65 Weird Things Under $35 on Amazon That Are Legit Fire

These picks are oddly life-changing.

by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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Coming across bizarre products while browsing the internet might provoke immediate dismissal. However, you’ll be surprised by just how oddly life-changing some of these items are — and I’ve rounded up the weirdest things under $35 on Amazon that are actually worth the hype. Products like eco-friendly insect catchers, crispy corner brownie pans, and ceramic vases shaped like vintage orange juice cartons are just the tip of the iceberg. By the end of this list, you’ll be thinking, “The weirder, the better.”


A wireless key finder that can quickly locate up to 4 items

Forget panicking at the front door while madly searching for house or car keys, because this ingenious wireless key finder will help you have everything in hand. The transmitter is connected to four color-coded receivers that attach to your keychain so you can easily select which item you’re trying to locate. The signal can transmit through walls and doors with a range of up to 131 feet in open space and, when selected, the receiver will beep at a robust 80 decibels to indicate its location.


This stylish handheld mini fan that’s portable & versatile

This under-$20 handheld mini fan has earned over 40,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating — and for very good reason. It charges via USB to provide you with up to 21 hours of delightful breeziness and can be held comfortably in your hand or propped up in two different positions on a flat surface. And not only does it come in five stylish colors such as light green, pink, and blue, but it also operates as a handy flashlight and a helpful power bank.


A USB-rechargeable light bulb for areas without electricity

Hang this strange but genius USB-rechargeable light bulb by its built-in hook to provide helpful illumination to your camping tent, closet, or wherever else has no access to electricity. It offers four lighting modes (low, medium, high, and an emergency SOS mode) and even features automatic timers ranging from 15 minutes to four hours. Use the handy remote to control the bulb from up to 24 feet away and enjoy up to 20 hours of light per charge.


This car seat gap filler that prevents items from falling into the crevice

With over 59,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this affordable car seat gap filler brilliantly addresses the annoying problem of items accidentally slipping into the crevice of no return (i.e. the car seat gap). Snacks, change, phones, credit cards, and jewelry will stay topside as this gap filler sits snugly in the space by attaching to the belt catch. It’s made of sturdy but malleable neoprene and moves easily with the seat no matter what adjustments you need to make.


A wall-mounted toothbrush holder to keep your countertop spacious

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder is constructed with cleverly designed space for holding three toothbrushes, two cups, and a toothpaste dispenser, and also provides room to store bathroom supplies. With the provided adhesive strip, you can install it on a range of surfaces from glass to marble to tile, knowing you can remove it without causing damage.


These barbecue grill lights with magnetic bases

As a much more powerful alternative to the trusty headlamp or phone flashlight, these barbecue grill lights are made with nine high-density LEDs and securely sit atop the grill thanks to a built-in magnetic base. Two come in every set and each uses three AAA batteries to operate. They feature flexible goosenecks to get your light just where you need it and even include a handy storage case for easy portability — plus they won’t cost you more than $15.


A reusable waxed canvas lunch bag that resembles the original classic

Tote your lunch in old-school style when you use this waxed canvas lunch bag that takes you straight back to the fourth grade. Made of heavy-duty canvas that’s been waterproofed with beeswax, the bag comes in a large, expandable size that can fit all elements of a perfect lunch, including beverages, without tearing. Simply rinse it with water and air dry to refresh it for the next day’s meal and get used to being the center of lunchtime conversation with your eco-friendly update to a retro classic.


This splatter screen that stops grease from dirtying your stovetop

Fry food with complete abandon when you utilize this clever splatter screen that clocks in under $20. It’s made with extra-fine stainless steel mesh and sits flush atop your pan to prevent grease or food particles from making their way onto your stovetop, resulting in labor-intensive cleaning later. Built-in feet on one side of the screen allow you to set it on your counter without causing a mess and the whole thing can go straight into the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.


A spoon rest in the shape of an oversize ravioli

Pasta lovers, take note: This whimsical and entertaining spoon rest provides lots of delight due to the fact that it’s shaped like a giant ravioli. Made of stain-resistant silicone, it features a subtle indentation in order to catch drips from your cooking utensils. Pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and try not to impulsively reach for it whenever hunger strikes.


