you can use your computer comfortably in bed or on the couch. The desk features a device slot for your tablet or phone, a cupholder, and built-in USB ports. Plus, the legs fold down for easy, out-of-the-way storage. Also great: A mini USB lamp and fan are included, so you can work in ultimate comfort.

22. A seat cover so your dog can ride in the back seat

When your canine companion has had loads of fun at the park, you might hesitate to invite them back into your car. But this back seat car cover protects your car’s interior from wet and muddy dogs so you don’t have to worry. In fact, it connects to the headrests in both the front and back seats to create a dog-safe haven in the back, keeping the car clean and the dog safely contained.

23. This iron-on fabric tape for easy hemming

If you'd rather not use a needle and thread, you can easily hem your clothes and other items with this fabric fusing tape. The time-saving, iron-on tape creates a durable seal on the fabric, and you can wash or dry clean your items as usual. Each pack contains two rolls.

24. A dog brush that cleans itself

Push the button on the handle of this clever pet brush and the bristles pop out so you can give your pet a delightful spa day while also removing excess fur before it carpets your furniture and clothing. When you are done — and the brush is covered in fur — push that button again and the bristles retract, leaving the fur behind. Just wipe off the now-smooth handle and throw the fur away.

25. This stain removing toolkit that can handle anything

This trio of stain removing sprays will handle everything from wine spills in the carpet to spots on your garments to spills in the car. The Stain Treater makes it easy to get food spills out of kids clothing with a simple blot and rinse. The Emergency Stain Rescue is a fast way to get stains out of carpets or car upholstery. And the Red Wine Stain Remover specializes in removing red wine from anything, even if those stains have been there a while.

26. A mini bag sealer that keeps snacks fresh

Keep snack bags fresh until the last bite with this mini bag sealer. The battery-operated gadget cuts and seals, so you can use it to open a fresh bag of food and heat-seal it closed when you're done.

27. The nonstick oven liners that catch food drips & spills

Avoid stuck-on food messes with these nonstick oven liners. The BPA-free, heat-resistant liners work in all types of ovens, and they’re easy to trim for the perfect fit. The liners catch drips and spills while you're cooking, and they’re dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

28. These durable mesh bags for machine-washing your shoes

Keep your footwear fresh by placing them inside these durable shoe wash bags and tossing them in the washing machine. The set comes with bags of two sizes, and each one is made from sturdy mesh with a rust-resistant, covered zipper that stays closed throughout the wash cycle. Plus, each bag is roomy enough for a full pair of shoes.

29. A battery operated salt or pepper grinder

Fill this handy spice grinder with whole peppercorns or big pieces of coarse salt and it will deliver a finely ground spray of flavor directly to your food at the push of a button. The stainless steel and acrylic grinder looks great on the table, is easy to fill, holds 1/4 cup of spice in the clear container so you can see what you are getting, and shines a light on your food so you can see how much.

30. These smart plugs that let you control electronics & appliances from anywhere

With this four-pack of smart plugs, you can turn any of your electronics and appliances into smart devices. Just plug in and connect to your existing Wi-Fi network, and you'll be able to control your devices and schedule timers on your smartphone. To make things even easier, these plugs are also voice control-capable with Alexa and Google Home.

31. A laundry folder that speeds up wash day

Fold your clothes faster with this shirt folding board. The durable board works for clothes and towels, and it helps you fold flat, neat garments in just three steps — so not only does it make the process faster, but it'll also save space and cut down on messiness in your drawers and closets.

32. A universal battery tester that tells you when to replace or recharge

With this universal battery tester, it's easy to see when you need to replace or recharge batteries around the house. The universal tester works with various battery sizes, including 1.5-volt and 9-volt, and it has a simple, color-coded scale that tells you the battery status. Plus, the portable tester requires no power or batteries to use, so it's always ready when you need it.

33. The microwave steam cleaner that helps remove stuck-on food gunk

Removing stuck-on food gunk from the microwave is easy with this Angry Mama microwave cleaner. The durable cleaner is simple to use — just use the measurement lines inside to fill with water, vinegar, and lemon juice and microwave for five to seven minutes. Angry Mama releases steam to soften food grime, so you can wipe it away with ease.

34. A dispenser spout for big bottles of milk or juice

Install this genius beverage dispenser into big, unwieldy bottles of milk, juice, or other beverages and you can stop hefting that big bottle every time you want a drink. Just push the glass or cereal bowl against the trigger and it will dispense the liquid directly into your container. It runs on two AA batteries.

35. This drywall repair putty with a handheld applicator

This drywall repair putty quickly fills in holes in drywall, plaster, and wood. The handheld applicator allows you to apply the putty directly to the wall without needing a putty knife, and the compact size is easy to stash in the toolbox. Also great: The putty dries quickly, so you can start painting in minutes.

