What If...?

Your ultimate guide to Marvel's What If...? From episode explainers to interviews to far-out fan theories, everything you need to know is right here.

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How 'What If's ending sets up a major Marvel Phase 4 cameo

Watch out, Kang.

Inverse Codex

What If? Season 2 release date, cast, plot, and trailer for the Marvel Disney Plus series

Everything you need to know about the second season of Marvel’s multiversal series.

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'What If?' Episode 9 sets up a major 'Avengers 5' crossover

The 'What If?' Season 1 finale introduces a new superhero team with the formation of the Guardians of the Multiverse.

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What If ending explained: What's next for Captain Carter, the Watcher, and more?

Season 1 is over, but these characters are far from done.

Into the Multiverse

'Doctor Strange 2' leaks just made 'What If' required viewing for one reason

The Doctor Strange sequel may feature more than its fair share of What If...? Easter eggs.

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What If? Episode 9 release date, premiere time, plot, trailer, and Disney+ schedule

The first season of Marvel’s What If…? comes to an end this week.

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What If Episode 8 Easter egg reveals a mind-blowing Star Wars connection

Did What If just create a shared Star Wars-Marvel multiverse?

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What If? Episode 8 ending explained: Is [Spoiler] the finale’s secret weapon?

And just like that, The Watcher is done watching.

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What If “Ultron Won” finally settles a classic Avengers debate

Episode 9 delves into the story of this Avengers villain and answers an eternal fan debate in the process.

No Way Home

Spider-Man 3 leak reveals a surprising What If? Easter egg

Frankly, it’d be disappointing if No Way Home didn’t do this.

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What If? Episode 8 release date, time, plot, trailer, and Disney Plus schedule

Are we in for our first What If…? two-parter?

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Captain Marvel vs. Thor: What If..? Episode 7 solves an Avengers 5 mystery

Finally, What If...? gives us a superhero fight that we never thought we’d see.

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Marvel What If Episode 7 ending explained: Who is [SPOILERS]?

What If just changed the MCU in an incredibly shocking way with the reveal.

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'Doctor Strange 2' may bring 'What If's darkest character to live-action

One popular Marvel fan theory speculates that 'Doctor Strange 2' could feature a surprise appearance from the Sorcerer Supreme MCU variant introduced in 'What If?' Episode 4.

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What If? Episode 7 release date, time, plot, trailer, and Disney Plus schedule

The God of Thunder is about to make his What If..? debut.

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What If...? Easter egg could reveal a huge Loki Season 2 spoiler

For Kang, the multiverse is a case of trial and error.

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'Thor 4’s most shocking 'Avengers: Endgame' change could reveal an epic twist

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Marvel 2022 movie calendar: Disney delays 6 MCU release dates

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How one X-Men character could solve Marvel’s biggest mutant problem

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X-Men MCU leak may confirm a huge Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumor

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'Guardians of the Galaxy 3': How Adam Warlock will transform the MCU

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