As if the Cybertruck Wasn’t Expensive Enough, Accessories Cost a Premium Too

You didn’t think Cybertruck add-ons would be cheap, did you?

Cybertruck Basecamp tent accessory costs $2,975

Yesterday, after four years of anticipation, Elon Musk finally delivered the first 10 Cybertrucks to buyers.

We learned that the polarizing EV pickup comes in three tiers: a rear-wheel drive model starting at $60,990, an all-wheel drive starting at $79,990, and a “Cyberbeast” model starting at $99,990. The EV pickup also falls pretty short of the 500-mile range that Musk promised in 2019 and can be tricked out with a bunch of accessories including a “Range Extender” battery that adds over 100 miles of range and a flimsy-looking “Basecamp” tent that attaches over the roof and bed.

Naturally, the accessories are not cheap. Because Tesla is Tesla, the company can charge suckers customers a premium for the logo — and that’s exactly what the company is doing. Can’t afford a Cybertruck but want to pretend you do? Well, if you’re a Tesla owner (Tesla is only allowing vehicle owners to buy from its shop), maybe you can get the $40 Center Console Tray or the $55 “OMFG Decal” that memorializes the moment when Tesla head designer Franz von Holzhausen failed spectacularly at demonstrating the Cybertruck’s “unbreakable” glass windows with a metal ball.

Basecamp tent for the Cybertruck


The Basecamp will set you back a cool $2,975. The “geodesic air-frame design” is made of weather-resistant nylon and includes the awning, awning poles, and an air pump that Tesla says can inflate the tent “in minutes.” The whole thing collapses down and “mounts above the truck bed, but below the tonneau cover.”


Other exterior add-ons you can blow money on? This foldable Tailgate Ramp made of “durable powder-coated aluminum” has a tri-fold design and can take a 750-pound load is only $400.

Tesla’s Cybertruck tailgate ramp costs $400


Does dirtying the raw stainless steel silver bother you? Not to worry, you can splurge $6,500 extra to wrap your Cybertruck in satin black or white “paint film.” A clear paint film that preserves the silver is $5,000. Tesla says the wraps are made from a “self-healing, urethane-based film” and that it protects from scratches.

Cybertruck wrapped in satin white paint film.


Cybertruck wrapped in satin black paint film.

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The rest of the Cybertruck accessories will cost a pretty penny, too. A pair of crossbars will be available in early 2024 for $800, bumper protectors for $80, three cargo bins for $225, and wheel covers for $75 each. You can find all of the accessories in Tesla’s shop.

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