Reel Science

The wildest sci-fi thriller on Amazon Prime reveals a real-life threat

Sharks in tornadoes? Probably not, but are shark encounters on the rise in real life?

This week in science

Artemis SLS on the launchpad and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Ride Along

Watch squealing dolphins hunt fish and snakes from their point of view

One dolphin even went after some unusual prey.


FFXIV players are obsessed with an IRL rooster, and the fan art is amazing

Look at all those chickens!

Cold fish

These fish don’t just make antifreeze — they bleed it

The minuscule snailfish synthesizes a protein that lets it live in arctic waters.

Tiny Heroes

One surprising insect could help solve farming’s pest problem

These tiny critters can serve as "biological pest control," new research suggests.

Playful Pup

'Gifted' dogs may share this one personality trait. Does your dog have it?

Playfulness has a strange association with exceptional cognitive skills, though researchers aren't sure why.


Biologists fired tardigrades out of a high-powered gun — the results have implications for alien life

Scientific progress goes SPLAT.

float on

Look: A deep-sea expedition just captured these incredible views of life underwater


Watch sea sponges sneeze out stringy mucus in slow motion


Pup Health

Is my dog depressed or happy? Pet experts explain how you can tell.

Canine behavior is more complex than you might think.


In Mexico, indigenous peoples and scientists race to save an iconic Aztec animal

Once mutually wary, farmers and scientists are working jointly to save a key ecosystem — and an endangered salamander.


Senior dogs could help us understand an incurable brain condition

In a citizen science project, thousands of pet dogs are helping scientists to understand what happens to memory and cognition in old age.

Game Recs

Forget Stray — this Xbox Game Pass indie is one for the dog lovers

Finally, a game that knows what we truly want.


Look: Chunky, prehistoric "hippo" lived before the dinosaurs

Meet Lalieudorhynchus, a distant relative of today’s mammals.

This week in science

Webb Telescope spots Cartwheel Galaxy and more: Understand the world through 8 images