50 Weird Things for Your Home That Are Clever as Hell on Amazon

Genius things you never knew you needed.

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Could your kitchen use a couple of updates? Is your closet bursting at the seams? Or are you tired of bathroom cleaners that don’t get the job done? Lucky for you, this list of clever things from Amazon has solutions for these problems and more. I’m talking weird things you never knew you needed, but now won’t be able to live without — such as a set of genius straps that keep a fitted sheet in place no matter how much you toss and turn. You’re welcome.


A furniture blocker that cleverly stops things from rolling under the sofa

If you’re constantly finding random things under the sofa, get this genius furniture blocker that’ll put a stop to that. Its clear construction makes it super discreet and its non-residue tape technology keeps it securely in place while remaining easy to remove. The blocker works best on hard surfaces such as hardwood and tile and can be cut down to size to fit your furniture.


This silicone drip catcher to organize the kitchen sink

Place this silicone drip catcher around your kitchen faucet to keep it clean and organized. The mat has raised edges to contain excess water and built-in spouts that direct it back inside the sink, as well as raised ridges that allow for air circulation to prevent mold and mildew. It’s spacious enough to hold small essentials such as dish soap and sponges and its foldable design can accommodate a variety of countertops.


A loofah bath mat that exfoliates your feet while you shower

Not only does this bath mat provide a nonslip surface in the shower, but it can also exfoliate your feet while you bathe. It features a loofah top side and textured backing that creates a grip on the shower floor, allowing water to pass through and drain. Choose from four colors (white, black, beige, and gray) and five sizes to fit your shower.


This convenient insulated door curtain that’s magnetic

This thermal insulated door curtain is an easy and budget-friendly way to keep the cold air from entering your space. Or, if you’re trying to prevent the air conditioning from escaping, it works for that too. It comes in 15 different measurements that will work for entryways of most sizes. This magnetic design comes with everything you need for an easy installation process.


A fuzzy ball towel that dries hands almost instantly

Trade a perpetually damp hand towel for this fuzzy ball towel that’s highly absorbent and dries hands almost instantly. The round design makes it easy to use, and the neutral color options are versatile enough to work in any space. The towels have a built-in hook for easy hanging and besides being practical, they’re also a unique and stylish addition to your bathroom or powder room.


A refrigerator deodorizer that lasts for up to 10 years

Eliminate funky odors using this refrigerator deodorizer that lasts for up to 10 years. Instead of temporarily masking foul smells, it targets them at their source, getting rid of harmful gases and helping keep food fresher for longer. The stainless steel deodorizer’s compact size takes up very little space on fridge shelves, it has a clean and streamlined design, and can also be used for other areas such as a closet, shoe cabinet, and gym bags.


An electric lighter that’s USB-rechargeable

Get rid of that old gas lighter that never works and replace it with this rechargeable electric lighter that has a built-in USB port for easy charging. The dual-arc lighter ignites quickly and automatically shuts off after seven seconds. Plus, its anti-slip design makes for a comfortable grip and a power switch ensures you can safely store the lighter once turning the power off.


An electric s’mores maker so you can enjoy the summer treat all year long

No bonfire, no problem — enjoy your favorite summer treat all year long thanks to this clever electric s’mores maker. The portable heater is flameless and smokeless, and instead of building a roaring fire, all you need to do to get this little machine going is plug it in. The roaster comes with a four-compartment tray to hold ingredients and two stainless steel forks so you can toast marshmallows from a safe distance.


A pants hanger that maximizes closet space

Hang up to five pairs of pants on these S-shaped pants hangers that help maximize closet space. If your dresser drawers are jam-packed and every pair you pull out is so creased, it’s unwearable, these clever hangers are a game-changer. They’re made from sturdy stainless steel to prevent bending and feature nonslip plugs at the end so pants don’t slide off.


A mini humidifier that has two adjustable mist modes

Place this portable and lightweight mini humidifier on your desk or nightstand and choose between two adjustable mist modes — continuous and intermittent. It runs for up to eight hours, has an easy-to-use one-button design, and automatically shuts off once empty. The humidifier is super quiet, so you can leave it on during the night to add moisture to the air while you sleep, and it also doubles as an optional night-light.


A fleece blanket hoodie, because there’s nothing cozier

For the ultimate way to get cozy, get this fleece blanket hoodie that comes in a one-fits-all size and a bunch of cute colors and patterns. It’s incredibly soft and snuggly but pill-resistant, and it has an elongated and enlarged size for utmost comfort. The blanket also has a large pocket where you can stash snacks or your phone and thickened cuffs to make it extra warm.