This cheerful ceramic vase that looks just like a vintage orange juice carton

Add a pop of color and a sense of fun to any table, mantel, or sideboard with this ceramic vase designed in the form of an orange juice cartoon from yesteryear. Vintage-inspired, artist-made illustrations surround each side of the vase which is great for displaying your favorite blooms or greenery. With a near-perfect 4.9-star rating after 1,000-plus reviews, this affordable piece of decor is obviously a popular choice for adding a retro yet chic touch to your home.


A crispy corner brownie pan designed for crunch lovers

For those who always zero in on crispy-edged brownies, the corners serve as the ultimate win. Enter this genius crispy corner brownie pan where every single brownie features multiple, sought-after crunchy edges. It’s made with a nonstick coating for easy removal and provides even heat for perfectly baked, gooey-centered treats.


This kitchen wrap organizer that declutters drawers

If your kitchen drawers are overstuffed with food wrap and tin foil, rejoice because there is a solution. It comes in the form of this kitchen wrap organizer made of simple yet stylish bamboo wood that provides you with three slots in which to place wraps of your choice. Labels are included for quick and easy selection, and as a bonus, built-in cutters for each wrap make it supremely easy to grab what you need.


A pair of LED flashlight gloves that make DIY projects that much easier

Never again require a second pair of hands or an awkwardly held flashlight between your teeth when working on a repair project at home. These completely genius flashlight gloves are a cinch to slip on and provide you with powerful LED light directly from the forefinger and thumb so you can see what you’re handling with ease. They require four AAA batteries (which are included) and the material is constructed of flexible and adjustable fabric that conveniently fits most hands.


This weekly pill organizer with compartments for both day & night

This BPA-free weekly pill organizer goes one step beyond neatly sorting the day’s intake. For each day, it features a split compartment; one for the morning and one for the night. Plus, each color-coded container can separately be removed from the case if you need to take pills on the go. Popular with over 10,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, this pill box is clearly a go-to choice to help the home pharmacy stay effortlessly organized.


A set of bottle brush cleaners to effectively clean narrow spaces

If you’re a reusable water bottle devotee, you might find it tough to get the interior as clean as you’d like. However, with this budget-friendly set of five bottle brush cleaners, there’s no crevice that can’t be addressed. You’ll get two water bottle brushes, one narrow brush for long-necked bottles, a baby bottle brush, and even a straw cleaning brush, and each dishwasher-safe tool features rust-resistant stainless steel and sturdy nylon bristles.


This bacon grease container with a built-in strainer

This bacon grease container gives you the ability to easily save that precious cooking fat that will impart flavor to everything you make (you’re very welcome). The container is made of stainless steel and features a built-in strainer that makes it easy to separate out small food particles. A lid protects the contents and a spout makes it supremely easy to add this flavorful fat to whatever you’re cooking.


A vertical laptop stand that creates storage within a small footprint

When it comes to storing multiple devices, this laptop stand really shines as it takes advantage of vertical space to neatly organize things. It has earned a 4.8-star rating over the course of 8,000-plus reviews, and its dividers provide easy adjustability to accommodate items of varying thicknesses. Additionally, soft, nonslip silicone pads sit in between the dividers to protect your laptop or tablet while it’s being stored.


The strainer that conveniently attaches directly to the pot

Sick of straining your pasta into a colander, only to have to transfer it back into the pot? This specially designed pot strainer attaches to your cookware using side clips and allows you to drain directly from the pot. It’s constructed of heat-resistant silicone, can be used for other tasks like rinsing produce, and takes up barely any room when stored. Choose from four colors: gray, lime green, purple, and red.


A foot scrubbing pad that massages & exfoliates

Get a truly effective foot scrub session when you shower thanks to this exfoliating pad that attaches to the bottom of your tub using a strong suction cup. Made with 1,500 sturdy yet gentle bristles, the scrubber can be used with soap and warm water to remove dead skin and calluses, plus provide a deliciously invigorating massage to tired feet.


