Everything you need to know about Marvel's beloved team of Mutant heroes, from the classic animated series and Fox movies to X-Men '97 and their future in the MCU.


With the Marvel Multiverse in Disarray, an Old X-Men Movie Has a Solution

ByJosh Bell

Do you have too many continuities? Try time-travel.

To Me, My X-Men

The X-Men MCU Movie Is Officially Happening — And It Might Already Have a Writer

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In the wake of two big X-Men projects, the super squad is returning to the big screen.


'X-Men ‘97’s Biggest Cameo Resolved a Huge 'Spider-Man' Cliffhanger

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Anyone up for Spider-Man ‘98?


'X-Men ‘97's Finale Sets Up a Wildly Ambitious Season 2

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Our heroes are dangling off so many cliffs right now.


X-Men ‘97’s Post Credits Scene Could Redeem The Worst X-Men Movie

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The Age of Apocalypse is upon us once again.


'X-Men ‘97’s Season 1 Finale Sets Up A Trippy Summers Family Reunion

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Who is Mother Askani? Where are Scott and Jean? We have the answers.


Everything You Need to Know About X-Men ‘97’s Season 1 Finale

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The animated series is poised for an epic conclusion.


X-Men ‘97 Could Introduce — and Even Fix — A Controversial Comic Villain

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Are we witnessing the coming of Onslaught?


Storm Deserves Better on 'X-Men ‘97'

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The animated series’ most underrated character is finally back... but is it too little, too late?

Morphing Time

'X-Men '97 May Have Revealed the Most Powerful Mutant — And It's Not Who You Think

ByRyan Britt

Which mutant secretly owns everybody else?