A grill scraper that fit grates of all sizes

Clean your grill, smoker, and oven using this stainless steel scraper with notches that fit round and V-shaped grates. Unlike bristles, it cleans quickly and efficiently, removing stuck-on food with minimal effort. The scraper head also has a flat edge that can be used to clean a griddle and its opposite end happens to be a bottle opener for ultimate convenience.


A detergent holder to organize your laundry room

Organize your laundry room with the help of this detergent holder that has a built-in drip tray to prevent messes. The holder has garnered over 4,000 five-star ratings and eliminates the need for heavy lifting whenever you throw a load in the washer. A strap fastens the container in place, rubber feet create a secure grip, and the holder’s angled design creates a tilt to pour detergent into a measuring cup easily.


This toilet night-light for a fun bathroom gadget

Instead of turning on a blinding overhead light in the middle of the night, illuminate your bathroom with the soft glow of this toilet night-light. Its flexible arm design fits around any toilet bowl and the motion sensor turns the light on, offering nine vibrant color choices. And it’s not just a fun gadget, it’s also backed by more than 8,000 five-star reviews.


These cleverly insulated tumblers for chilled glasses of wine

These stainless steel wine tumblers might look a little different next to your wine glass collection, but they’re so much more practical. Simply fill up their double-wall insulated design with your go-to red or white, pop the leakproof lid on top, and you’re ready to sip perfectly chilled wine. Your glass will even stay cold for up to 12 hours, so it will definitely still be chilled if you forget to sip your wine while you cook dinner.


A mushroom night-light that changes colors

Replace a dusty old night-light with these mesmerizing mushroom night-lights that changes colors in the dark. The plug-in LED light features three mushrooms that turn seven different colors, filling a space with a soft, warm glow. It has a built-in sensor that automatically turns the light on as the room gets dark and has very low power consumption to save energy.


These tiered floating shelves to make use of an empty corner

Utilize an empty corner and give it a practical and decorative function with this two-tier floating shelf. The unique corner design is perfect for a small space such as a bathroom, home office, or kitchen, and all necessary mounting hardware is provided to make installation a breeze. The shelf is available in three neutral colors to fit any style and is a total steal for under $20.


These storage bags to hold bulky items

Save closet space and store bulky blankets and out-of-season clothes in these foldable storage bags. The organizers have clear front panels so you can quickly identify what’s inside each and their extra-strong reinforced handles make them easy to move around. The quilted bags are made from breathable non-woven fabric to allow for air ventilation and feature zippered tops for secure closure.


These oversized straps for organizing garden & cleaning supplies

These oversized straps wrap right around whatever you need to store in your cleaning closet. The durable hook-and-loop closure is perfect for keeping things like gardening hoses wrapped up or for hanging heavy shovels or cleaning tools. It also has a sturdy loop on top to make these clever straps even easier to hang.


A pumice stone cleaner that removes tough stains

Use this cheap but highly effective pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner to get rid of hard water stains, rings, and limescale deposits. It’s tough on grime but gentle on surfaces, and in addition to the toilet, the cleaner can also be used on tubs, sinks, and tile. The built-in ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and the dense, fine-grit design of the stone makes it last for longer, giving you some serious bang for your buck.


A snail soap dispenser for a cute bathroom accessory

Add a whimsical accent to your bathroom vanity in the form of this cute snail soap dispenser. It’s made from durable plastic and has a hidden tube that dispenses liquid soap when you press down on the snail’s shell. The dispenser is easy to disassemble for regular refills and is available in multiple colors.


This under-cabinet jar opener that does the work for you

Instead of straining your wrist while trying to open a jar of pickles, mount this genius jar opener under an upper cabinet. The V-shaped opener can accommodate jars of any size and effortlessly pops lids open using its strong carbon steel teeth that never wear or dull. In addition to its practical function, the clever opener also saves space, since it stays mounted and doesn’t require room in a drawer or cabinet.


A clever spatula that also serves as a spreader

Get to the bottom of the jar and spread all the deliciousness on a piece of toast using this one clever kitchen tool: a silicone spatula. The fan favorite has a unique platypus-inspired design so you can reach every nook and cranny, and it’s dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.


This bat wine opener for a fun bar cart accessory

Add this cute bat wine opener to your bar cart for a fun accessory that plays double-duty: it opens both wine and beer bottles. Called “Vino the Bat,” this hilarious gadget is made from sturdy metal and silicone resin for durability and to prevent rust. If you’re looking for a small gift to pair with the standard bottle of wine, this little character is a sure winner.