The organizer that can neatly store up to 93 batteries

There’s something about having your batteries organized that provides a serious boost in adulting confidence. This battery organizer only costs $17 yet has space to hold up to 93 batteries that include AAs, AAAs, 9-volts, and even five flats. A cover protects the batteries from the elements and the whole organizer can be mounted to the wall or placed in a drawer or cabinet. Best of all, you can use the included tester to make sure your batteries are providing full power.


A burger press for perfectly cooked & uniform patties

Create perfectly thick burgers using this affordable burger press that includes built-in indentations in the mold for even cooking. An indicator line helps you to make consistent ¼ and ⅓-pound burgers with 200 squares of parchment paper provided for easy removal and organized separation. The aluminum material makes it dishwasher-safe and there’s even a free downloadable recipe book available as well.


The magnetic eyeglass holder that attaches directly to your shirt

If you’re loath to strap on an eyeglass chain but you know that every time you bend over your glasses are bound to fall out of your shirt pocket, then you will be obsessed with this 4.6-star rated magnetic eyeglass holder. The magnetic backplate and clip attach easily to your clothing, providing you with a secure spot to hang your eyewear, and it’s additionally a great option for hanging badges or storing earbuds.


An outlet that’s controlled by a remote with a 100-foot range

This handy outlet plugs into your existing wall socket and gives you the ability to turn connected lights and appliances on and off using a remote control. Three outlets come in every pack for only $15, and the remote works within a 100-foot range even if walls or doors stand in your way.


This licking mat to keep dogs calm while being groomed

Make that dreaded grooming session easy and even fun when you pop this licking mat up on your tub wall. Made of food-safe silicone, it attaches via strong suction cups and features a bristled design that’s perfect for spreadable treats. Your pup will be immediately focused on accessing that delicious treat while you trim their nails or give them a thorough wash.


A pellet smoker tube that imparts delicious flavor to grilled food

There’s no need to invest in a costly smoker when you have this well-reviewed pellet smoker tube that’ll get the job done at a fraction of the price. The tube is made of robust stainless steel and is designed in a perforated hexagonal shape to allow the smoke to disperse as much as possible. Use it with a range of different wood pellets such as mesquite, hickory, or pecan, for a billowing smoke that lasts for up to five hours.


This slim RFID-blocking wallet with a designated place for your AirTag

Live your life freely with no fear of losing your wallet thanks to this weird but super practical AirTag wallet. It’s constructed of military-grade aluminum with built-in RFID-blocking capabilities and is adjustable to your desired width. One panel has a designated, secure place for your AirTag while the other features a handy money clip. Choose from four colors.


A charming toilet paper holder designed in whimsical animal forms

If reaching for a toilet paper square or sheet of paper towel from an extremely long-necked dinosaur doesn’t add a bit of joy to your day, I’m not sure what will. Made of cast iron with a gold finish, this toilet paper holder stands sturdily and can hold up to two bath tissue rolls or one paper towel roll. Take your pick of animals from elegant elephants to outstretched frogs to sinuous octopi.


The solar charger that delivers power even in the great outdoors

Make your trek out into the middle of nowhere that much more enjoyable by toting along this portable solar charger. It features two built-in flashlights as well as two USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. The housing provides resistance to water, shock, and dust, with the attached carabiner making it supremely easy to hook onto your backpack.


A car organizer with expandable compartments

Depending on how many supplies and items you like to take en route, this popular waterproof car organizer will provide you with up to nine compartments for organized storage. Expand it from half size to full size, which includes four mesh pockets lining the side as well as three inner compartments and two front pockets. Best of all, built-in tie-down straps keep the organizer securely in place while you’re on the move.


The condiment fork that sits in a convenient holster

Grab that briny item with ease when you attach this budget-friendly condiment fork that’s designed with its own handy holster. The fork features three long stainless steel tines to quickly secure a pickle or olive and the holster, which is made of silicone, secures flexibly around the jar rim, providing the fork a clean place to rest.


A vegetable slicer with 8 blade options

If you’re looking for an easier and more efficient way to prep your vegetables, look no further than this versatile vegetable slicer. It comes with eight blade options including three choppers in various sizes, a grater, a julienne slicer, and a shredder. The best part about this slicer is that it’s designed to deposit your prepped veggies directly into a BPA-free container for use right away or to be stored for later.


