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The 10 best subreddits for when you're high

Stoned and looking for something to do. Check out the 10 best Reddit communities to look at when you're high.

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It’s easy to find yourself in a pit of endless social media scrolling these days only to look up from TikTok or Twitter and realize an hour has suddenly passed — and it’s even easier to lose track of time on your phone when you’re high.

But not all social media is created equal. If you’re looking for a more social way to smoke while browsing the internet, Reddit can be a great solution. So if you’re looking for something enriching to browse when you smoke, here are some 10 subreddits to check out.

10. r/ShowerThoughts

“Bomb diffusers will never be aware that they failed at their job.”


SUBSCRIBERS: 24.2 million

TL;DR: A place for all those “woah, that’s crazy man,” thoughts

Shower Thoughts is home to the kind of thoughts that would make most sober people roll their eyes, but when you’re high, it’s a great place to browse for a laugh — or spark some conversation. Home to ideas like “Cooking is witchcraft” and “Bomb diffusers will never be aware that they failed at their job,” r/ShowerThoughts is good for a laugh at the very least.

9. r/Munchies


TL;DR: This page will make you feel better about all the food you just ate

The munchies community on Reddit is small but highly powerful. On this subreddit, stoners from all over the world gather to compare their best — and worst — snack choices on any given day. If you’re looking for inspiration for a quick, hassle-free meal to make when the munchies strike this group will have your back. (It’s also a good place to go to feel better about the fact that you just ate a whole block of cheese while standing in front of your open fridge.) Warning: You can't unsee posts about people eating frozen pizza and rice sandwiches.

8. r/BeAmazed

Appreciate the wonder in the world around you.

Thomas Roche/Moment/Getty Images

SUBSCRIBERS: 3.3 million

TL;DR: Does what it says on the tin

If you’re looking for videos that will blow your mind, or even inspire you to get off the couch, this subreddit is a good place to start. You can expect everything from inspirational videos of 12-year-old skateboarders to picturesque shots of natural beauty, and even clips that show the blurred line between animal and human behavior. These aren’t videos that will make you gasp or change your life, but they’ll help you to appreciate the wonder in the world around you.

7. r/StonerProTips


TL;DR: For all those bits of advice you didn’t know you needed

This community has been set up as a way for dedicated stoners to trade tips and tricks on the art of smoking, edibles, and more. r/StonerProTips is home to all sorts of useful advice that can help you streamline and maximize your cannabis consumption. The community welcomes practical questions on things like dosing and making your stash last longer, as well as more abstract discussions like, How far does the smell of pot really travel? If you’re wondering which kind of glass cleaner you should be using for your favorite bong, this is the subreddit for you.

6. r/Highdeas


TL;DR: A place to commune with your fellow stoners

Things can sometimes get lonely as a solo smoker, which is where Reddit’s r/Highdeas comes in. It’s a useful subreddit if you want to talk about how high you are online without using public social media — or if you want to debate whether or not tapeworms are sticky with a random stranger. Posts are flared so you can sort them by level of highness (ranging from “High” to “In Space”), making it easy to engage with people who are on the same level as you.

5. r/StonerPhilosophy

You’ll have to sift through the posts about blowing on ice cream.

Ayhan Altun/Moment Unreleased/Getty Images


TL;DR: For people who like conspiracies, but want to keep things light

The internet has become a hellhole when it comes to conspiracy theories (especially if you aren’t of the anti-vax persuasion). Luckily, there’s still a place you can go for “big picture” debates without getting sucked into the scary stuff. r/StonerPhilosophy is full of theories about Kanye West, reincarnation, and the ethics of eating different animals — although you’ll have to sift through the posts about blowing on ice cream and dead hamsters.

4. r/MostBeautiful


TL;DR: Just some really nice pictures of nature, man

r/MostBeautiful is mostly a collection of natural landscapes that can take your breath away and other cool pictures of the great outdoors. If you’re looking for an escape from reality — or just want something that will put you in touch with mother nature when you can’t get outside — you’ll be spoiled for choice by this subreddit. It’s a great choice if you want to have an adventure without leaving your couch, or if you’re looking for a nature documentary to watch.

3. r/Documentaries

Sometimes, it’s better to stick with the classics.


SUBSCRIBERS: 19.4 million

TL;DR: Videos for the educated stoner

Sometimes, it’s better to stick with the classics. If you’re sick of cartoons, social media, or making conversation with the person sitting next to you, r/Documentaries offers an endless stream of free and educational videos to sift through and watch. Dates on these documentaries range from the present all the way back to 1978 and cover a range of nonfiction topics, including biographies, sports, and personal stories. Plus, it’s all free!

2. r/toptalent

SUBSCRIBERS: 1.3 million

TL;DR: A place to be amazed by your fellow human beings

At some point, even the most dedicated group of smokers will run out of party tricks. If you feel the vibe around you is getting stale or the mood is starting to sour, this Reddit community might be what you need. r/toptalent is packed full of videos of people being awesome. Clips range from paralympic athletes to artists painting with coffee to the occasional flashmob. This subreddit is a great option for restoring your faith in humanity — although scrolling for too long might make you question your life choices.

1. r/Pupliftingnews

A compilation of the internet’s best animal stories.



TL;DR: Like r/eyebleach, but a bit smarter

If you’ve been trapped in a doom scrolling loop or find yourself getting a little bit too paranoid, it can be hard to break away from negative thoughts or calm yourself down. That’s where r/pupliftingnews comes in. It’s a compilation of the internet’s best animal stories, which are often wholesome, funny, and interesting enough to distract you from any bad vibes. r/Pupliftingnews is a good page to have on standby for your paranoid friends.

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