36. These handy electric scissors for power cutting

Power through boxes, fabrics, leather, or whatever you are cutting with this pair of cordless sheers. It comes with two blades you can switch out for the project you are working on. One blade handles light materials like fabric and paper while the other takes on heavy-duty tasks such as leather and cardboard. The rechargeable battery removes for charging.

37. These dimming sheets that make your alarm clock less bright

Is your alarm clock's LCD display disturbing your rest at night? With these light-dimming sheets, it's easy to tone down the brightness. Each pack contains two dimming sheets that use static cling to stick to your alarm clock, and they can be trimmed to the perfect size.

38. This durable window screen repair tape that quickly fixes holes

If you find a hole in your screen window or door, this highly-rated screen repair tape can fix it in a hurry. The durable screen tape is made from long-lasting fiberglass that's waterproof and temperature-resistant, and it's easy to cut to your desired size. Choose from black and gray.

39. These silicone stretch lids that make food storage easy

Food storage has never been easier, thanks to these silicone stretch lids. The six-pack of lids includes various sizes that stretch to fit over cups, bowls, pots, and other containers, so you can store food without having to transfer it, and they're microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Bonus: These BPA-free lids also allow you to ditch plastic wrap.

40. An easy-to-grip opener for jars, bottles & more

Open stubborn jars, bottles, and more with this five-in-one jar opener. The versatile opener has nonslip handles with four jar grips in various sizes, so you can choose the right one for your needs. The handy tool can also help open soda cans, pull tabs, and bottles. Choose from five colors, including blue, green, and apple red.

41. A food chopper that quickly cuts veggies & fruit

Food prep is speedy with this easy-to-use food chopper. It features a soft grip handle and comes with three stainless steel square-cut blades in 0.25-inch, 0.5-inch, and 0.75-inch sizes that uniformly chop onions, zucchini, apples, and more. Plus, the chopped ingredients are collected neatly in the high-capacity, BPA-free container.

42. A big cold brew coffee maker & in-fridge dispenser

Can’t keep up with the cold-brew coffee (or tea) consumption at your place? Go big and easy with this one-liter cold brewer that sits in your fridge dispensing delicious cold-brew at the turn of a dial. Just fill the inner liner with ground beans or tea and add water. When it’s ready, remove the inner sleeve holding the grounds and enjoy. Your coffee is sealed in so it will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.

43. These no-rinse body wipes that are biodegradable

If you want to freshen up without taking a shower, these biodegradable body wipes are great to have on hand. The unscented, no-rinse wipes are infused with aloe vera and other refreshing ingredients, and the portable pouch is easy to bring to the gym or on camping trips. Each pack contains 32 extra-large wipes.

44. These prism glasses for reading & watching TV while laying down

Want to read and watch TV while laying down without craning your neck? Just wear these prism mirror glasses that turn your view downward at a 90-degree angle, so you can fully recline and still see your book or the TV. Also great: These prism glasses fit over prescription glasses, so you can wear both at the same time.

45. These furniture repair markers that cover nicks & scratches

For a quick and easy way to retouch furniture, use these furniture repair markers. The 12-piece set includes six wood markers and six wax crayons in shades like maple, walnut, and mahogany, so you can find the one that matches your furniture. All you have to do is draw over nicks and scratches and watch them vanish.

46. The crusher that turns ice cubes into snow cones

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than flavored shaved ice and this hand-crank ice crusher delivers the ice you need for this. Just turn the handle and the steel blades will turn your ice cubes into exactly the fine ice you want. Just stop turning the handle when it looks perfect to you. This little machine will upgrade your home cocktails, too.

47. The easy way to clean your makeup brushes

If cleaning your makeup brushes is a chore you hate, get this rechargeable makup brush cleaner to do it for you. Just add some water and the included cleaning solution to the bowl of the cleaner, fit your brush into one of the eight brush sleeves and attach that to the spinner, dip your brush in the liquid, and turn on the spinner to agitate and then dry your brush. It’s fast, easy, and your brush is dry when you are done.

48. A microwave food cover that prevents splatter

Prevent food splatter while heating up meals with this microwave food cover. The collapsible, BPA-free cover has a vented lid with an easy-to-grip handle, and it pops open up to 3 inches to cover various plates and bowls. When not in use, the cover collapses for convenient storage, and it's dishwasher-safe.

49. A stainless steel knife designed to spread cold butter

With this three-in-one butter spreader knife, you can spread cold butter on your toast without tearing the bread to pieces. The dishwasher-safe knife is made from durable stainless steel with a comfortable round handle and features a serrated edge and slotted holes designed to curl hard butter with ease.

50. The pot strainer that’s so much easier than a colander

Make getting water out of pans a one-handed operation instead of the colander juggle it is now by clipping this pot strainer to your pan and just pouring the water out. The flexible silicone bends to fit into any pan and the clips grab firmly to the sides to keep the strainer in place. It comes in four colors and reviewers love it. “This thing is great,” says one. “It attaches with no issue and doesn't fall off when straining. Works perfectly.”

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