This bidet attachment to affordably upgrade your bathroom experience

For a mere $28, you can greatly upgrade your daily routine by adding this easy-to-install bidet attachment into the mix. It comes with the ability to adjust both the water pressure and the nozzle angle to dial up your hygienic flow exactly the way you like it and will be sure to even save you money down the line on toilet paper.


A pack of eco-friendly reusable storage bags that come in multiple sizes

Save yourself money on one-time-use plastic bags and reduce unnecessary trash by opting for these reusable storage bags. Made of food-grade and recyclable PEVA, the bags come in a 10-piece set that includes four snack bags, four sandwich bags, and two gallon-sized bags. Pop them in the fridge or freezer as the double closure provides both an airtight and leakproof seal.


These cooling cups to keep beverages chilled for hours

Pop these inventive cooling cups in the freezer for a couple of hours, then fill them with your favorite beverage or cocktail for a delightfully chilled drink that will remain cold for hours, with no ice necessary. Built with cooling gel, the BPA-free tumblers feature a double-wall construction as well as a silicone band for comfortable handling.


A melon slicer that creates perfect wedges

Enjoy delicious and refreshing melon sliced to perfection thanks to this under-the-radar melon slicer. With an ample diameter of 10.8 inches to accommodate even the largest of melon halves, it’s designed with thick stainless steel blades that create 12 evenly cut slices. Handles on either end make it easy to use so that you can have that slice of watermelon or honeydew in no time flat.


This popular wireless charger with universal compatibility

With over 192,000 reviews, people clearly opt for this affordable wireless charger, perhaps because it can be used with all models of phones as well as earbuds, to boot. It features three charging modes to accommodate different devices and can be used with cases of varying thicknesses. Plus, it comes in attractive colors such as classic black, mint green, or clove purple.


A set of packing cubes for easy getaways

Make your getaways that much more organized and enjoyable by using these packing cubes that come in a set of eight. Made of lightweight, durable, and waterproof nylon, each of the cubes that range from small to large features a breathable mesh cover. There’s even a bag specially designed for your shoes as well as a handy laundry bag included. Choose from 16 available colors and patterns.


This french fry holder that sits conveniently in your car’s cup holder

This admittedly weird french fry holder will win you over as it serves to satisfy the universal desire of snacking on a salty fry while making your way around town. It sits perfectly within your car’s cup holder and even includes a small ramekin that attaches to the front to store your ketchup or whatever dipping sauce you live by.


A pet selfie stick that holds your pup’s attention with a tennis ball

Keep your pup’s gaze effortlessly aimed at your phone’s camera lens with this pet selfie stick. It’s designed to attach to the top of all phone models thanks to a spring-loaded clip and features an attention-grabbing tennis ball to direct your dog’s eyes toward the phone for a perfect portrait. Say goodbye to spending hours utilizing high-pitched pleas and wild hand gestures — apparently, all you needed was a trusty tennis ball.


This rotatable shower phone holder with touchscreen capabilities

Don’t let a pesky shower get in the way of that latest episode’s crucial plot twist. This shower phone holder provides completely waterproof housing yet remains touchscreen capable with no fog obscuring your view. The self-adhesive holder is easy to mount and the phone can even be rotated 360 degrees to effortlessly switch between landscape and portrait.


A grout pen that revitalizes your bathroom for under $10

You don’t need to burn through your savings to refresh your bathroom. Case in point: This grout pen, which only costs $9 and has impressed Amazon reviewers with the way it brightens and revitalizes tile. It comes in either a narrow or wide tip and is made of a water-based, nontoxic formula that requires a minimum of effort to work its magic.


This color-changing toilet light for nighttime trips to the bathroom

Make those midnight visits to the bathroom both safe and delightful with this toilet light that offers a rotation of 16 vibrant colors. You can also easily set it to light up in your favorite color as well as select from five brightness levels. Built with motion-sensing abilities, it will turn on automatically when it detects movement within 5 feet and turn off after two minutes of stillness.


A multitool pen that’s disguised as your average mechanical pencil

This ingenious little multitool pen packs loads of functionality within the small body of an average-looking mechanical pencil. It acts as a ruler, a stylus, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a level, oh, and it can also write smoothly as a ballpoint pen. At a price point of only $12 and considering how many separate tools this one item replaces, you’ll probably never leave home without it.