This self-adhesive drawer to add extra desk storage

If your desk lacks storage space, instead of investing in a new one, spend less than $20 and get this self-adhesive drawer you can mount under the worktop. The sturdy slide-out drawer comes with four adhesive strips for quick installation and provides hidden storage to help declutter your desk. It’s available in black and white and also comes in a two-layer style for additional storage.


An adjustable faucet extender for your kitchen

This best-selling faucet extender makes dishwashing and cleaning your sink so much more convenient. It’s super easy to install and it comes with a 360-degree adjustable design. It features two different water spray modes — one best suited for your bathroom and a more intense one for washing produce in the kitchen.


These photo-hanging clips to display favorite memories

Forgo the traditional gallery wall and display your favorite memories using these battery-powered photo-hanging clips. The 17-foot string lights have 50 clips and feature eight adjustable light modes. A remote is included so you can control the twinkle lights from a distance and you can set a timer so they’ll turn on for six hours and off for eight.


These appliance cord organizers to declutter surfaces

Nothing clutters a surface like bulky, tangled cords, which is why these appliance cord organizers are a total game-changer when it comes to having a neat home. They are made from high-quality rubber for durability and have built-in slanted slots to loop the cord through and securely fasten it in place. The organizers are self-adhesive for ease of installation, simply needing to be stuck on a clean, dry surface.


A batter dispenser that helps make perfectly round pancakes

Make your diner favorite at home with this clever pancake batter dispenser. The popular kitchen tool has over 10,000 five-star ratings, and it’s so easy to use. Simply fill the container with batter and press the handle to create perfectly round pancakes, muffins, and cupcakes with less mess.


A snap-on strainer that fits on any pot

Not only does this snap-on pot strainer allow you to drain pasta water one-handed, but it’s also compact enough to store easily. The built-in spout directs water flow and the strong clamps can be attached to any size pot. Made from food-grade silicone, the strainer is dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.


A roll of adhesive white caulk tape that’s waterproof

This roll of white caulk tape is an easy and cheap way to tightly seal seams and corners between walls. The self-adhesive material is durable and incredibly long-lasting. It also comes in clear so you can use it on more front-facing appliances such as kitchen countertops, basins, sinks, gas cooktops, bathtubs, and more.


These cabinet drawer handles that require no drills or screws

Make it even easier to install cabinet drawer handles with these self-adhesive handle pulls that require no screws or tools. They come in three different sizes ranging from small to large, and are available in a slew of sleek colors like bronzed chrome, black, and gold. Whether you want it for sliding doors or need to replace broken cabinets, these handles are suited for almost any surface, such as glass, wood, ceramic tile, metal, and more.


This desktop water dispenser that’s a sleek way to stay hydrated

Not only does this water dispenser require no wires or installation, but it also has a sleek design that will look great on your counters, next to your bedside, or in your home office. Simply attach the pump to a five-gallon water jug to fill your glass hands-free thanks to the Smart design. The battery life is incredibly long-lasting, but you can easily recharge it with a USB-C plug.


The cable management tray to keep all of your wires tidy

This cable management tray has a simple design that will seriously keep all of your wires and cords tidy. It easily attaches directly to your desk frame and comes with a clamp for a secure attachment. The kit also comes with four cable clips and six cable ties to make the organization process a breeze.


These bed sheet straps to stop fitted sheets from unraveling

If you’re sick and tired of the fitted sheet coming unraveled every night, get these bed sheet straps that secure it in place. The elastic straps fit any size sheet and the strong metal clamps tightly grip onto sheet corners, their rubber backing preventing tears and snags in the fabric. The Amazon favorites have garnered over 8,000 perfect five-star ratings and are available in sets of four or eight and in multiple colors.


These reusable food storage wraps that are made with beeswax

Cut down on single-use plastic baggies and save leftovers with the help of these reusable food storage wraps that are made with beeswax. Cover a bowl or block of cheese with the wrap, sealing it with the heat from your hands that activates the beeswax. To reuse the wraps, simply rinse them in cool water and they’re as good as new.


This unique foldable sink cover that maximizes counter space

Ideal for small spaces, this foldable sink cover instantly maximizes counter space. It’s designed from nonslip silicone rubber and is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees so you can leave your hot tools on it without a care in the world. It can hold up to seven pounds of items and comes in two different sizes and three colors.


An outdoor Smart plug that can withstand rainy weather

This outdoor smart plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can easily play music or turn your lights on and off with hands-free voice control. The outlet has built-in covers that are water-resistant, making it safe for outdoor use and protecting it from dirt. Over 10,000 shoppers rated it five stars, with many praising it for the long WiFi range with a reach of up to 300 feet.


