Sony Teases PlayStation-Branded Wireless Earbuds for Launch Later This Year

Coming later this year just in time for the holidays.

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Sony PlayStation Wireless Earbuds coming later this year

In addition to teasing a “Project Q” streaming handheld that will be released later this year, Sony announced in its latest PlayStation Showcase new PlayStation-branded wireless earbuds are coming, too.

Matching the design of the PS5, the white and black wireless earbuds sport ear tips, suggesting they could come with active noise-cancellation. Makes sense given that Sony has tons of experience making best-in-class wireless earbuds. Released in 2021, Sony’s WF-1000XM4 remain one of the best ANC wireless earbuds available.

Jim Ryan, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said the PlayStation wireless earbuds are made for PS5 and PC and they “simultaneously connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.” He also said that “new wireless technology will deliver lossless audio with low latency, giving you outstanding sound quality while you’re playing.”

Sony hasn’t shared specs for the PlayStation wireless earbuds, but I can spot a few features. There appear to be physical volume buttons on each bud as evidenced by the + and - icons. The charging case is cylindrical, not unlike the Nothing Ear Stick, sans a twisting mechanism. There’s a light bar that likely changes color while charging or for indicating the battery levels.

Important details like sound quality, transparency, and battery life are unknowns. But considering how well-loved Sony’s wireless earbuds are — including the LinkBuds S — it’s probably safe to assume these PlayStation ones shouldn’t be any major steps back.

One thing that would be really cool: PlayStation VR 2 compatibility. Right now, the only way to get audio from the PSVR 2 is to use the included wired cable (these are dangly) or a pair of wired over-ear headphones. Not supporting PSVR 2 would be a mistake.

PlayStation Wireless Earbuds Price

Sony hasn’t announced pricing for the PlayStation Wireless Earbuds yet, but taking a look at the cost of its other ANC wireless earbuds could provide an expected range.

LinkBuds S cost $199.99 and WF-1000XM4 cost $279.99. Sony also sells three Inzone-branded PC gaming headphones with PlayStation-compatible features, ranging from $99 to $299.99.

Given that a PS5 starts at $399.99 and PSVR 2 is $549.99, we’re learning towards PlayStation Wireless Earbuds not falling on the high end so as not to look absurdly expensive. Anywhere up to $249.99, which is the MSRP for AirPods Pro 2 seems to be a safe bet.


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