These moisturizing heel socks that restore feet in 1 week

If you have dry, cracked heels, these strange but ingenious moisturizing socks will be your new best friend. Every pack comes with four socks that are made of a breathable blend of cotton and spandex with a gel lining. Apply your moisturizer to clean feet and slip on the socks to wear for several hours or overnight. In just one week, you can expect to see softer skin due to the sock’s ability to keep in precious moisture.


A mini desktop vacuum that fits in the palm of your hand

For small desktop messes such as hair, lint, or Cheeto dust, this affordable mini vacuum is the ideal tool for a quick cleanup. It comes in the charming shape of a ladybug, uses two AA batteries to operate, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Particles are quickly picked up due to powerful suction, with its small size making this little vacuum effortlessly portable.


This UV flashlight to quickly discover smelly pet stains

To deal effectively with those lingering odors from past pet mishaps, you first need a tool that can suss out their exact location. This UV flashlight does just that by revealing old and new urine stains with its powerful 100-LED black light. It uses six AA batteries to provide light for up to 20 hours and can even be used to detect delightful critters like scorpions (fun!) and counterfeit cash (important).


A pair of meat claws that shred like a superhero

Having earned a 4.6-star overall rating, these meat claws are clearly enjoyed by many reviewers for their superhero-worthy shredding power. Made of heavy-duty plastic, they’re easy to grip with the nonslip handles and efficiently shred many different types of meat from chicken to beef. They can also be used to carve or slice meat with one claw used to keep the food in place.


The fan-favorite pet hair remover with over 141,000 reviews

Join the throngs of devotees who know just what an unusual gem this pet hair remover is. It’s garnered over 141,000 reviews and is beloved for its ability to use static electricity as opposed to sticky papers or batteries to collect pet hair. The built-in receptacle of collected hair is a cinch to empty and with no other refill supplies needed, it will pay for itself pretty much immediately.


A pair of dusting slippers made of microfiber chenille

To sweep your floor by simply walking around the house, all you need is a pair of these dusting slippers. Available in several bright colors, the slippers are made of microfiber chenille that acts to quickly gather up dust and dirt as well as polish floors. They’re available in two sizes (7.5 and 8.5) and can be tossed in the washing machine to be ready for the next chore day.


This cord organizer that keeps your earbuds ready for action

Made of soft and flexible silicone material, this ingeniously designed earphone wrap will help prevent your headphone cord from ending up in the usual rat’s nest. The organizer comes in a set of three and makes it easy to neatly wind your headphone cord and secure it using the button flap. Choose from tons of fun colors such as blue, pink, and light gray.


A pack of hydrocolloid pimple patches that blend invisibly into your skin

Well-reviewed with over 126,000 ratings, these hydrocolloid pimple patches feature a clear, matte finish that smoothly blends into the skin so that you can even wear these confidently during the day. Every pack comes with 36 patches that are safe enough for sensitive skin and which take just six to eight hours to extract that irritating gunk.


This scalp brush that both cleans & massages

Once you try out this scalp brush, it’ll become a shower staple from there on out. Made with large, soft silicone bristles, the brush not only helps to thoroughly clean your scalp but also provides a soothing and stimulating massage at the same time. The handle fits ergonomically in the hand and cute color options (light green, pink, and purple) only add to your shower’s aesthetic.


A beard apron to contain grooming messes

This clever beard apron attaches around the neck and suctions to the mirror, providing you with a place to catch all of those beard hairs that are normally impossible to clean up. Once you’ve finished grooming, simply detach the suction cups and empty the apron directly into the trash as hair effortlessly slides off the smooth material.


This insect catcher as an eco-friendly option when dealing with bugs

Instead of squishing an eight-legged friend, use this insect catcher that allows them to continue to play their role in the ecosystem (just not within your four walls). The 25.5-inch handle keeps you well away from the crawler, and the device uses bristles to gently capture the interloper so you can safely move it outside.