The TubShroom hair catcher to prevent a clogged drain

Spend less than $15 on this TubShroom and prevent a clogged drain and the subsequent plumber’s visit that’ll likely cost you a small fortune. The cylindrical hair catcher fits inside any standard drain and catches every single hair without obstructing water flow. To clean the silicone hair catcher, lift it out of the drain, wipe off the gunk, rinse it off, and insert it back in.


These pickup tools that extend & help you grab hard-to-reach objects

Retrieve dropped items as well as items that are high up using this pickup tool that extends and has an ergonomic handle. The rotating head can reach any angle and the magnetic claws and nonslip rubber coating make it effortless to grip, grab, and hold onto items once you have them. Best of all, you can fold each tool up for easy storage.


A Shark Tank-featured bag carrier to help with groceries

Carry grocery bags with ease thanks to this Shark Tank-featured bag carrier. The versatile click-and-carry holder allows for hands-free carrying if worn over the shoulder and evenly distributes weight when holding multiple bags in the same hand. It can hold up to 80 pounds and has a cushioned grip to provide maximum comfort.


This microwaveable bacon grill that has over 18,000 5-star reviews

It’s easy to see why this bacon grill is a hit amongst thousands of Amazon shoppers. The unique design elevates the bacon so the oil drips off and will make your breakfast slightly healthier. It can cook up to 6 pieces at once and comes with a vented cover to keep your microwave clean from grease. You can also use it to cook perfect sausage links, patties, pizza rolls, and more.


A bottle emptying kit to help eliminate waste

Get every last drop of soap and shampoo using this clever bottle-emptying kit that helps eliminate waste and saves you money in the long run. To use it, replace a bottle cap with this Flip-It! attachment and turn the bottle upside down, opening the valve and squeezing out every drop of liquid. The Shark Tank-featured kit comes with over 6,000 five-star reviews and is definitely worth its under-$20 price tag for how much you’ll end up saving.


This couch cushion support that will bring your worn-in sofa back to life

This couch cushion support board is an easy and cheap fix to make your sagging couch look brand new. It provides extra firm support and prevents your pillows from sinking in. Simply remove your sofa cushion, then put the sofa support underneath, and put the cushion back on. It’s slip and wear-resistant so you’ll know it will be long-lasting and it also comes in sizes that work for a loveseat or armchair.


These colorful refrigerator liners that will keep your shelves clean

These refrigerator liners are designed to keep your shelves clean and free from sticky mess. The waterproof mats are easy to clean with a damp cloth and they have a nonslip surface to keep them in place. Reviewers also admit to using them as placemats for the kids since the colorful design is such as hit.


A roll-up dish drying rack to save counter space

Instead of a bulky plastic rack that takes up excessive space, opt for this roll-up dish-drying rack that conveniently sits over the sink. Made from sturdy stainless steel and finished with silicone edges, it doubles as a trivet and extends countertop space for tasks such as chopping. When not being used, simply roll it up for space-saving storage.


A neck reading light that won’t disturb others around you

Read late into the night without disturbing anyone around you thanks to this LED neck reading light that every book lover needs, ASAP. The bendable arms let you focus the light as needed and you can customize it with a selection of three colors and six brightness modes. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 80 hours.


This under-$15 kit to repair small holes in the wall

If you’re moving out of your home and have a gazillion small holes to patch up, get this cheap but highly popular patching kit. It has an overall 4.5-star rating from hundreds of shoppers and you can’t beat its under-$15 price tag. It repairs holes up to 3 inches in diameter using a primer-enhanced spackling compound and also includes a self-adhesive patch, putty knife, and sanding pad for seamless fixes.


An LED floor lamp that changes colors for the best ambiance ever

Upgrade your lighting with this LED color-changing floor lamp that you can even sync with music. With over 16 million color opportunities, it’s a great way to help set the mood (or moods) of any room. You can use either its remote or your Bluetooth app to set it up, and assembly couldn’t be easier. This is an especially smart investment if you have kids, or happen to hold a lot of gatherings.


This LED backlight strip to improve your viewing experience

For a better viewing experience without splashing out on a brand-new TV, attach this LED backlight strip to the back of the screen. It creates greater contrast and makes colors more vibrant while helping reduce eye strain. The attached in-line controls allow you to adjust brightness, and in addition to the back of the TV, you can also use this clever light strip in a closet, under cabinetry, or on a computer monitor.

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