A digital meat thermometer that reads temperatures within 3 seconds

You never have to play the “Is it done?” guessing game again, because this highly rated digital meat thermometer will tell you exactly where you’re at and do it within three seconds. It’s designed with a retractable probe that keeps your hands safely away from heat and it can toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. There’s even a temperature chart printed right there on the handle.


This furniture repair kit that restores wood pieces to their former glory

If scuffs and scratches have ruined the look of your treasured wood furniture, simply turn to this furniture repair kit that offers instant renewal. The kit includes six markers in varying shades ranging from black to walnut to maple, as well as six touch-up wax sticks in similar colors. Use the accompanying wax stick sharpener to create a fine point, then fill in deep scratches with the wax or simply use the markers on shallower scuffs for a near-invisible fix.


A magnetic screen door for breezy, bug-free afternoons

The minute the weather improves and you want to feel those delicate breezes wafting through your home, grab this under-$30 magnetic screen door immediately. Made of a fine polyester mesh, it installs easily to any standard door using the included hardware and prevents flying insects from making their way inside. Heavy-duty magnets line the middle seams to allow you, your kids, or your pets through with no effort, creating a flush seal behind you.


This cleaning gel that gets in every crack & crevice

This alien-like cleaning gel might look and feel weird, but its ability to mold to any shape means it can reach into the narrowest of spaces. The sticky material removes dust, dirt, or food particles and is especially helpful in cleaning all those nooks and crannies in your car or computer keyboard. Keep reusing it again and again until it becomes darker or dirtier, at which point it’s time for a new bit of slime.


A pack of LED puck lights to provide budget-friendly accent lighting

It couldn’t be easier to install these LED puck lights and lend your space tasteful lighting with no need for expensive wiring work. Three come in each pack and mount using either self-adhesive or screws which are both included. Powered by three AA batteries each, turn them on by simply tapping them or use the accompanying remote to set convenient automatic timers that range from 15 to 120 minutes. Place them under cabinets, along stairs, in hard-to-see closets, or wherever could use a bit of soft illumination.


These wine condoms that keep vino ready for action

These delightfully titled wine condoms are aptly named as they work to protect vino by creating an airtight seal. They fit securely around any open bottle, stretching down the neck, and allow you to easily store the bottle on your fridge shelf as it doesn’t add any cumbersome length like a normal stopper. Each one is fully reusable which makes a set of six for less than $20 a truly seductive deal.


A set of plant food spikes for healthy, thriving indoor greenery

Keep your potted plants feeling cared for and in good health with these brilliant plant food spikes. They come in a pack of 48 and are made with micronutrients that help plants thrive, slowly releasing those nutrients into the soil for up to two months at a time. The fertilizer is safe to use on both flowering and foliage indoor plants and there’s even a helpful guide on the recommended amount per planter size.


The cold brew coffee maker to create your own deliciously smooth java

For the small investment of $27, this cold brew coffee maker will save you tons at the coffee shop by allowing you to brew your own beverage directly from home. It features a stainless steel mesh filter and a 32-ounce glass carafe — at the end of the 12 to 24 hours of brew time, you can simply remove the filter, add the airtight cap, and pop it back into the fridge for a refreshingly chilled, smooth result.


A versatile organizer that straps into your car’s sun visor

Keep your driving essentials tidy and easily accessible when you use this car sun visor organizer. Available in both bright and neutral colors such as blue and beige, the large elastic straps wrap securely around the visor which can be used to store anything from credit cards to IDs to wallets to important paperwork. There’s even a specially designed strap to keep your sunglasses conveniently at hand.


These reusable silicone lids that stretch to fit any container

Preserve the freshness of delicious leftovers or beautiful produce with these silicone lids that can be reused over and over. They stretch to conveniently fit different containers from round to rectangular to square and are incredibly eco-friendly as they take the place of single-use plastic wrap. Each set includes seven lids that range from small to extra-large, and they’re freezer, microwave, and dishwasher-safe.


A callus remover for pedicure-worthy feet right from home

If you feel like those hardened heels will never be remedied, you need this effective callus remover that’ll get the job done. Made with a gel formula, simply soak and dry your feet, then apply the remover for five to 10 minutes. Rinse off and then utilize your pumice stone to slough away that hardened, dead skin to reveal supremely soft heels underneath.

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